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16 Nisan 5764 – April 7, 2004
Jewish Art has always been burdened by Jewish history.

Eliezer Reiner – The Mitzvah Of Memory

9 Nisan 5764 – March 31, 2004
Remember. The commandment to remember reverberates throughout the Torah, starting with the Exodus from Egypt, continuing to Receiving the Torah and finally climaxing in the weekly remembrance of the Sabbath itself. Embedded in the six remembrances is the commandment to, "remember what Amalek did to you on the way" (Devarim 25:17).

The Narrative Of Authority Paintings By John Bradford

2 Nisan 5764 – March 24, 2004
Authority, as the Gemara in Sanhedrin says, makes the world go round.

Gleizer’s Paintings: From The Heart Of The Beast

24 Adar 5764 – March 17, 2004
Mikhail Gleizer was born at the end of the Second World War in the Soviet Ukraine under the reign of the dictator Joseph Stalin.

It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s… Super Mensch!

17 Adar 5764 – March 10, 2004
Brilliant flags cascade atop two majestic mountains, sullied by throngs of horses and soldiers' shining steel armor reflecting the blinding sunlight.

Hiding And Seeking: Faith And Tolerance After The Holocaust

10 Adar 5764 – March 3, 2004
Poised between imminent moral danger and the irrepressible drive to do the right thing, director Menachem Daum and cinematographer Oren Rudavsky have seared together a complex portrait of an Orthodox family who confront their painful past in the new documentary, Hiding and Seeking.

The Art Of Exile: Paintings By Shoshannah Brombacher

28 Shevat 5764 – February 20, 2004
Exile is punishment; exile is a constant reminder of our fallen status; exile fills us with longings for a permanent home we cannot possess.

Return To Sinai: Moses Und Aron By Arnold Schoenberg

21 Shevat 5764 – February 13, 2004
I was transfixed the first time I saw Moses und Aron, the 1933 opera by Arnold Schoenberg.

Akeydes Yitskhok – Goldfaden’s Masterpiece Revived

12 Shevat 5764 – February 4, 2004
It could have been a travesty. Indeed, think of a musical of Akeydes Yitskhok, frivolous singing and play-acting the most awesome and sacred drama in the Torah!

Kneidlach And Machine Guns

7 Shevat 5764 – January 30, 2004
The wide variety of bric-a-brac that fills a soldier's pockets, backpack and other gear becomes the medium of exploration in Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried," his examination of Vietnam era soldiers.

Maus: Flash Back To The Present – Survivor Memory Into Holocaust Art, Part I

22 Tevet 5764 – January 16, 2004
Elie Wiesel encapsulates the problem of Holocaust art by insisting that, "Auschwitz defies imagination and perception; it submits only to memory. It can be communicated by testimony, not fiction."

Desecration Or Sanctification: La Juive, The Opera By Jacques Fromental Halevy

15 Tevet 5764 – January 9, 2004
The curtain rises to reveal a towering wall of translucent glass behind which the chorus sings 'Te deum laudamus, You are G-d, we praise You,' to the provocative chords of the church organ.

One Artist, Many Visions: Leonard Kogan At The Chassidic Art Institute

8 Tevet 5764 – January 2, 2004
Transmission is everything. The life's blood of a people is dependent upon many kinds of transmission; oral, scribal, Talmudic and anecdotal.

Different Modernist Trajectories: Schoenberg, Kandinsky, And The Blue Rider At The Jewish Museum

1 Tevet 5764 – December 26, 2003
Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) and Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951) were two of the most important modernist artists in the early twentieth century.

From Amputation To Wholeness: A Call To Art From The Torah World

24 Kislev 5764 – December 19, 2003
"We have inherited an amputated visual culture, viscously cut off from our artistic forefathers we have every right to lay claim to," exclaimed Archie Rand, artist and professor at Columbia University.

Shards Across Time: An Exhibition In Memorial Of Kristallnacht: The Art Of Yonia Fain...

17 Kislev 5764 – December 12, 2003
Kristallnacht, the pogrom unleashed by the Nazis on Germany's Jews on November 8, 1938, is considered by many to be the beginning of the Holocaust.

Director Of The Jewish Image: Frederic Brenner's Photographs At The Brooklyn Museum

10 Kislev 5764 – December 5, 2003
Jews with Hogs (1994) is the first image one encounters in Frederic Brenner's exhibition of photographs of contemporary Jews from around the world currently at the Brooklyn Museum.

A Simple Genesis Paintings Of Shalom Of Safed

3 Kislev 5764 – November 28, 2003
There once lived a pious old man in Safed. His great grandparents had come from Eastern Europe to Eretz Yisrael, sometime in the 18th Century.

A Glimpse Of Meaning Russian Post-Modernists At YUM

26 Heshvan 5764 – November 21, 2003
The need to reassert a shattered cultural identity should be familiar to Jews.

Bradford’s Conundrum: Paintings By John Bradford

19 Heshvan 5764 – November 14, 2003
John Bradford's exhibition of nine paintings, done in the 1990's - presents us with a conundrum.

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