Sderot Mayor David Buskila “celebrated” Rosh HaShanah by camping out in a protest tent next to the official residence of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem to protest budget cuts to the Gaze Belt town.

He said he intends to remain in tent until the government restores funds that were cut in the austerity budget.


Buskila claimed that the budget cuts will be the death knell for Sderot but that he faces “a wall of incomprehension.”

Last year, the mayor staged a hunger strike until the government came up with funds for Sderot, battered for years by Hamas mortar shelling and rockets, to pay off its deficit and improve its emergency services.



  1. Netanyahu is an utter and complete disappointment. He is leading Israel to destruction. He has failed to act against Iran, and now has about as much credibility as Obama. He has abandoned the Temple Mount and east J'lem, is ready the enthically cleanse Judea/Samaria of Jews, and undermines Israel's right to exist by participating in the farce of the so-called peace process which only serves to support the Arab narrative of occupation. If only there was one Jewish leader who had the guts to proudly say that Eretz Israel belongs to the Jewish People from time in memoriam, and that the Arab Muslims are colonial occupiers who should be driven out, like they were from Spain, France, Italy, etc. It's time to end the Arab Muslim occupation of Israel and the West.

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