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Going Up In Smoke

19 Heshvan 5765 – November 3, 2004
Walking along a Brooklyn street recently, I saw a scene that could very well be used in a dictionary to explain the word nachas.

American Jews and School Choice

7 Tishri 5764 – October 3, 2003
The arguments in favor of school choice and voucher systems have by now become quite familiar.

A Tight Squeeze For The School With A Big Heart

The sounds of summer echo through the tight hallway and past the front door that leads to the parking lot connecting the trailers and storefront school in a strip mall in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Reality ‘Check’: The Buck Does Stop…

6 Elul 5763 – September 3, 2003
Young adults in the thousands have recently returned from a year (or two or three) in Israeli yeshivas and seminaries, full of youthful exuberance and idealism.

The Jewish Week And Allegations Of Abuse

13 Sivan 5763 – June 13, 2003
The Jewish Press' continuing coverage, in our Family Matters section, of students' claims of abuse at the hands of unidentified teachers in our yeshivos, attests to the significance we attach to the problem. Yet we are constrained to note our serious reservations about how the issue has been treated in The Jewish Week.

Baking One Million Cookies To Raise A Lot Of Dough

15 Elul 5762 – August 23, 2002
Spirits are rising alongside the cookie dough at the Manhattan JCC as doctors, social workers, artists, lawyers, and teachers team up with master chef Levana Kirschenbaum to bake one million chocolate chip cookies to raise funds to help the families of Israel's terror victims.

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