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Q & A: Women Counting Sefirat Haomer (Conclusion)

22 Sivan 5761 – June 13, 2001
QUESTION: In my wife's family, women count Sefirat Haomer. This is something that I have not seen in my own family, although they are quite observant. As a newly married couple, we are quite confused.Please discuss this matter and explain.No name pleaseToronto, Ontario

Q & A: Netilat Yadayim (Conclusion)

10 Sivan 5761 – June 1, 2001
QUESTION: Does one wash one's hands in the bathroom with soap and water, or by pouring [fresh] water from a vessel with handles three times on each hand alternatingly? I have heard it said that a vessel is used only in the morning.A ReaderNew York, NY

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