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Going Back To The Old Ways

10 Elul 5768 – September 10, 2008
According to the Talmud (Ta'anit 30b-31a), on the 15th of Av unmarried girls would dress in plain white clothing, so that those from wealthy families could not be distinguished from the poorer ones.

Letting Go – And Holding On

19 Av 5768 – August 20, 2008
For many parents late summer is a bittersweet time. Children are going off to college, or a post- high school year in Israel, or getting married.

The Shidduch Parshah May Be Fattening And Bad For Your Health

5 Av 5768 – August 6, 2008
I'm not a doctor, nor a biological scientist, but I do know that people under stress produce a hormone called cortisol, which helps the body deal with a stressful event by increasing energy and immunity and even lowering sensitivity to pain.

Painful Words: A Painful Reality

20 Tammuz 5768 – July 23, 2008
Jews globally are commemorating the Three Weeks of Mourning period that began with last Sunday's 17th Day of Tammuz fast and culminates with the Fast of Tisha B'Av.

‘Watch Over The Souls Of Your Children’

6 Tammuz 5768 – July 9, 2008
My last two columns dealt with the biblical injunction that we "watch over our souls."

Eye-Opening ‘Teshuvah’

9 Sivan 5768 – June 12, 2008
Jews the world over just celebrated our receipt of the Torah and our unconditional acceptance of its precepts.

The Shidduch Sky Is Not Falling

23 Iyyar 5768 – May 28, 2008
My daughter in-law was a guest at a recent brunch/fundraiser for women only, during which the guest speaker spoke about the number one topic that seems to be on everyone's minds - shidduchim.

The Benefits Of High Gas Prices

9 Iyyar 5768 – May 14, 2008
People have been bitterly complaining about the rising price of gas.

Remembering An Eishet Chayil

25 Nisan 5768 – April 30, 2008
Most Pesach observers - after a week of overdosing on matzah and potatoes - in a myriad of manifestations look forward to when Passover has, well, passed over.

The Passover Story (As told by a young mother to her daughter)

11 Nisan 5768 – April 16, 2008
"We were slaves down in Egypt," The young, cheerful mother said, As she knelt on the floor And swept under the bed.

See What Happens When You Don’t Pay Attention?

4 Nisan 5768 – April 9, 2008
I'm not quite ready yet to shut the door on Purim. Perhaps it's my way of avoiding dealing with Pesach, and the physical and emotional effort that comes with it.

Why I Like Yom Kippur

12 Adar II 5768 – March 19, 2008
You might think it odd talking about Yom Kippur just days before Purim. But actually that is exactly why I am thinking so fondly of our holy fast day.

Why I Like Yom Kippur

You might think it odd talking about Yom Kippur just days before Purim. But actually that is exactly why I am thinking so fondly of our holy fast day.

There Is No ‘Road Not Taken’

28 Adar I 5768 – March 5, 2008
The poem "The Road Not Taken" by renowned American poet Robert Frost expresses the gnawing curiosity that a traveler knows he will always have about the road that he didn't take.

Appreciate Life By Saying ‘Thank You’

14 Adar I 5768 – February 20, 2008
One of the subjects I was taught as a young child in the excellent day school I attended in Toronto (at the time called Associated Hebrew Day Schools) was Tefillah.

A Lighthouse Of Reason In A Dark Shidduch Sea

30 Shevat 5768 – February 6, 2008
Dear Readers: I want to share a letter I received this week giving me hope that there are some level heads out there in the shidduch world, and that not everyone is caught up in the hysteria and/or ga'avah (arrogance) that accompanies a suggestion for a date.

‘Mazel Tov On Your Date’

9 Shevat 5768 – January 16, 2008
I hate to say it, but I am coming to the conclusion that that if abocher and a girl actually go on a date - a mazel tov to both sides is warranted.

Happy New Year? How Do You Know?

25 Tevet 5768 – January 3, 2008
Just days ago, millions of people all over the world welcomed in the secular new year of 2008.

The Miracle Of Trying

10 Tevet 5768 – December 19, 2007
Chanukah has come and gone, and so have the donuts, the latkes and the celebration of the two amazing miracles that took place at that time.

Borders And Boundaries (Conclusion)

25 Kislev 5768 – December 5, 2007
Two weeks ago I wrote about a culture of self-indulgence and instant gratification that seems to have permeated Western society.

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