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Of The Book: Winter 2014

5 Kislev 5775 – November 26, 2014

A Topsy Turvy Life

13 Heshvan 5775 – November 5, 2014
While still a student in a small Midwest college she learns that her aunt in New York has passed away, resulting in her life turning topsy turvy.

Multiple Dimensions, A Parshah At A Time

29 Elul 5774 – September 23, 2014
For each weekly reading, Rabbi Grysman begins with a synopsis of the Torah portion, followed by a focus on a major issue.

Retracing Horrors

4 Elul 5774 – August 29, 2014
Goldsmith himself went on his own “voyage of discovery” to the places where his grandfather and uncle landed and were sent.

From Europe To Palestine To The U.S. – The Story Of A Man, His...

27 Av 5774 – August 22, 2014
Leon experienced the War of Independence from a soldier’s perspective, while remaining true to his Jewish ideals and beliefs.

An Israel Love Story With a Twist

8 Av 5774 – August 4, 2014
"Fields of Exile" provides a glimpse into the horrors of academic anti-Israelism, experienced by one firmly rooted in the left.

It’s All From Hashem

6 Av 5774 – August 1, 2014
A chacham striving for self-control over his emotion to act vindictively against someone who wronged him should make use of the concept of hashgachah pratisto achieve this goal – as if the aggressor had no free-will and was compelled to wrong him.

Simple Yet Profound

This work contains three important essays on the essential questions of modern religious Tanach study.

Looking Forward

24 Tammuz 5774 – July 21, 2014
Written entirely through Frayda’s eyes, the reader is drawn by her unassuming personality.

Seeing The Kings, Anew

Adopting an ancient exegetical approach that is based on midrashic readings of the text, thematic connections that span between various books of the Bible are revealed.

One Rabbi’s Take On Israel

While Lipman comes from an ultra-Orthodox background and is an Orthodox rabbi, he offers a breath of fresh air when he suggests that “polarization caused by extremism and isolationism in the religious community may be the greatest internal threat to the future of the Jewish people”

Different From You And Me

17 Tammuz 5774 – July 14, 2014
“Have you forgotten your dreams?” The Hope Merchant asks a defeated and hopeless Lily when she “happens” upon his shop.

Back To The Garden

The universe was created by God out of nothing; it has not always existed.

Inside The Lubavitcher Rebbe

He combined intellectual achievement with deep spirituality and religious devotion.

Once More Into The Shidduch Crisis

12 Tammuz 5774 – July 9, 2014
Of course it is disingenuous to tell a person from a non-rabbinic, non-rosh yeshiva home to make an effort.

A Jewish Walter Mitty

6 Tammuz 5774 – July 3, 2014
Green was an American volunteer in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, but something happened In Israel that has haunted him ever since.

A Pioneer Of Holocaust Commemoration

In this book, lovingly and admiringly written by Harry's wife Marion, his partner in all his endeavors, the reader is granted a ringside seat to every detail in how this project was conceived and carried to fruition.

God’s Tech Boom

The author begins by distinguishing between what he calls inner/sacred technology and external/profane technology.

Terrors From The Past

5 Tammuz 5774 – July 2, 2014
I often found myself holding my hands to my mouth in utter amazement at the power of the writing, sometimes so engrossed I forgot to breathe.

Enriching Your Study Of Tanach

29 Sivan 5774 – June 26, 2014
His students can attest that Rabbi Blau does not waste one extra word as he opens the richness of the text.

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