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When Hillary Clinton’s choice for VP, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, joined the Democrats who avoided Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 2015 speech to a joint session of Congress, he announced: “There is no reason to schedule this speech before Israeli voters go to the polls on March 17 and choose their own leadership.” Revealing that he had labored to delay the Netanyahu appearance, Kaine said, “I am disappointed that, as of now, the speech has not been postponed. For this reason, I will not attend the speech.”

Before Kaine made his announcement, only three other senators had planned to boycott the speech: the two anti-Netanyahu Vermont Senators Bernie Sanders and Pat Leahy, and Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz. All the other Democratic senators were reluctant to commit either way, and told the press they were thinking about it. Even the biggest Democratic opponent of the Iran deal, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, did not forcefully call on his fellow Democrats to show—not willing to upset an already irate President Obama. Most Democratic legislators who said they’d avoid the speech came from blue states and blue districts. But when Kaine, whose state of Virginia until 2008 voted Republican for president, gave permission to Democrats from red states to boycott Netanyahu when he declared he was skipping the speech.


The Forward on Friday wrote that Kaine “Will be the Jewiest Vice President” under Hillary Clinton, describing him as “a friend to the Jewish community for about as long as he’s been in public service.” But when one reads the reasons why Kaine is so “Jewey” according to the Forward, one realizes Kaine would be a bonanza to leftwing Israeli Jews, very much like the folks who are currently in the White House.

Kaine supports a two-state solution, argues the Forward; also, he is a religious Catholic (so he knows all about the auto-da-fé); during his time as the governor of Virginia, Sabra built the world’s largest hummus factory outside Richmond, and hummus is Jewish, isn’t it, ask anyone from Cairo to Ramallah to Damascus; and Kaine hosted several Passover seders and played matchmaker to Conservative Rabbi Jack Moline’s daughter.

So, in considering Kaine’s pros and cons regarding Israel, you have his support for a nuclear deal with Iran, and his support for a Palestinian State, while on the plus side you have lots of hummus.



  1. I hope American Jewish voters know Kaine supports a two-state solution (Never! Send the "Palestinians" back to their home countries! Only Israel!), & remember at the voting machines! Hmmm… Sabra Hummus is made in Virginia. It's still an Israeli company!

  2. She is anti Israel and an open anti semite. Trump suddenly is lesser of the two evils? I am certainly relieved I am not an American. I would have to spoil my vote. Is the American population so dense that they voted these 2 in? I am shocked, scared and very very leery.

  3. Judi, as a fellow Canadian, I am pleased that you referred to yourself in your post, as not all, if not few, feel as you do. I for one take American politics seriously, they are our friends and neighbours, and often what happens in their Country, will most times have an effect on ours.

  4. Maybe there’s a reason peace is difficult! Israel gave up the entire Sinai desert with many gas fields for a peace with Egypt. Israel would trade land for peace — but with whom? Israel gave up the entire Gaza Strip– did it help at all? The golan heights must not be given up! I saw a Facebook post that went something like this :: israel would rather be hated by all than dead and loved by all!

  5. Tim Kaine Boycotted Netanyahu's speech but he did not boycott the Nazi Iran regime nor did Hillary Clinton or the rest of her liberal supporters. In fact they helped remove sanctions from Iran even though they have official Iranian Holocaust denial programs and stated publicly to all the nations of the world that they intend to committ Genocide against the Jewish People and wipe Israel of the map. It is obvious that Hillary Clinton and Time Kaine and the liberal democrats would support destroying Israel once elected as Obama has been attempting to do his last 8 years in office.

  6. In part many Israeli would support others if they felt secure! Presently Israel is sitting on massive gas and oil reserves. They are becoming energy exporters. Their economy is fine and based on advanced technologies. With peace, Israel would quickly become wealthy. They lead the world in water and agricultural, and medical research. Under Bush 43, Israel was encouraged to give up all of Gaza for a chance at peace. That didn’t work out too well! Who can protect Israel if she gives up the West Bank? Israel can’t trust anybody including the US! Or maybe, because of Obama!

  7. Really, that is why your leftwing lost the election. You have no clue about Israelis. Over half are not what you think of in the US as typical Jews. They are not from Europe originally and not Ashkenazi. You use a stereotype of what you see and hear from the entitled secular Ashkenazi rich as your typical Israeli and they are not.

  8. The article is way wrong in saying that Senator Schumer opposed the Iran nuclear deal.

    Previous posters are ignoring that most U.S. and Israeli strategic and military experts supported the Iran nuclear deal and Iran's ability to buil a nuclear weapon has already been sharply reduced.

    Getused to it: 80% or more of Jews will not be voting for Trump.

  9. What is it about our Jewish people that they insist on voting Democrat? It's as if we have a death wish. The Dems, especially with the 2016 anti-Israel platform supported by Bernie Sanders, and the DNC refusal to delete the anti-semitic language of the 2012 platform, are a disaster for Jews. Yet, I know so many who will blindly follow the line to the camps. Now Kaine, who refused to meet with Bibi, who voted for the terrible, dangerous Iran deal, who has worked against any Jewish cause, is the VP pick? Come on, Jews, open your eyes and see the truth about "your" parry. This is not Roosevelt anymore (not that he was helpful to Jews either).

  10. HIllary does and says whatever her audience of the day requires. With Trump, you'll have a man who listens, who surrounds himself with extremely smart and capable people, who is certainly very accomplished himself. He's a man you can take at his word and trust. Puh-lease do not believe that about Hillary.

  11. Let me remind everyone that these are the US Presidential elections, not the Israeli elections. The fate of Israel is important but not the only issue. Israel is not the center of the world and certainly not the most important international issue at this moment. As a strong Zionist and supporter of Israel, I find these articles to be shameful. The fact that Netanyahu came to speak to the US Congress in my estimation was disgraceful.

  12. You are painfully naive. Israel is the first line of the western world's – including America – defence against ISIS. What hurts Israel hurts America. We are inextricably intertwined. Those who appose America's support of Israel, support their own destruction. So enough with the '….not Israeli elections.' They are!

  13. You are painfully naive. Israel is the first line of the western world's – including America – defence against ISIS. What hurts Israel hurts America. We are inextricably intertwined. Those who appose America's support of Israel, support their own destruction. So enough with the '….not Israeli elections.' They are! Every American president since the establishment of the State of Israel in the '40's realized this. ….which makes Obama's opposition A mortal danger to the US.

  14. Just to prove that these are 'Israeli elections' – why would Obama exert so much effort, spend US taxpayers money, to unseat Netanyahu if he didn't care what Israel thinks. Or then you have also have to say Israel's elections are not America's elections. Both not true.

  15. So many smart people sounding ignorant…. Really? This is how Jews act towards one another? Name calling, and claiming who is more Jewish than one another because of who they support. I support Isreal, i think Trump would support Isreal, I would think Hillary would support Isreal. Let's be real & honest, and not continue to spew political spins from our one sided nightly gas bags who claim to be experts on politics ( MSNBC & False "FOX"News

  16. Surely by now the American Jews must realise that if Hillary Clinton becomes President, there will be very little recognition of the Jewish sector, Hillary Clinton is still smarting at the Monica Lewinsky cuckolding episode, so it is doubtful she will become your new best friend… With all the cop-menshen in the US, it has been shaken down that Clinton vs Trump is all there is in the sieve – I think the US people should realise the biggest nuggett worth its weight is Trump…

  17. I am not naive but there are domestic issues and human right issues which more severely affect my entire family as well as US citizens in general. The fact that my grand daughter left college with unsurmountable debts and that my grand son cannot afford to go to college, that the Republican party is adamant about taking away the rights of a woman to choose what to do with her body, the Republican efforts to deny climate change and to impose on the rest of us what I call "christian sharia law". I haven't seen any proof of PRESIDENT Obama's opposition to Israel, overmore The notion that your so called " Obama's opposition to Israel puts the US in mortal danger is pure science fiction. The "mortal danger" to the US comes from within. Just a reminder that Isis is a result of the lies and destruction a REPUBLICAN president commited when the US invaded Iraq and destabilized the Middle East.

  18. because it would be far better to democratize the country and give every hostile Arab voting rights in the "one state"; or maybe some delusional soulution will suddenly appear like fairy dust.

    it's either a 2-state solution or none at all.

  19. Trump at least has the welfare of America (and Israel) in his sights. The politicians today run the country for self gain, they dont give a dam about the people, Hillary is one of those people at the top who seems to be taking orders from people who pay her the most. Also people pay enugh taxes for so called advisors to guide Trump through the maze of trauma that American politics have played in the world. Jews even considering voting for Trump are not Jews.

  20. Bernie Sanders, a self hating leftist Jew and Tim Kaine were the first to boycott Netanyahu's speech. Hillary and Kaine are exactly what the left wing Jews want. They didn't learn a thing from what happened in Germany, where they were fully integrated into German life and proud Germans –till they got gassed. How dumb can people be. How can your f–cke up liberalism trump your brain? They don't realize the importance of Israel to their own survival–no Israel, the world will go back to it's 2000 year persecution of Jews. I don't like Trump, but Hillary is way more evil and bad for the Jewish people.

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