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Efrat’s Etam Hill

21 Iyyar 5767 – May 9, 2007
Israel's politicians are pursuing a policy of "divide and conquer" vis-à-vis those of us who live in Judea and Samaria.

Quick Takes: News From Israel You May Have Missed

27 Kislev 5766 – December 28, 2005
The Palestinians who took over the Jewish greenhouses in the Gaza Strip when Israel withdrew from the area now are asking expelled Jewish farmers...

On Practicing Realism In An Unreal World: A Jewish Imperative (Second Of Two Parts)

25 Nisan 5765 – May 4, 2005
It is not just our enemies who show us no mercy and who "love death" who bring us death. The triumph of the absurd (the world of Chelm or the world of Kafka?) can be found also in sober actions of the United Nations.

Wandering In Paint, Wondering In Paint. Bamidbar At The Mercer Gallery

12 Adar II 5765 – March 23, 2005
Many mistranslate the word "midbar" as desert, whereas the word really carries more of a connotation for wasteland or wilderness, perhaps deriving from the root dever for "plague" or davar for "word" or "thing."

Quick Takes: News From Israel You May Have Missed

7 Tishri 5765 – September 22, 2004
Just one month after the UN and EU launched a furious campaign against Israel's security fence, culminating in the International Court of Justice ruling...

Human Chain

8 Elul 5764 – August 25, 2004
Two events that seemed to fit the days before Tisha B'Av happened recently.

Quick Takes: News From Israel You May Have Missed

24 Av 5764 – August 11, 2004
In a recent interview, a chief Hamas spokesman explained there are more bombers willing to kill themselves than available suicide missions, and he stressed...

Demonstration In Favor Of Erecting The Security Fence

28 Iyyar 5764 – May 19, 2004
Hundreds of residents of Hashmonaim and the surrounding areas demonstrated against the intention of the Israel Defense Forces to capitulate to the Israeli leftist groups and the local Arabs.

Back To Basics In Fighting Terror

16 Nisan 5764 – April 7, 2004
It has become vogue in many circles to represent Middle East savagery as part of some sort of "war of civilizations."

Israeli Left’s Amazing Security-Wall Turnabout

21 Shevat 5764 – February 13, 2004
Growing up, I always found one of the most bizarre things in history to be the dramaticturnabout of the communist movement the day Germany invaded Stalinist Russia.

Differing Takes On Bush-Abbas

29 Av 5763 – August 27, 2003
How went the Bush-Abbas meeting at the White House last Friday? Depends on whom or what you read. Most newspapers highlighted Bush's criticism of Israel's security wall while relegating to secondary status the president's sharp words to Abbas about the necessity of halting Palestinian terror.

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