Photo Credit: Syrian Rebel Army
Smoke over Quneitra

It seems that the situation under the surface in the province of Quneitra is becoming extremely volatile, according to a report Friday, which notes that “surprises are popping from every direction.”

Early Friday morning, the entire area north of Quneitra woke up to the sound of a dull explosion, followed by a column of smoke in the area north of Khan Arnabah, a stronghold of the Iranian, Hezbollah and Syrian armies.

Quneitra. The white line marks the 1974 ceasefire border with Israel. / Photo credit: Google Earth

Syria ended all its aerial activity in the area, imposing a no-fly zone on its own troops, after a Syrian battle helicopter had been shot down near Quneitra.

Syria has not dared a launch of its warplanes in the region since an Israeli patriot missile shot down a Russian-made Sukhoi in the area, back in 2014.

Arab media sources associated with the Syrian Rebels last week reported that 400 Hezbollah terrorists had entered the Quneitra region since the beginning of December 2017. According to the report, Hezbollah terrorists spread out over several hills and military positions in the area. Quneitra is covered by the Syrian cease-fire agreement decided by the US, Russia and Jordan, but Israel has set out red lines outside its northern border, beyond which no Iranian or Hezbollah fighters will be allowed.