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Alan Dershowitz: Friends Seminary Plays Bait and Switch on Anti-Semitism

3 Adar 5772 – February 26, 2012
The Friends Seminary of New York was unwilling to cancel the scheduled appearance of Gilad Atzmon, even after learning that he was a virulent anti-Semite who questions the Holocaust but believes that it may be true that Jews kill Christians to use their blood for religious purposes. But they have canceled my appearance because they didn't like the tone of a private letter that I wrote to them that was critical of the Headmaster's failure to comply with his promises.

Alan Dershowitz: Who are America’s Reliable Allies?

24 Shevat 5772 – February 17, 2012
It's time for the realists to acknowledge that Israel not only has a moral and ideological claim to American support, but it also has a claim base on realpolitik.

Give ‘Em Heck, Prof. Dershowitz!

21 Shevat 5772 – February 14, 2012
It's been a while since we've read this kind of foaming-at-the-mouth attack on Prof. Alan Dershowitz. He must be doing something right.

ACLU Needs To Clarify Stance On Censoring Israeli Speakers

26 Adar I 5771 – March 2, 2011
The international campaign to prevent speakers from delivering pro-Israel talks at universities has been assisted by leaders of the American Civil Liberties Union - an organization that is supposed to protect freedom of speech for all. The method used to silence these speakers and preclude their audiences from hearing their message is exemplified by a now infamous event at the University of California at Irvine.

Why J Street Attacked Sarah Palin

22 Shevat 5771 – January 26, 2011
Shortly after Sarah Palin provoked a barrage of criticism for her use of the term "blood libel," a Democratic congressman named Steve Cohen compared Republican statements about the Obama health care reform to "the big lie" told by Joseph Goebbels, saying it's "like [a] blood libel. The same kind of thing."

Debate Continues To Rage Over Palin’s ‘Blood Libel’ Charge

14 Shevat 5771 – January 19, 2011
WASHINGTON - The post-shooting debate over political civility is cooling down, but passions are still raging over Sarah Palin's claim that critics were guilty of perpetuating a "blood libel" against her.

‘I Want Everybody To Know I’m Jewish’ : An Interview with Alan Dershowitz

10 Kislev 5771 – November 17, 2010
Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz is best known for his legal prowess, but he is also the author of two dozen nonfiction works and three novels, the latest of which is The Trials of Zion. Set in Israel, the book's plot tells the story of three lawyers who defend an alleged Arab terrorist while simultaneously trying to discover who set off a bomb that killed the American president and Israeli and Palestinian leaders at a peace-signing ceremony in Jerusalem.

J Street’s McCarthyism

18 Av 5770 – July 28, 2010
J Street, the leftist lobbying organization that claims to be pro-Israel, is running a television ad that divides the world into two groups: the good guys who support the two-state solution, the end of the occupation and peace; and the bad guys who oppose these results and instead favor a continuation of violence.

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