Police said on Thursday they have solid evidence that former Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger offered an apartment and cash to someone in return for his not spilling the beans to the police about the rabbis’ alleged offenses.

Rabbi Metzger was arrested this week on charges of pocketing millions of dollars that were intended for charities and yeshiva, and he also was accused of obstructing justice.


Police said they recorded Rabbi Metzger’s offer to the man, who is a state witness, after a previous arrest of the rabbi this past summer, when he was placed under house arrests for several days so he could not make contact with other involved in the case.



  1. Rabbinic authorities should deprive him of the title of "Rabbi", it is too much for him when compared to that Rabbi who bought a desk from Craiglist and found out $90.000 stached in one of the drawers, the rabbi just send the money back to the former desk proprietor.

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