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50 & 10: The Jewish Press and Rabbi Sholom Klass

12 Shevat 5770 – January 27, 2010
I see him now in my mind's eye. He is sitting at his desk in his office at The Jewish Press, a Gemara open before him, other scholarly tomes on the side, engaged in what he loved best: learning Torah.

Author Lectures On Jewish Bigamists, Murderers, And Thieves

11 Heshvan 5770 – October 28, 2009
"It's part of our history," author Ron Arons told The Jewish Press. "Just to say we have hundreds of Nobel Prize winners ignores the fact that we have problems too."

‘Success Comes In Cans; Failure In Can’ts’ An Interview With Dr. Morris Mandel’s Son

25 Sivan 5769 – June 17, 2009
In one of his thousands of aphorism-filled columns for The Jewish Press, Dr. Morris Mandel wrote, "Counting time is not as important as making time count."

Next In Line

1 Adar 5769 – February 25, 2009
Though the prices of airline tickets to Israel had soared with the increase in the cost of fuel this summer, my son Moshe was determined to visit his ailing grandfather in Jerusalem.

Developing 20/20 Vision (Part One)

9 Shevat 5768 – January 16, 2008
I recently interviewed a grandfather who was a former well spouse.

Title: Grandpa for Sale

11 Kislev 5768 – November 21, 2007
Little Lizzy is dusting her mom's antiques store and Grandpa's snoozing head when a pink and piqued Mrs. Larchmont strides inside the shop.

Title: Grandfather’s Wrinkles

4 Kislev 5768 – November 14, 2007
Readers will fall in love with the captivating illustrations and the healthy emotions shared by a grandfather and granddaughter in lap-sized Grandfather's Wrinkles.

Finding The Old Shtetl

10 Av 5767 – July 25, 2007
Since I started writing this column I have been inundated with questions from my readers about various shtetlach. Often the places mentioned are well-known cities and, possibly, places I have visited.

Salek Discovers Apt

25 Tammuz 5767 – July 11, 2007
Whereas Salek's father's appearance was rather modern for that period - sporting only a short beard, just like his cousins - his grandfather, Avrohom Orenstein, had a flowing beard and wore a shtreimel on Shabbos.

Title: Wishes For One More Day

27 Sivan 5767 – June 13, 2007
Wishes For one More Day is about the wish of two young grandchildren to spend one more day with a beloved grandparent who has passed away in order to say a proper goodbye.

Wysokie Mazowiecie

22 Kislev 5767 – December 13, 2006
Recently the Jewish cemetery at Wysokie Mazowiecie held a ceremony marking the first stage of its restoration project.

Is Judaism Cool?

16 Tammuz 5766 – July 12, 2006
Much ink and money has been spilt over the topic of "hip Judaism".

‘Say It Ain’t So’… But It Was So

23 Shevat 5765 – February 2, 2005
Much of childhood is spent in illusion. We grow up imagining things not as they are, but as we wish them to be.

Making Lemonade The Positive Memories

29 Elul 5764 – September 15, 2004
I just got off the phone with my oldest grandson. He is four.

Have We Turned Into Wood?

26 Tishri 5764 – October 22, 2003
Parshas Ki Tavo has come and gone. The tochacha - the curses - were read in our synagogues, but who was listening? Who heard them? If you were among those who did listen, the words had to have a chilling, eerie effect. Alas, they were not far-fetched predictions, but had an all-too familiar ring. We are the generation that can vividly recall the Holocaust. We are the generation that lives with the constant nightmare of yet more carnage. It is with trepidation that we tune into the news from Israel. Who and what will be next?

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