Photo Credit: TPS
Security forces in Jalazone refugee camp overnight

A suspect was arrested overnight Tuesday on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack, the Border Police Spokesperson’s Office reported. The suspect was arrested by the “Mistar’avim” (Arab Lookalikes) undercover unit of Israel Police during an operation alongside IDF soldiers from the Binyamin Brigade.

Israeli Intelligence became suspicious after the suspect had posted on a social network a farewell to the world message, which usually means the posting party is about to go out for a suicide attack.


The suspect, 30, a resident of the Jalazone refugee camp outside Ramallah, was apprehended by security forces before acting on his intentions.

The Border Police Judea and Samaria undercover Mistar’avim unit, together with IDF forces, managed to arrest the suspect in the confines of his refugee camp before his departure.

Upon his arrest, the suspect was transferred for interrogation by security forces.