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It’s My Opinion: Back To School

22 Av 5769 – August 12, 2009
Summer isalmost over,and in countless homes throughout the country, preparations for the new school year have begun. Shiny new pencil boxes and supplies have been purchased. Hair has been cut and shoes have been shined. Many children are eager to see old friends and familiar classrooms. Traditionally, this time of year has been one of happy anticipation and excitement.

Image And Preparation: Two Critical Keys To Success

20 Iyyar 5769 – May 14, 2009
Now that you know how to research companies before an interview, the next step in the process is to present the proper image and be fully prepared for the face-to-face meeting.

Special Purimshpiel Edition

12 Adar II 5768 – March 19, 2008
Question: What will you dress up as this Purim?

Borders And Boundaries (Conclusion)

25 Kislev 5768 – December 5, 2007
Two weeks ago I wrote about a culture of self-indulgence and instant gratification that seems to have permeated Western society.

Reconsidering Iraqi Women

10 Heshvan 5767 – November 1, 2006
"I try to tell momma she won't get stolen. Her hair is not that nice.

Between Man And G-d And Art: Installing Jewishly Merav Ezer’s Plastic Arts

25 Nisan 5765 – May 4, 2005
In a sense, the history of the Jewish people is a history of installation art. The thunder and lightning, booming shofar and floral assortment at Sinai were intense aesthetic experiences.


29 Kislev 5764 – December 24, 2003
Each time I get on an airplane, I am struck by contradictions. We are a species that can take tons of heavy metal and transform it into an instrument of travel, transporting millions of passengers at very high speeds from one place to another. At the same time, we are required to take off our shoes before being allowed to board the plane, not for reasons of civilized comfort, but rather to ensure that we are not about to destroy the aircraft.

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