Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Israeli citizens have gathered outside the home of Prime Minister Netanyahu to protest the upcoming release of terrorists on December 30.

This is the third release of terrorists and mass murderers that Israel has done due to U.S. pressure to hold negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

Photo by Hadas Parushl/Flash90
Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90


  1. The government of Israel protects Israelis, and we certainly have no more room to talk than they. Governments are governments. Sometimes they suck. The law is not unlawful, just incredibly senseless. Israel has taken enough already. Foreign intervention, one-sided alliances, foreign religions, fair weather friends. If this is to stop then Israelis will have to end those influences and do what’s right for Israel whatever the cost. They’ll have to reject the idea of two-states and resolve to back it up. It should start by assassinating those released.

  2. If the US won't release Jonathon Pollard after 28 years, who is not a murderer, and whose only crime was passing information to an ally; why should Israel cave in to US pressure to release murderers of Israeli citizens? What kind of friend is the US to Israel, to demand such an unconscionable thing? Would the US release murderers of its' citizens? Why should the Israeli government agree to that? Don't we care about the murder of our own people? Do we really think that this horrible act is going to bring peace?

    Releasing these prisoners is immoral, and the continual holding of Pollard is immoral.

  3. Because Bibi has not learned how to say NO… and or follow thru …Gasa should have been hit hard last year.. the land on towns in Israel should have not been given away…. the Mount should have been cleaned off off of the P.A. and Arabs the Holy sights and every inc of Israel should have cleaned up of any and all who do not stand with Israel.. the M.K. should have never allowed any Arab or P.A. step one foot in the building let alone open the nasty trap.! Ect. Ect….!

  4. Who can stop the snake pit around abas? Terrorists should stay in prison they are a danger for at least the whole world. If Israel can control them in the own area they will operate from any country. They should not be part of any negotiations or plan for anything. They are murderer and do not belong outside of a prison. abas extorts Israel.

  5. Any Jew or Concerned Christian who supports Israel in any way, must have their head examined. I am calling for a complete 100% boycott of Israel over their crazy attitude of releasing these murderers. No other country has gone this insane over the kow towing to the USA than Israel has. Israel does not deserve to be in the family of nations when they release these killers. Israel has defined insanity to the core. 100% Boycott until the country comes to its senses and reality.

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