Photo Credit: Dave Collier via Flickr
Muslim women buying ice cream

According to a new Pew Research Center survey, 57% of Muslim women than men believe it has become more difficult to be Muslim in the US in recent years, compared with only 43% of Muslim men.

Also, only 52% of Muslim women say they have a lot in common with most Americans and 44% of them view the American people as friendly toward Muslim Americans – while two-thirds of Muslim men make those same two observations.


Muslim women perceive more anti-Muslim discrimination: 83% of Muslim women say there is a lot of discrimination against Muslims, 68% of Muslim men. And 55% of Muslim women say they have experienced at least one type of anti-Muslim discrimination in the past year, including being treated with suspicion, called offensive names, singled out by airport security or law enforcement, and physically threatened or attacked. Only 42% of Muslim men have had a similar experience over the past year.

Muslim women also are more likely than men to say they stand out in society due to their physical appearance – 49% compared with only 27% of Muslim men.

A full 69% of Muslim women say the Republican Party is unfriendly toward Muslims, 81% say President Donald Trump is unfriendly to Muslims. Only 49% and 68% of Muslim men respectively hold the same two opinions.

But there are some bright spots for Muslim women, according to Pew: 56% of Muslim women reported hearing someone express support for them because of their religion – while only 42% of Muslim men share a similar experience.

Finally, most Muslim men and women are equally likely to say they are satisfied with the way things are going in their lives and that they are proud to be American.