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January 16, 2017 / 18 Tevet, 5777
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Video: Arabs Harass Jews in Old City

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As the search for Eyal Yifrah, Gil-Ad Shayer and Naftali Frenkel entered its fifth day,  Arab children in the Old City of Jerusalem made sure to send a message to Israelis everywhere: We hate Jews.

In a video posted by the IsraelMuse website, the children are seen harassing two religious Jews who’s “crime” appears to have been stopping to talk in the Moslem Quarter. While the video does not feature subtitles for taunts, the word “Yahud”, Arabic for Jew, is repeated many times.


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  1. They are only obeying the command of their god to hate and kill the Jews and the Christian

  2. Please GOD find these children of Israel that are lost! Help that they are in
    Good health and that they
    Are safe, this is my prayer
    Dear GOD ….

  3. Noki Lavie says:

    what else is new?

  4. Noki Lavie says:

    what else is new?

  5. Muslims are cockroaches !

  6. Donna Hambright Glatt says:

    How does Israel put up with this, and still show kindness when helping their wounded? Thats got to be very hard,, definately shows who is of God, and who, is of Evil….

  7. Look what they’ve done to their children. G-d will surely condemn them

  8. Future terrorists. Kick them out of Jerusalem and give them to PA, where they can live in a desert. Enough is enough. No talking or negotiating with these people.

  9. Mayble Last says:

    Please don’t insult the insects.

  10. Mayble Last says:

    Please don’t insult the animal.

  11. It is shameful for a parent to teach a child to hate. Dear Lord, help these children to see the difference and for the Jewish people to have the heart to forgive them.

  12. Let them all be exposed for the humanity they lack. We all see them. Global awareness is in effect to now determine basic cultural ideologies that are no longer relevant or tolerable. Islam Islam Must Be Exterminated From Earth.

  13. they are wild animals get rid of all of them

  14. political correctness is a mental disorder.

  15. U deserve to be killed u r filthy on earth.

  16. Jews, Arabs are brothers, decendants of Abraham & genetic study shows they are! Ok, brothers do fight.

  17. Loren Renee says:

    They can get the out if they don’t like it.


  19. Tim Whittemore says:

    "By their acts, shall ye know them…"

  20. Joyce Myers says:

    If these Arab children hate Jews…Let them leave and find out what other Arab country will let them live there????????????

  21. Enough is enough! The harassment needs to stop!

  22. Yechiel Baum says:


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