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January 22, 2017 / 24 Tevet, 5777

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Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick, Tim Kaine Has Anti-Israel Track Record

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

{Originally posted to the author’s website The Lid}

One of the reasons given for Hillary Clinton’s selection of Tim Kaine as her vice presidential selection was that Kaine “is everything that Donald Trump and Mike Pence is not.” And she is correct while Trump and Pence are seen as supporters of Israel who fight against radical Islamic terrorism, Kaine like Ms. Clinton does not take pro-Israel positions, and has shown support for organizations connected to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

To supporters of the Jewish state among the most damaging things about Tim Kaine is that he is the darling of the anti-Israel organization J-Street. Founded in 2008 by George Soros and Hillary Clinton’s campaign director John Podesta, J-Street goes by the motto “pro-Israel, pro-peace,” has been but has been described by liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz as being neither pro-Israel nor pro- peace. One of the group’s founders Daniel Levy has been quoted as saying the creation of Israel in 1948 was wrong (there’s more if you are not convinced).

J-Street endorsed Kaine’s 2012 run for Senate but money speaks louder than words. According to Open Secrets, an organization which tracks campaign donations to all candidates of any party, J-Street at $133,382 was the second largest donor to Tim Kaine’s campaign committee between 2011-2014.


Open Secrets also reports that J-Street was the number one donor ($178K) to Tim Kaine campaigns over the course of his entire political career.

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In turn Kaine has shown himself to be a supporter of J-Street. In 2016 he spoke at the group’s national convention for the second time, saying in part, “There is no organization no NGO in the United States now that so stands for the values of diplomacy as J-Street”

Allow me to provide examples of the “diplomacy” Kaine supports. During the 2008 Israeli action against Hamas, when the IDF was protecting the country after it suffered tens of thousands of rockets from Gaza, J Street called Israel’s “escalation in Gaza counterproductive.” It also made a moral equivalency argument between the policies of Israel and Hamas, stating that they found difficulty in distinguishing “between who is right and who is wrong.” The group has also advocated that the US negotiate with Hamas, rewarding the group for its terrorism. And tried to get the U.S. Congress to endorse the discredited anti-Israel Goldstone Report. This is the group Tim Kaine endorses and takes money from.

Tim Kaine was one of the first Democrats to announce he was boycotting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to a joint session of Congress. Adopting the Obama administration’s excuse Kaine said, the Netanyahu speech would give an “appearance of US favoritism in a foreign election. There is no reason to schedule this speech before Israeli voters go to the polls on March 17 and choose their own leadership,” Kaine was one of only 8 Democratic Party senators who boycotted the speech (vs. the 36 who attended).

Interestingly Kaine had no comment when it was revealed that the Obama administration sent their political strategist Jeremy Bird, and used State Department dollars to hire an anti-Netanyahu group “One Voice,” to sway the Israeli election.

Kaine was an effusive supporter of the awful P5+1 Iran deal which does little to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions but gives president Obama the foreign policy legacy he wanted. As reported by Buzzfeed:

“Sen. Tim Kaine, a Democrat from Virginia, says the only alternative Republicans have to the nuclear deal negotiated with Iran is to go to war with the country, which he says is Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton’s plan. ‘So, you say it’s a terrible deal, tell me what the alternative is,’ Kaine told radio host John Fredericks on his radio program last week. ‘What is the alternative plan that makes Iran give up 98% of their enriched uranium, two-thirds of their centrifuges, allow inspections for the first time and dismantle a heavy-water reactor’”

What Mr. Kaine forgot to mention is that Iran is doing their own inspections. In December the IAEA issued a key report in which according the deal they were supposed report about their inspections and announce all of the evidence about Iran’s previous nuclear activity. Instead the report relied on unverified information from the terrorist regime. The text of the report repeats the same phrase over and over “The information available to the Agency…” A nice way of saying we had to take what we got from Iran. A follow-up Iranian statement confirmed that the Iranians collected their own samples.

Kaine also forgot to mention in his praise that most of the unused Iranian centrifuges were simply put in storage by Iran until they can be used again. And a secret side deal kept from the public, discovered and released this past week by the Associated Press, allows Iran to double their enrichment capacity after ten years Iran by integrating more advanced centrifuges into their allowed number.

Not only did Tim Kaine support the Iran deal, but he voted to support a filibuster of any senate vote to disapprove the deal per the Corker bill. In other words, he didn’t want himself or his Democratic Party colleagues to be saddled with an official vote recording their approval of this deal resulting in Americans and Israelis in danger of a nuclear Iran.

Kaine also seems to be weak on terrorism. As Governor he appointed Muslim American Society (MAS) President Esam Omeish to the state’s immigration commission. In 2008 court filings, MAS was outed as part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Videotape from 2000 also surfaced where Omeish pledged to help Palestinians who understand “the jihad way is the way to liberate your land”

After Omeish Islamist ties became public and he was forced to resign, an anti-terror Muslim organization called The American Islamic Forum For Democracy (AIFD) scolded Kaine’s lack of vetting:

“The AIFDs position is that this embarrassment could have been avoided altogether had Governor Kaine’s office applied basic vetting criteria before appointing Dr. Omeish to such an important position. The AIFD stands in opposition to the appointment and in support of the resignation on the ideological grounds that Dr. Omeish has repeatedly represented an Islamist agenda (political Islam) in his activism. The ideology of Islamism runs against the interests of a strong national immigration policy and American security.”

In 2011 Kaine spoke at an event at which the founder of the U.S. version of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, Jamal Barzinji was given a Lifetime Achievement award, by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hillary Clinton is correct in claiming that Tim Kaine is different than Donald Trump and Mike Pence. One of the biggest differences between Kaine and the Republicans is that like Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine is not a true supporter of Israel and either by design or total lack of awareness, associates with terrorist supporting, Jew-hating Muslim Brotherhood groups.

Jeff Dunetz

Tim Kaine’s Decision to Boycott Netanyahu’s Speech Could Hurt Hillary

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

When Hillary Clinton’s choice for VP, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, joined the Democrats who avoided Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 2015 speech to a joint session of Congress, he announced: “There is no reason to schedule this speech before Israeli voters go to the polls on March 17 and choose their own leadership.” Revealing that he had labored to delay the Netanyahu appearance, Kaine said, “I am disappointed that, as of now, the speech has not been postponed. For this reason, I will not attend the speech.”

Before Kaine made his announcement, only three other senators had planned to boycott the speech: the two anti-Netanyahu Vermont Senators Bernie Sanders and Pat Leahy, and Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz. All the other Democratic senators were reluctant to commit either way, and told the press they were thinking about it. Even the biggest Democratic opponent of the Iran deal, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, did not forcefully call on his fellow Democrats to show—not willing to upset an already irate President Obama. Most Democratic legislators who said they’d avoid the speech came from blue states and blue districts. But when Kaine, whose state of Virginia until 2008 voted Republican for president, gave permission to Democrats from red states to boycott Netanyahu when he declared he was skipping the speech.

The Forward on Friday wrote that Kaine “Will be the Jewiest Vice President” under Hillary Clinton, describing him as “a friend to the Jewish community for about as long as he’s been in public service.” But when one reads the reasons why Kaine is so “Jewey” according to the Forward, one realizes Kaine would be a bonanza to leftwing Israeli Jews, very much like the folks who are currently in the White House.

Kaine supports a two-state solution, argues the Forward; also, he is a religious Catholic (so he knows all about the auto-da-fé); during his time as the governor of Virginia, Sabra built the world’s largest hummus factory outside Richmond, and hummus is Jewish, isn’t it, ask anyone from Cairo to Ramallah to Damascus; and Kaine hosted several Passover seders and played matchmaker to Conservative Rabbi Jack Moline’s daughter.

So, in considering Kaine’s pros and cons regarding Israel, you have his support for a nuclear deal with Iran, and his support for a Palestinian State, while on the plus side you have lots of hummus.


Turkey’s Trade Deficit Reveals an Economy in Deep Trouble

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

I’ve been hammering away at Turkey’s credit bubble problem for the past eight months: consumer lending is still growing at a nearly 30% annual rate, after dipping into the teens earlier this year (I am annualizing the 3-month growth rate). But the trade data just released for June show a slowing domestic economy.

With the economy clearly slowing, where are all the loans going? The answer is indicated by the extremely high interest rates charged by Turkish banks:

At 18% interest, consumers have to borrow to pay the interest on previous loans. In other words Turkish banks are capitalizing interest, and booking profits on loans that would go sour if they stopped lending additional money to borrowers to pay the interest. The much-vaunted strength of Turkey’s banks (whose stock prices recovered smartly this year) appears to be an illusion. The economic outlook isn’t good.

From the Financial Times‘ Beyond Brics blog:

At first glance, newly released figures for Turkey’s foreign trade suggest the country’s economy is holding up well despite the travails of its neighbours in Europe.

But as ever the devil is in the detail and hidden away in the numbers are some more uncomfortable indications that darker days lie ahead for the Turkish economy.

Figures from TUIK, the statistics office, show a 30 per cent reduction in Turkey’s trade deficit, from $10.3bn in June 2011 to $7.2bn in June this year. Other figures from TIM, the Turkish exporters’ association, show exports for the 12 months to July reaching $142.6bn, a healthy 12.3 per cent up on the previous twelve months.

Taken together, the two sets of figures could suggest continued success for Turkey’s exporters, while Turkish consumers have reined in their love of expensive imported goods.

But dig a little deeper…

To begin with, according to TIM’s figures for July, Turkish exports for the month actually fell by 5.5 per cent over July 2011 while both TIM and TUIK show worrying falls in exports to Turkey’s core European markets.

According to TUIK, Turkey’s exports to the EU dropped from 48.2 per cent of the total in June 2011 to only 37.1 per cent this year. TIM’s data suggest a drop from 47.7 per cent in July last year to 40.3 per cent.

According to TIM, the bulk of the fall came in two keys sectors: automotive, which saw exports in July plunge 22.3 per cent; and ready-to-wear textiles, where exports in July fell by 12 per cent.

While the two organisations collate their figures in different ways the outlook is clear: as Europe continues to sneeze, Turkey will catch a cold.

The picture is more worrying when the effect of the weakening euro is taken into account, an effect which economy minister Zafer Caglayan estimates cost the country $550m in July alone.

So far so bad. But according to Ozgur Altug, chief economist at Istanbul’s BCG Partners, the real bad news is hidden not in weakening export figures but in the falling import figures – which helped contribute to fall in the trade deficit and to a reduction Turkey’s current account deficit from $77bn a year ago to $67bn by the end of May this year.

Altug points out that Turkey’s dependence on imported energy remains the chief culprit behind its current account deficit woes. “Despite falling oil prices, the 12 month rolling energy balance rose to $51.4bn by the end of June this year, compared with $47.8 at the end of 2011,” he says. “The government has been successful in rebalancing the economy but the structural problems such as the growing need for imported energy are still there”.

Altug warns that an improvement in the non-energy trade deficit is also illusory. He points to an 11 per cent drop in imports of intermediate goods over the first half of this year and a 16 per cent drop in consumer goods over the same period.

Both, he suggests, are a direct result of slower GDP growth, with the former suggesting a drop in imports of capital goods used to expand output, the latter indicting declining consumer confidence. The root problem, he suggests, is Turkey’s failure to capitalise on years of rapid economic expansion to increase the contribution of exports to the overall economy.

David P. Goldman

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