Photo Credit: The Telegraph

The Telegraph has acquired one of CCTV videos that is apparently that of the kidnapping of Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

Watch what happens across the street.


H/T Elder of Ziyon



  1. I have strong doubts about the murder of the Arab boy being an act of Jews.mutilation or burning after killing is not characteristic of Jews. Mutilation ,burning of bodies, dismemberment etc is not a feature of Jewish culture anywhere . At the end of the first defeat of the Taliban the Arabs on both sides mutilated and desecrated the corpses of enemy bodies. Jews do not typically behave this way.

  2. Agreed. Head-lopping and burning and mutilating aren't part of our soul — those acts of barbarism are an Arab thing. By the way, Mr. Oppenheimer, your Facebook posts are brilliantly incisive. Thanks for speaking up.

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