Title: What Do You See on Purim?

Author: Bracha Goetz

Published by Judaica Press



   A healthy Purim treat for very little ones has actually been released. Author Bracha Goetz has added a new volume to her bestselling What Do You See? board book series. This is the seventh bright and colorful word-and-picture book that helps teach toddlers basic vocabulary, while happily familiarizing them with objects they see around them in their own lives.


   In What Do You See on Purim? children learn about Purim while becoming familiar with the words and objects related to this special holiday. Catchy and joyful rhymes accompany adorable photos of young children with whom little readers love to identify.


   Children also enjoy recognizing groggers, hamantaschen, tzedakah, masks, and costumes thathelp them understand and anticipate all that they see around them during this exciting time of year. On this very busy day that can be somewhat confusing to very young children, this book can also serve to provide a pleasant resource to help them make sense of all the activities going on.


   These books are wonderful for ages three and under. They are delightful and durable board books that can last for years, and they are available in local Jewish bookstores and online from Judaicapress.com.