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The Conversion Of Benny Morris

8 Elul 5771 – September 7, 2011
Benny Morris was one of the original, and in some ways the most destructive, of Israel's " New Historians" - Jewish academics who seek to revise history to make it jibe with Arab propaganda.

Why There Cannot Be A ‘Two-State’ Solution In The Middle East

5 Sivan 5771 – June 7, 2011
Mr. President, the "Two-State" approach to peace between Israel and Palestine, strongly reaffirmed in your recent meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, accepts the position of an Israeli occupation. Yet even the most cursory look at pertinent world history would reveal several compelling reasons to reject any such position. Organized Arab terrorism against Israel began on the very first hour of Israel's independence, in May 1948. Indeed, virulent anti-Jewish terrorism in the British Mandate period had even taken place many years before Israel's statehood.

1948 and the Triumph Of the Naysayers

20 Sivan 5770 – June 2, 2010
In 1939, when Reb Sholom Halberstam, brother-in-law of the saintly Bobover Rebbe Shlomo Halberstam, and some other Jews were fleeing from the approaching German armies, they came to a Polish town where the sexton of the synagogue, upon hearing their story, told them to stop running because the arrival of the Messiah was imminent.

Ball Fields And Battlefields, 1948

2 Iyyar 5768 – May 7, 2008
The year was1948 and a great baseball season was unfolding.

Happy New Year …Trees!

11 Shevat 5766 – February 8, 2006
Until Jews began to return to Eretz Israel in 1948, noone thought of them as farmers.

Lying About Deir Yassin

18 Nisan 5765 – April 27, 2005
April 9 marked the 57th anniversary of events that took place in the Arab village of Deir Yassin in 1948.

55 Years Since 1948

6 Sivan 5763 – June 6, 2003
There are many things that come to mind as Israel marks 55 years since it won its independence in 1948. If nothing else, Israel has demonstrated that Jews, given even less than half a chance, can collectively rise to the very peak of human achievement. We Jews have always contributed to mankind in much greater proportion than our numbers would suggest,wherever we found ourselves. But it is in Israel, where Jews have organized a state, which after a mere 55 years, has fostered wondrous achievements in virtually all areas of humanendeavor, that what we are capable of is so obvious.

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