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October 26, 2016 / 24 Tishri, 5777
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Evolution to be Added to Israel’s Core Curriculum

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jewish evolution

In Israel, grades 8 and 9 will begin learning about the theory of evolution starting next year, according to a YNet report.

The theory, which will be taught as part of the general science curriculum, will also be taught in state-religious schools.

As it is in many places, the decision is controversial, though in Israel, there are many religious, Jewish scientists who have no problem reconciling religion and science.

We recommend reading some of the books by Professor Gerald Schroeder on the subject, and of course Rabbi Natan Slifkin’s The Challenge Of Creation.

Speaking of which, it reminds me of a story…

A famous biologist was sitting next to a famous Rabbi and his grandchild on a flight to somewhere. Throughout the flight, the very polite and quiet grandchild took care of anything his grandfather needed.

At the end of the flight the biologist told the Rabbi that he wished his grandchildren were so attentive, polite and caring to him.

The rabbi answered, “That’s the difference between you and me. My grandchild sees me as two generations closer to Moshe Rabeinu and Avraham Avinu. Your grandchild sees you as two generations closer to a monkey.”


Recommended Reading: Ten Questions on Evolution and Judaism

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  1. Luzia Alves says:

    Funny how a mere theory is treated as scientific law. My hopes are that, by learning it, a bright good and blessed student will finally put this fallacy down.

  2. Rod Borghese says:

    Maybe it can explain the creation of mankind in Gen 1:27 then the “formation” of Adam in Gen 2:7 ….

  3. Darwin even doubted his theory. When will scientist realize the special human spirit is why humans can think and reason above animals.

  4. Evolution is one big lie.HASHEM was there and no one else.Do we know better than The Almighty? I dont think so, but a world who wants G-d dead , believes in words from stupid men who have no knowledge. You can lie to your self, lie to another but the day will come that you meet your MAKER , and what are you gonna say then.forbid this theory, it destroys the soul of every person.

  5. Nice Evolution in progress 2014 in New Generations in Israel

  6. Debra Pelley says:

    sure teach it, but remember it is a theory. not the truth, not a fact

  7. Betty Koci says:

    A famous biologist was sitting next to a famous Rabbi and his grandchild on a flight to somewhere. Throughout the flight, the very polite and quiet grandchild took care of anything his grandfather needed.
    At the end of the flight the biologist told the Rabbi that he wished his grandchildren were so attentive, polite and caring to him.
    The rabbi answered, “That’s the difference between you and me. My grandchild sees me as two generations closer to Moshe Rabeinu and Avraham Avinu. Your grandchild sees you as two generations closer to a monkey.” Your words, not mine. Why do we teach “theory’s” as science? Israel will go down the tubes with the U.S if they teach against G-d’s word.

  8. You are all insane.

  9. Equal time for the Torah?

  10. Obama’s world peace

  11. Karen Bryant says:

    God has to be pretty disgusted.

  12. Lisa Kamins says:

    to quote the article: “At the end of the flight the biologist told the Rabbi that he wished his grandchildren were so attentive, polite and caring to him.

    The rabbi answered, “That’s the difference between you and me. My grandchild sees me as two generations closer to Moshe Rabeinu and Avraham Avinu. Your grandchild sees you as two generations closer to a monkey.”

  13. HUH!!! wrong..A stupid theory. God created man in his own image. Is GOD a monkey?. I think not. You already have the very best GAY resort in Tel Aviv. Should God apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah for that? .Be careful Israel!!

  14. I hope they get to the part where Darwin said he was wrong before he died. Scientists will use anything to deny Jehovah.

  15. Mark Gregg says:

    So if this is correct; Then tell me why we still have monkeys.

  16. Sorry forgot to add all humanists working together to alter children’s minds towards satan’s way.

  17. Good for them!
    Israel should be the shining example of a secular and non-secular cooperation in the Middle East.
    Ignoring a field of science because it makes you uncomfortable is childish and an insult to the scientists who’ve dedicated decades of their lives to moving science and medicine forward.

  18. Did the “famous biologist” have a name or is this an anecdote designed to cause a kneejerk reaction?
    What was the rabbi’s name?
    What was the biologist’s field of study?
    Was it molecular biology, animal husbandry, the human genome project?
    How did the the rabbi know that the biologist was an Atheist?
    Do you know that works can mean different things?
    The word “set” has over 400 definitions.

    Willful ignorance in the 21st Century while using a machine that can link you to nearly every library on Earth is a sin.

  19. Why??? Don’t kids typically stop reading fairy tales around 1st or 2nd grade? Why introduce a new one in the 8th grade?!

  20. the·o·ry noun ˈthē-ə-rē, ˈthir-ē
    : an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain facts or events

    : an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true

    : the general principles or ideas that relate to a particular subject


  21. Why not?
    Would you go to a doctor who’d never studied advanced biology?
    Who couldn’t run a genome sequence to see what genetic illnesses you might have and need to be treated for?

  22. So… Science exists separately from G-d will?

  23. Because monkeys are a subspecies of the modern ape and have evolved on their own.
    The question you mean to ask is:
    “Why are there still apes?”
    Because they work.
    Extinction occurs when a species is either unsuccessful or too successful.

    And, genetically, we are apes.

  24. Like make modern computers and social networks.

  25. Why?
    Because a new generation of doctors will learn about an established field of science?

  26. “Teach the controversy”?
    Sure, point out ten independently verifiable facts from the Torah.
    And city names don’t count.

  27. Creation science shall be taught not evolution science , Evolution is such a lie.

  28. Simcha Tzion says:

    For people who believe that their grandfather was an ape or soup – I have nothing to say other that mine was Avraham Avinu.

  29. You gota be kidding me Israel!

  30. You’re misunderstanding the Torah.
    We were created with G-d like attributes, not in G-d’s likeness.

    And you have very poor knowledge of Torah.
    Sodom and Amorrah were destroyed because they were “proud” and refused to help the stranger.

    Rictor Norton views classical Jewish texts as stressing the cruelty and lack of hospitality of the inhabitants of Sodom to the “stranger”. The people of Sodom were seen as guilty of many other significant sins. Rabbinic writings affirm that the Sodomites also committed economic crimes, blasphemy and bloodshed. One of the worst was to give money or even gold ingots to beggars, after inscribing their names on them, and then subsequently refusing to sell them food. The unfortunate stranger would end up starving and after his death, the people who gave him the money would reclaim it.

    A rabbinic tradition, described in the Mishnah, postulates that the sin of Sodom was related to property: Sodomites believed that “what is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine” (Abot), which is interpreted as a lack of compassion. Another rabbinic tradition is that these two wealthy cities treated visitors in a sadistic fashion. One major crime done to strangers was almost identical to that of Procrustes in Greek mythology. This would be the story of the “bed” that guests to Sodom were forced to sleep in: if they were too short they were stretched to fit it, and if they were too tall, they were cut up (indeed, in Hebrew and Yiddish, the corresponding term for a Procrustean bed is a “Sodom bed”).

    In another incident, Eliezer, Abraham’s servant, went to visit Lot in Sodom and got in a dispute with a Sodomite over a beggar, and was hit in the forehead with a stone, making him bleed. The Sodomite demanded Eliezer pay him for the service of bloodletting, and a Sodomite judge sided with the Sodomite. Eliezer then struck the judge in the forehead with a stone and asked the judge to pay the Sodomite.

    The Talmud and the Sefer haYashar (midrash) also recount two incidents of a young girl (one involved Lot’s daughter Paltith) who gave some bread to a poor man who had entered the city. When the townspeople discovered their acts of kindness, they burned Paltith and smeared the other girl’s body with honey and hung her from the city wall until she was eaten by bees. (Sanhedrin 109a.) It is this gruesome event, and her scream in particular, the Talmud concludes, that are alluded to in the verse that heralds the city’s destruction: “So[36] said, ‘Because the outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah has become great, and because their sin has been very grave, I will descend and see…'”[Gen 18:20-21]

    A modern orthodox position is one that holds, “The paradigmatic instance of such aberrant behavior is found in the demand of the men of Sodom to ‘know’ the men visiting Lot, the nephew of Abraham, thus lending their name to the practice of ‘sodomy’.”

    The scholar and activist Jay Michaelson proposes a reading of the story of Sodom that emphasizes the violation of hospitality as well as the violence of the Sodomites. “Homosexual rape is the way in which they violate hospitality—not the essence of their transgression. Reading the story of Sodom as being about homosexuality is like reading the story of an ax murderer as being about an ax.” Michaelson places the story of Sodom in context with other Genesis stories regarding Abraham’s hospitality to strangers, and argues that when other texts in the Hebrew Bible mention Sodom, they do so without commentary on homosexuality. The verses cited by Michaelson include Jeremiah 23:14,[Jeremiah 23:14] where the sins of Jerusalem are compared to Sodom and are listed as adultery, lying, and strengthening the hands of evildoers; Amos 4:1-11 (oppressing the poor and crushing the needy);[Amos 4:1-11] and Ezekiel 16:49-50,[Ezekiel 16:49-50] which defines the sins of Sodom as “pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and did toevah before me, and I took them away as I saw fit.” Michaelson uses toevah in place of abomination to emphasize the original Hebrew, which he explains as being more correctly translated as “taboo”


  31. I am shocked to read that they aren’t already teaching evolution.

  32. Uzi Kattan says:

    Teaching evolution is another way of denying the Creator. That was Darwin's intent when he came up with that false theory. This is part of the progressive agenda to deny G-d's existence although mist of the people who believe in evolution act like apes.

  33. Oh Boy ! made up story about how we got here from a man who was on drugs ! wow how crazy can you get !

  34. Run Guo says:

    Nations of the world might not know, BUT Israel, G.D chosen and brought up, G.D made you a super country despite all the impossibilities. Preserve you till this day. How dare some of you spat on your G.D like this. Curse will be on all Israel unless this act of rebellion is allowed to fruition.

    Book of Isaiah 1. 2 Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the Lord hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me. 3 The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib: but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider.

    please stop this evil. Extreme harsh penalty must apply to people who planed and did this, to turn away an angry Almighty creator.

  35. Ok, let us see if Archie R. Spires can be such a naysayer and so quick to try to silence everyone when I say this right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BTW, I am a very Bible-literate gentile, Protestant, Christian man) OK, so evolution is a solid theory or fact, you say?!?!?! And unless I am misinterpreting the theory, or misquoting some of it’s proposals or tenets, then the evolution theory suggests that over BILLIONS OF YEARS incremental changes took place to animals respiratory systems, nervous systems, muscular systems, skeletal systems causing them to “evolve into new species. Evolution states that over billions of years, single cells became fish, fish became lizards, or birds, lizards became dogs, dogs became monkeys or apes, and monkeys or apes became humans! Ok, well if all of this took billions and billions of years to occur, then why can researchers ONLY come up with good skeletons and good fossils from fish, dogs, cats, lizards, birds, and apes; but hey cannot produce one singular lizard-dog, or dog-monkey, or fish-bird skeleton!?!?!??! What happened to all of those skeletons?!?!?!! ARCHIE?!?!?!?!?

  36. Run Guo says:

    Sorry typing error. I meant to say" Curse will be on all Israel IF this act of rebellion is allowed to fruition. "

  37. Lize Bartsch says:

    What a shame since the theory of evolution was invented by atheists who hate the Word of G-d which is the truth. G-d created and designed all life and created it perfect from the beginning. All specialized mechanisms are copied by humans from nature to make airplanes, ships, robots, etc but the humans want all the glory for intelligent design!!!??? The DNA also is a written code which is extremely complex and each body had to have billions of specialized cells in place for it to be able to survive. The reason why mankind hate creation is because they want to live according to their lusts and not need to give account of their life at the end of it and be judged by ‘n righteous, holy G-d. Humanism = man wanting to replace G-d

  38. Lize Bartsch says:

    You might be one, don’t count me in

  39. Lize Bartsch says:

    The theory of evolution has not contributed one iota to Technology because they study the already perfect creation of G-d and copy it.

  40. Teesha Allen says:

    id like to ask all you who believe humans were made in gods image… what particular image is that? i thought we could never look upon the lord as our eyes and body could not wisthstand it… so how are we made in his image??? perhaps it is within the iris of our eyes that reflect the galxies of our universe? maybe its the way our bodies function so perfectly on autopilot? how is it possible to be made in his image????

  41. Mine was Archie Spires.
    He had seven children, owned his house, never missed a day of work, danced with his wife, could work with any tool, and if he didn’t know the answer to something, he’d help you find it.
    He was also a lifelong Atheist.

    He taught me it isn’t what you believe, but how you behave that matters.

    As for my forebears a billion years ago…
    That’s a different story all together.
    -Asher ben’Daniel/Archie R Spires

  42. Lize Bartsch says:

    Even if you have a whole heap of rubber, metal, glass, paint, etc how many billions of years do you have to wait for it to become a Ford Ranger? haha, nothing orders itself into specialized working machines without intelligence!!

  43. Actually, I still read “fairy tales” and I’m well into my 30s.
    It’s called fiction.
    Now, if you’re referring to the independently studied and proven Modern Theory of Evolution…
    Do a little research and get back to me.

  44. Like the Theory of Gravity!
    I’ve never seen it and I certainly don’t understand the math behind so it must be a lie!

  45. Lize Bartsch says:

    We had better doctors before the dumb theory of evolution, in South Africa they have just credited 20 witch doctors with degrees of doctorate!!!

  46. Also, I would just like to defend myself before I am even attacked since I threw my religion and Bible literacy out there. I would like to back up that statement with proof. Most Christians are unable to even point out in an argument where the Bible says anything negative about, for example, homosexuality outside of Leviticus much less explain Biblically why the Bible DOES NOT SAY THAT THE EARTH IS ONLY 6000-10,000 YEARS OLD! most Christians are so Biblically illiterate that they just think that if you want to believe the Bible that means you must also believe the Earth is around 7,000 years old or so. Sorry to use this word, but that is retarded! Anyone with any knowledge of the Bible knows that in Genesis right after 1:1 “In the Beginning” that Lucifer is already a beguiling serpent crawling around on his belly as a punishment. This is supposedly “In the Beginning”! Later on, in the major prophets, they mention how perfect of an angel made of the full pattern Lucifer was before he rebelled and fell. THIS ALL TOOK PLACE BEFORE ADAM WAS PLACED IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN! THIS WAS THE FIRST HEAVEN AND EARTH AGE WHICH INCLUDED DINOSAURS (BUT THERE IS NO EVOLUTION AND DINOSAURS AND MAN WERE NOT ON EARTH SIMULTANEOUSLY) AND COULD HAVE BEEN AND PROBABLY WAS BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF YEARS! THEN IN GENESIS, LUCIFER IS ALREADY FALLEN WITH A THIRD OF THE ANGELS AND ALREADY BAD AND BEGUILING AND DECEIVING BECAUSE THIS IS THE SECOND HEAVEN AND EARTH AGE, AND WHEN THIS EARTH IS BURNED UP AND RENEWED; THAT WILL BE THE THIRD HEAVEN AND EARTH AGE! But hey, I did just make a good point that most pro-Torah or pro-Bible, anti-evolution don’t and can’t make because they actually do believe and do argue that Earth is only 6000-10000 years old when the Bible CLEARLY IN PLAIN ENGLISH STATES THIS IS NOT TRUE! ARCHIE!?!??!?!?!

  47. And why don’t they offer Astrology anymore?

  48. Roger Fox says:

    Didn't think Israel would ever do this!

  49. Lize Bartsch says:

    You can study blood, tissue, skin, disease, viruses etc without evolution, it has contributed nothing to real science.

  50. What did ha-Satan do?
    Unless you’re confounding the angel ha-Satan with the serpent in Gan’Eden, which is a very common mistake.
    Don’t feel bad, a lot of people think they’re the same.

  51. Lize Bartsch says:

    One human brain is more complex than all the networks in the world put together. One plant cell is more complex than an entire city, humans got all their creative ideas from G-d’s creation

  52. Lize Bartsch says:

    Immagine G-d designing a living plants that can convert sunlight energy into edible food by photosynthesis, this is technology at it’s best!!!

  53. This is so sad..

  54. Lize Bartsch says:

    And on top of it the plants are even esthetical and contribute to sanity of city dwellers who see only concrete

  55. Cat Zoe says:

    Only jews are monkeys…im not…im from Adam root…

  56. I’ve researched quite a bit and nothing is “proven” that’s why it’s called a theory. Utilize a dictionary then get back to me. Another suggestion would be for you to do your own research rather than relying on what your daddy told you. If you do, you will see the parts of evolution they can’t figure out, they’ve made up.

  57. Sorry, I was doing other things.
    You aren’t quite important enough for me to hang around and see if you’ve replied immediately.

    Because skeletons are, overall, fragile things and a majority of these changes would have occurred under water.
    As for examples of transitional fossils, that took almost a three word search in Google.

    And please, don’t go all crocoduck on me, it’s embarrassing enough for our species when Kirk Cameron does it.

    Here you go:

  58. Lize Bartsch says:

    Now I can clearly see that you want evolution to be true because you love perversion, lust and sin which all goes against G-ds creation purposes. You cannot wash your clothes in an oven it was not designed for that, this is the kind of ‘freedom’ you cry for

  59. Kirk Cameron believes in the Pre-Trib Rapture and you believe you are an ape! Please don’t compare me to either one of those types of idiot.


  61. Lize, then become a luddite and go live in the forest.
    Forego modern medicine, modern technology, modern foods, et al.

  62. Luzia Alves says:

    Irony is not necessary, Archie. I understand people are free to believe – so as to inquire.
    But, in case you wish, just remind that Newton’s is a law.
    There are others, Einstein’s e.g., which go into certain details, thus generating a specific theory.
    This is not my field os study, and you probalby already know those same simple subtlenesses.

  63. Teriann Davis
    the·o·ry noun ˈthē-ə-rē, ˈthir-ē
    : an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain facts or events

    : an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true

    : the general principles or ideas that relate to a particular subject

    Words can mean more than one thing.

  64. Patrick Wilson:
    What type of idiot should I compare you to?

  65. Perhaps the type that would risk incarceration if insulted enough?!?!? Be careful ape boy.

  66. congratulations!!!

  67. Thank you for this enlightenment. Totally different from what I was ever taught. You are correct I have very poor knowledge of the Torah. I was raised in Europe by nuns and catholics and back then they did not teach the bible let alone the Torah. Then I was taught by pastors that do not follow the Torah or teach the truth…Whom and what to believe anymore??. After being corrected by you, and know now that I am so poorly educated, I will not make any further comments that would be erroneous.

    All of a sudden I am questioning a lot of things. Is Israel God’s chosen people? Is the bible from creation (?) to the end of the book of revelation false?. Did God actually created a being? and what kind of being? Do we know for sure? wow. I am overwhelmed with questions now, and do not believe in what I have been taught.

    Can I read the Torah? Would I understand the Torah? Is it analysed by others to get to the truth? In the Torah is Jesus the son of GOD? I am not a Jehovah’s Witness, but they believe in GOD only being. Not a trinity. Is there a trinity?, a Holy Spirit?

    If you have any links to a Torah teachings please let me know. Will it be a true translation?

    Thank you again I think.
    Daniele Moseley

  68. So… A violent idiot?

  69. Wtf! Why????! We got the Torah ! Add that to the curriculum !

  70. Muhammad Naeem Ul Fateh says:

    Must be something new conspiracy. Don't make human race origin from Monkeys. You are well aware of every thing but since you are on the path of astray and will sure face the wrath of ALLAH as many times had been on you. It is a shame.

  71. Mark Gregg says:

    So what they are saying is that the current ape will evolve into a human like creature in several billion years and the monkey may evolve into the ape and the fish will grow legs and turn into a rabbit of something.
    This whole idea Is flawed.
    We have always been humans. There was no creature we came from nor a creature we will evolve to be.

  72. I surely do not know anymore. Archie Spires just taught me a lot. I was also wrong about Sodom and Gomorrah. Everybody needs to read the explanation of the Torah. I am not sure now if Jesus is really the son of God. omg. i am lost!!!.

  73. The missing link…..the snake.

  74. So, explain the difference!! I am curious.

  75. Jewish people are gods chosen people because….wait for it….it was written by Jewish men.
    Also women need to submit to their man because….wait for it….well, I think you get the point.

    According to Christian faith, all Jews are going to hell because they don’t believe, nor have they accepted Christ as their savior.
    Why? Because the New Testament was written by….wait for it….Jews for Jesus.
    Btw, isn’t the term Jews for Jesus an oxymoron?

  76. Good morning mr. Wilson.

  77. LOL at least I came from somewhere!! Since not created in GOD’s likeness but attributes, my ancestors were monkeys. i am resigned to it.. whatever.

  78. Dan Silagi says:

    @"Uzi" How come it doesn't come as a surprise that you'd be a creationist?. If I had a time machine I'd send you back to 65,000,000 BC. You wouldn't find Fred and Wilma Flintstone, nor Barney and Betty Rubble, but a T-Rex might find you, and Bam! Bam!, you'd be lunch, and today's world would be a better place. Alternatively, I'd send you back to 1932, so King Kong could throw you from the top of the Empire State Building.

  79. John Wayne says:


  80. Dan Silagi says:

    If you deny evolution, you'll face the wrath of Godzilla. I personally would take my chances with Allah.

  81. Maria Patti says:

    God’s Word is the truth. We are all created in His image. Evolution is false teaching to confuse people from the truth. How can this beautiful world and the intricacies it displays beyond our understanding come from a soupy slimed mess and explosion!!?? God is our intelligent Creator! We should not be deceived!! Read God’s Word with an open heart and mind, and seek the truth!

  82. Dan Silagi says:

    Muhammad Naeem Ul Fateh I'm petrified with fear!

  83. lize bartsch, you make my day! can’t stop laughing

  84. and hamas going to add bomb fertilizer to their syllabus! from grade 2 to grade 7 starting this year

  85. Pete Dinglas says:

    This is utter ludicrous stuff…ho ho ho. Teaching a lie in the school?

  86. Paul Gainer says:


  87. They won’t read it Archie. They know better LOL If it does not involve their G-d they dont’ want to know about it. Very sad.

  88. Irene Solnik says:

    don’t confuse physical evolution with the spirit

  89. nonsense added to nonsense

  90. It is wrong to educate children with facts? why?

  91. The Torah is best read in Hebrew to fully comprehend it. You could go to http://www.myjewishlearning.com to learn Torah teachings and more about Jewish beliefs. There are a few very good sites, just make sure they are not “messianic” christian jews who have bastardized the whole thing.

  92. i was made by my god

  93. Peter Maxx says:

    I thought we had enough monkeys!!!

  94. There is some more reading for you Daniele 🙂 Read everything, Christian and Jewish and you will find your own truth. Religion is never black and white.

  95. Irene Solnik says:

    learn the theory before you embarrass yourself

  96. What they are teaching is not facts! God created man in His own image…we do not come from apes.

  97. You really believe that Adam and Eve populated the entire world?

  98. Thank you so much!!

  99. It’s all a lie evolution


  101. Wow Archie Spires..not nice.of you to call people names. You said I was ignorant of the Torah and I am reaching out to you for answers but not to be insulted and kicked around,..wrong approach.

  102. You mean religion of evolution..

  103. maybe israels so called intelectuals are desvcended from apes but i am descended from adam aND EVE

  104. =
    The Quantum Physics of Genesis

    In The Beginning.

    Start With One Proton Hydrogen
    Schrodinger’s equation, one of the most basic and formative equations of quantum physics, shown in the case of Hydrogen, a basic and formative element of the universe.

    And Let There Be Light
    The famous Maxwell equations: the basic laws of light. The dynamics of electromagnetic radiation shown in mathematical terms.

    The principle of Time dilation, a mathematical expression of time and space, as captured in Lorentz’s equation.

    Free Will
    The fundamental principle of uncertainty that underlies quantum physics: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

  105. =
    The Revised Book of Genesis
    1. In the beginning, there was a bang. And it was a big bang
    – one that was filled with implications for all that would follow.
    The first consequence was time ; the second was space.

    Chapter 5

    If we take it upon ourselves to rule our planet, it is by our choice, not by having been given permission/authorization to do so by God. If there are ecologically-sound criteria for good stewardship of life on Earth, so be it. But it is our doing. God could care less if our species became extinct tomorrow, just as he didn’t shed a tear for the dinosaurs when they became extinct.

    (By the way, the vast majority of species that have ever emerged from the mud over archeological time on this planet are today extinct, so it would be exceptional if we even lasted a half-million years)

    Indeed, He wouldn’t shed a tear if the Earth fell into the Sun tomorrow and the entire “experiment” went up in smoke.

    [By the way, the Earth will, in fact, “go up in smoke” in about five billion years when our Sun is slated to evolve into a red giant followed by a white dwarf . And the Earth will be uninhabitable long before then, since our inconsistent Sun will gradually warm up and produce a run-a-way green house effect on the Earth (think Venus). Hopefully, we’ll be routinely living out beyond the Ort Cloud by then.]

    So remember, God is a non-caring force in this universe.
    And we had better prepare for all of these contingencies
    (not just wayward asteroids that could hit the Earth at any time).

    Finally, we must take personal responsibility for our ill-mannered behaviors (like warfare or “benevolent/blessed terrorism”),
    if we are to make it even to the next millennium.
    And it’s a matter of choice not fate.

    Consider the following summary of the fundamental differences between the models of creation presented by The Judeao-Christian Book of Genesis and The Revised Book of Genesis (see link below)…

    Obviously, the two models provide quite different “Prime Directives” and implications for what is permitted or desirable
    – in short, what we should be doing with the rest of our lives.

    4. Human Immortality. Recall that, in the Book of Genesis, God specifically prohibited Adam and Eve from eating the fruit of either of two forbidden trees, of distinguished consequence, that were growing in the center of the Garden of Eden:

    (i) “The Tree of Knowledge” (the fruit of which they ate); and

    (ii) “The Tree of Life” (the fruit of which they did not have an opportunity to eat).

    Their punishment for this crime was eviction from the Garden. “And lest they attempted to return and become immortal like God himself, He posted cherubim to the East armed with a ‘whirling and flashing sword’ to guard the path.”

    We, therefore, reckon that the “trajectory” back to the “Tree of Life” was never intended to be a simple matter.
    For example, to our knowledge, no one has ever speculated about the prospect of circumnavigating these second-ranked archangels by slipping back through the garden’s “Western Gate,” or even whether there are supposed to be other gates, simply because there was an explicit mention of an Eastern Gate. [;-)

    It is presumed that these metaphorical trees are intended to pose certain moral dilemmas:

    (i) Must we really be punished for having acquired all of our current knowledge (sexuality/reproduction, mortality, technology, etc.)? and

    (ii) How do we become just like God, anyway?

    Consistent with the Revision of Genesis, the irreverent answers to these questions are as follows:

    (i) No. Through the careful acquisition of knowledge, we shall be rewarded, not punished; and

    (ii) With difficulty. By intensely hard work shall we find that for which we seek.

    Someday, hopefully soon, we shall be able to say, “The time we have dreamed of is at hand.” Then, we shall rightfully take our place on “Mt. Olympus amongst the (Nobel Prizes) gods themselves.”

    In the mean time, we should not be ashamed to confess our true desires to anyone who wants to know. This is the “big enchelada,” and its going to take a lot of collaboration to get it right. So we had better start working to make this a team effort.


    Read the whole stuff at…

  106. Loren Renee says:

    No mark. In several billion years the sun will swell into a red giant as it runs out of hydrogen in its core and switched to helium for its primary fuel source. It will swell to a red giant and burn the planet to a crisp as earth plunges into the star.

    As this happens we will still be arguing over this because logic does not permit the positive proof of a negative fact and some people will always choose to believe creationism despite the preponderance of evidence that supports evolution.

  107. I know what everones thinking, but I know some stupid apes that might just prove em right?

  108. I know what everones thinking, but I know some stupid apes that might just prove em right?

  109. Sad to say but many Jews in Israel are atheists. No wonder they allow Evolution in their Curriculum ,

  110. Sad to say but many Jews in Israel are atheists. No wonder they allow Evolution in their Curriculum ,

  111. evolution is a lie they should be taught the torah and how the god of israel is god who created all things

  112. That’s a shame and true injustice to those wonderful kids. Most of them probably know the truth already though!

  113. Scientists like money and books, no matter how silly, make money! 🙂

  114. Anything to Try to Discredit GOD!!!

  115. Boo! a retrograde step!

  116. Jeff Eyges says:

    Merv Merla Watson I wish people like you *were* speechless.

  117. Jeff Eyges says:

    The comments here, in both the Facebook and WordPress sections, are too pitiful for words. Could you cavemen please expedite the process of inbreeding yourselves into oblivion? The rest of us would like to get on with the business of attempting to move what's left of civilization forward.

  118. Miriam Moster says:

    Uzi Kattan: Darwin believed in god when he developed that theory. His agnosticism settled in later. Check your facts.

  119. Unfortunately, they won’t be being taught the TRUTH!

  120. Unfortunately, they won’t be being taught the TRUTH!

  121. I can not believe the Israeli believe evolution or accept this lie or are saying this is the teaching in our schools when they take away the bible.

  122. I can not believe the Israeli believe evolution or accept this lie or are saying this is the teaching in our schools when they take away the bible.

  123. Typical of a secular Zionist government.

  124. I think at this time we need to be concerned with the geopolitical soup humanity is in right now and figure out how we are goin to move forward in our future I think only when humanity bands together for the sake of us and planet earth which is our only home. After we have achieved all of that will we have the luxury of arguing back and forth about our origins. Teaching children the theory of evolution is not what is going to hurt them it is what they are influenced by that will help or harm them as they come into adulthood do we teach them a sense of love and community or do we keep bombarding them with these useless arguments. How about we just let our future generations learn about science in the classroom. As they get older there will be plenty of opportunities to take a theolgy class.

  125. Don’t do it! We did not come from monkeys or apes ! Don’t overlook the garden of Eden! G-D will not like it.

  126. How stupid. Humans are not animals.

  127. Ed Carrera says:

    Evolution ( backed by atheist’s lobby ) against Creation ( G-d faithful believers)

  128. Isreal you need to check back at your roots. GOD gave you that land. Don’t copy other countries. You do want GOD has always told you. Put HIM first. Pagen ways never pleased HIM

  129. Not the same Israel as the biblical one

  130. Welcome to the 18th century. This theory has proven itself for the last 150 years and has been demonstrated as one of the most robust theories in science. As for “technologies” it has contributed to, talk to any doctor. It’s the cornerstone of biology.

  131. Opinions are valuable, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY CONFLICT. No one learns anything by not questioning things, or even worse, by not bothering to learn about other viewpoints or beliefs. Teaching evolution and exposing kids to it will not ruin their lives. It will either make real sense to them or validate whatever other beliefs they already had.

  132. Jeff, we don't know you, and you certainly don't know us. Was that the kindest comment you could make? BTW – we are professional singers, so we will never be "speechless" in the sense you meant it.

  133. Dan Silagi, thank you for your loving and kind remarks! I don't have to be thrown over the Empire State Building, however, as I'm sitting on the Solid Rock.

  134. In total agreement….BIBLE says where we come from.

  135. Lisa May says:

    Science proves evolution, everyone denying it should pick up a science book!

  136. Kathy Lee says:

    Stupid to let this in schools…:-(

  137. Jeff Eyges Since you do not believe the BIBLE is GOD'S WORD….why are you on this thread???? Just to write disgusting words and TRY to harass believers. The trouble you are causing is only to yourself….there is a HEAVEN and a hell….you pick Jeff.

  138. 4 blood moons- 1 down , 3 to go +one solar eclipse…

  139. We are not made from Monkeys ok you crazy people

  140. Jeff, since you're so concerned with "getting on with the business of civilization", then why are you here spouting off nasty remarks and personal degrading jabs at others peoples comments and concerns. You're obviously are not here with an uplifting BIBLICAL idea. You're words are the pitiful one.

  141. Muhammad Fateh, this article is about the Jewish people and their GOD. HIS NAME is NOT allah….HIS NAME is YAHUA!!!! There is NO wrath from allah. But if the Israeli's deviate from the BIBILE, GOD'S WORD, they will feel the wrath of YAHUA GOD of CREATION,

  142. Let it be taught as the theory it is along side intelligent design. Put forth the facts shown through honest scientific discoveries of the complexities of 1 cell and let the kids see for themselves…there is no way chaotic activity could produce the absolute precise exactness needed for 1 simple cell to work…

  143. Disgusting, people who push this probably did come from monkeys!

  144. Benjamin Fox says:

    As a Jew, I have to ask other Jews, what about your God? That is idol worship and nothing more, get a brain, don't offend God once again?

  145. Judith Dowla says:

    Jeff, nothing like telling it like it is. To each their own I suppose. Freedom of speech. Nirvana is here to stay.

  146. Wouldn’t that go against Torah Teaching? Also Evolution has been proved inaccurate. Darwin got hd of the wrong idea when he was Studying Theology & this came up with this idea!

  147. Judith Dowla says:

    Muhammad, those who are not understanding Genesis could fall into the pit of monkeys. Nothing against monkeys in the world for they have their place too. People of the Book not knowing it well enough could get caught up in the theory of evolution. Who will set them on the right pathway? Maybe it will occur her on this forum for those unsure to dig into history to find the truth for only the truth will set them free. Thank you for your commentary to spur us onwards.

  148. All countries that don’t teach evolution will be nuked. It’s in the Bible!
    I’m so glad Israel is starting. Praying..

  149. Dan Silagi says:

    I wasn't referring to you, but if the shoe fits…

  150. if you went to school, you’d know. HA!

  151. It’s not a theory. It’s SCIENTIFIC theory.

  152. Yeah, they got tap water now

  153. Jeff Eyges says:

    I wish I'd thought of that one!

  154. Beginning of the end.

  155. Jeff Eyges says:

    Dixie Vangelisti "Since you do not believe the BIBLE is GOD'S WORD….why are you on this thread???? "

    Dixie, do you understand that this is an online journal for Orthodox Jews? No one else here, apart from the few other evangelicals who've also decided to haunt the place, believes the Bible is God's word, in the way that you do.

    There was a time in which someone like you would have told them they were going to hell as well, but I'm sure that you, like many of your fellow evangelicals, are only too happy to find a loophole for them, or even for conservative Jews of little or no faith, because you're all really practicing the same religion – far right wing conservatism. Everything else is just window dressing.

    "The trouble you are causing is only to yourself….there is a HEAVEN and a hell….you pick Jeff."

    Let's see – elderly gentile lady threatens me with fairy tales from a 3,000 year-old book… nope, I'm afraid I'm not frightened.

  156. Guess the excuse that god gave Israel the land can’t be used

  157. Verona John says:

    it’s depicts notoftheEvol’&Eol’…

  158. Eric Raskin says:

    Why didn’t the ape make it ?

  159. Dan Silagi says:

    It's the True Believers, like you, who are harassing the heathens, like Jeff and me.

  160. Not my kids, they are in a private Christian school.

  161. Miki Bacsi says:

    That's funny. But I wonder what did they teach kids instead until now? Creation science?

  162. Which means the school system must be devolving. That a word?

  163. Miki Bacsi says:

    Well, Mohammad, I am not petrified because of Allah. But I certainly hope that there is a God out there who will open your eyes before you throw away your spoon.


  164. Berta Owens says:

    Someone cut Genesis out of their Torah. Please, God is not slack concerning his word. When a nation turns from him, He turns from them. He created us from the dust, not the Ape, no one wants to live in exile. So stop this stupid belief system. I believe the word he gave to Jeremiah was: I knew you before I placed you in your mother’s womb. In other words God did not give his word to King Kong…….

  165. unproven theory ! some of the dinosaur bones the evolutionists found were fabricated…on the other hand, every culture around the world has documented the ‘great flood’ of Noe’s day ! and everything in the Bible can be proved prophetically and in reality… shame on Israel for teaching evolutionary garbage to their kids

  166. Miki Bacsi says:

    John, can you prove that God cannot lie? If it is so why do we have contradictions in the Torah? But even if there were no contradictions, God lied to Jesus and his disciples, God lied to Mohammed, to Krishna … etc. Or do you want to tell me that Christianity, Islam and Hinduism was not approved by God? If they were not approved why are they around? Allegedly nothing can happen on this mud-ball without the approval of God. But then… we all can say that God lied to the others.

    Before you would think otherwise, I am a religious Jew. But sometimes I think that God makes jokes on us on purpose. In other words He misleads us in various ways.


  167. Sientje Seinen says:

    Jeff Eyges actually we are not to say who goes to heaven or who goes to hell, we cant see into the hearts of mankind only the Lord G-d can, but evolution, the Israelites were warned when they left Egypt. That G-d had chosen them while they were few in numbers, and that the Lord G-d drove out other nations before them, as these nations practiced abominable and detestable things in the eyes of the Lord, and warned them not to follow in their footsteps. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me." as evolution is trying to do away with G-d existence and bring Israel to nought.

  168. Sientje Seinen says:

    Judith Dowla Judith you sound like a fence sitter, or go with whichever way the wind blows

  169. Muhammad Naeem Ul Fateh says:

    I do believe that Toura is a book from Allah revealed on Mosses Peace be Upon Him. However you guys made load of changes in it, I mean to say your ancestors did this criminal act. You still have chance to be corrected if you really just follow the creator of creations.

  170. Matt Goldman says:

    I'm ashamed to see that there are actually creationist Jews out there. And leave it to a creationist to consistently get the theory of evolution TOTALLY WRONG. WE ARE NOT DESCENDANTS OF MONKEYS. It's Apes, chimps to be exact- which ARE NOT MONKEYS. Seriously people, if you're going to refute science at least know what you're refuting. #disgraceful

  171. Jeff Eyges says:

    Sientje Seinen Lunatic.

  172. Paul Hutchinson says:

    > Charles Darwin himself did not believe in the theory of evolution

    Correct, he was convinced, evolution isn't a faith.. you either understand it or not.

  173. Paul Hutchinson says:

    > too pitiful for words

    Coming from you provides a certain amount of irony Jeff.

  174. Paul Hutchinson says:

    Dixie Vangelisti The "BIBLE" also says we should smash babies against rocks… and we don't do that now do we.

  175. Dan Silagi says:

    We're not the descendants of chimps, either. Nor gorillas. There was an arthopod which lived a couple million years ago; that ape was the ancestor of both humans and modern-day apes.

  176. Matt Goldman says:

    Dan Silagi there you have it! Thank you.

  177. Dylan Kynaston says:

    Those who believe in creationsm probably need at the very least an extra year of biology lessons crammed into them. That rabbi is quick on his wits though.

  178. Brent Beaver says:

    The chosen people have chosen wisely…

  179. Paula M Marshall says:

    Grades 8 and 9?! Better late than never, I guess.

  180. Paula M Marshall says:

    Did you read the thing above about being classy instead of a pig?

  181. Paula M Marshall says:

    Dan Silagi Well, Matt did say "apes" in his original comment, so he got it right somewhere.

  182. Paula M Marshall says:

    Mosses? What do furry green growths on trees have to do with true science? Mohammed was just some pedophile.

  183. Paula M Marshall says:

    Merv Merla Watson Yes, it was. Ignorance needs showing up.

  184. Matt Goldman says:

    Paula M Marshall I coulda sworn we were closest related to the chimp but I'm no scientist, just claim to be an expert on the internet 😉

  185. Additionally, apes are evolved from the taxonomis group commonly called "Old Word Monkeys", which means we are evolved from monkeys as well as apes. Above that is the classification simian, Primate, and mammal. We are all of these things.

    We are most closely related to the chimpanzee, yes. But that does not exclude the broader classification of monkey from our genes.

  186. Matt Goldman says:

    Scott R Smith Then might as well take it all the way back- We're all Eukaryotes man… 🙂

  187. Our relationship to the chimp, our closest relative, is likened to that of cousin, not parent or grandparent.

  188. Paul Hutchinson says:

    Dixie Vangelisti
    > Since you do not believe the BIBLE is GOD'S WORD….why are you on this thread

    What does the bible have to do with the jewishpress?

  189. Your willful ignorance is appalling. Choosing to be stupid is a bold move, but one only a religious person could make.

  190. There is nothing evil about knowledge. Your church an religion would keep you stupid. Personally preventing people from knowing and learning is the most horrible evil out there.

  191. Dan Silagi says:

    Scott R Smith Chimps, humans, and possibly killer whales are the only animals who kill for the hell of it.

  192. Dan Silagi, if you have ever had a cat or a dog, you would realize that simply isn't true. My cats love to kill chipmunks just for the hell of it.

  193. Muhammad Naeem Ul Fateh says:

    Since you have on the path of astray, pointless to discuss on logic.

  194. Next time have your wife write out your reply in English. Little kids pick up languages far faster than adults.

  195. Alan Mauldin says:

    Jason J Failes I think I love you for that reply.

  196. Dan Silagi says:

    I have both dogs and cats. It may seem as though cats kill for the hell of it, but our adorable year-old kitten, Carly, will kill a mouse and bring it to my wife and me, as a sacrificial offering. Or maybe she thinks were just hungry.

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