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January 22, 2017 / 24 Tevet, 5777
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Food Shipments to Gaza Continue Despite Rockets

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Israel is continuing to allow food shipments into the Gaza Strip, despite the Hamas missile offensive against Israeli citizens.

Tuesday morning, trucks filled with Israeli fruit and cooking oil passed through the Kerem Shalom crossing, several meters from the spot where Hamas kidnapped Gilad Shalit in 2006.

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  1. Mandy Jacobs says:

    Of corse I wouldn’t exspect anything else from Israel !!!!

  2. Esther Cohen says:

    Jenn, check this out…

  3. Michael Berk says:

    Stop all food into Gaza now !!!!

  4. Patrick Obi says:

    Fools are the slaves that admire their chains. Raccoons are with heads though empty ones!

  5. Almost no one in the world knows about this and the press certainly does not report it.. Israel is never covered fairly by the world press!

  6. Paul W. Howe says:

    The food definitely feeding the terrorist… stop it & let those 3 fingered dancers starve if they keep making weapons & dont bother to plant food… why feed them….

  7. Feed them and show them love. Israel is not as bad ass like Hamas. Israel gives value to life and Hamas don’t. God Bless Israel.

  8. Tony Mark says:

    I wonder what the BDS the Presbyterian church and the BBC have to say about this ??? Hmmm

  9. Stop the flow of goods to the PIGS of GAZA

  10. Quit being humane … Stop the food and electricity now … Let their Arab brethren give it to them … Oh wait they only give guns and weapons … Hmmm …

  11. Why feed them, they do nt ern

  12. Sooy, they do not earn food.

  13. Sorry no peace no food or electricity

  14. “He who is compassionate to the cruel is ultimately cruel to the compassionate.”

  15. Jim McNickle says:

    We can expect no less of the Israeli people. They hav acted with true humanitarian class for so many years it has become their nature. Look to Israel to see what true “class” is. Look to most of the Arab leaders and what do you see at this time?

  16. Just like those cockroaches would do if the shoe was on the other foot. Blow those suckers up, already or let them starve to death.

  17. Todd, and this is a revelation? Sadly, these are facts on the ground. However it validates Freud’s explanation in response to ‘Jewish Mothers Guilt,’ in all cases the Jew did it!

  18. I’m sure enemy soldiers will keep the people from eating it. But the world sees that Israel tried.

  19. Usani Utum says:

    Israel, please, stop feeding your enemies

  20. Tamarah Hood says:

    Cut that off now.

  21. Let the pigs starve.

  22. Insanity defined

  23. Beryl Cohen says:

    Stop everything!

  24. Sam Mensch says:

    Israel DESERVES this because she has allowed this: this would NOT have happened unless Sharon HAD stayed in Gaza and the rest of Eretz Israel HAD FULLY supported the peace-keeping Gaza settlers. Also, NO rocket attack or ANY terrorist attack should EVER be allowed to occur without SWIFT, HARSH, and IMMEDIATE retaliation. When will Israel LEARN? Israel needs to do what Israel needs to do: INVADE Gaza and DECIMATE Hamas…screw Ovomit, the anti-semites at EU and at the UN. STOP the food, water, electricity to Gaza. Kill Hamas, bring back the settlers!

  25. Whenever the Greeks in danger, God is fighting on their side …

  26. This is a fight for civilization. It is so unbelieveable that they are who they are in the 21st century.

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