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September 16, 2014 / 21 Elul, 5774
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Rare Color Footage of the Liberation of Buchenwald and Dachau

Rare Color Footage of Liberation

See a longer version of the Buchenwald footage here: Norman Krasna’s Color Footage from Buchenwald.

This video shows the Liberation of the Buchenwald and Dachau Concentration Camps. Watch the German Townspeople who were ordered by the Americans to go to the camps and watch.

I find that the color enhances the reality of these images, doesn’t permit them to be overlooked. The black and white images we’ve all been saturated with, unfortunately, have all merged over time into one, continuous and incomprehensible fog. The color, especially when reflected from the Germans being forced to look at what they had done, makes it impossible to overlook the horror.

About the Author: Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth, JCN18.com, USAJewish.com, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.

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150 Responses to “Rare Color Footage of the Liberation of Buchenwald and Dachau”

  1. No words just tears.

  2. Issy Rondel says:

    Some where there, lie my family, uncles, aunties, cousins, I lost my entire family members of about 45 close relatives. So you ask why am I argumentative and angry.

  3. What we tend to forget is that if any German breathed so much as a whisper of criticism against The Moustache and his Boys, they would be imprisoned or killed, just like everyone else. It does no good whatsoever to demonize anyone. That's what led to the slaughter of millions of Jews, Gypsies and so forth.

  4. This must never happen again.

  5. John Green says:


  6. No. The little one-balled painter could have been stopped if everyone said no. But they all loved it. They loved taking the Jews' possessions, they loved getting rid of the Jews, and they were just upset that they lost the war.

  7. You're entitled to your opinion.

  8. The same happens today within Muslim/Islamic communities.They are frightened to speak out for fear of retribution.I believe that most of these people know that the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is the one true God but if they admit that they would be killed.My message to them is to repent and ask Gods Son Jesus to forgive them of their sins before its too late.

  9. Still, the Satanic belivers insist the Hulocast never happen.

  10. Where was this film when my dad was alive, I would have loved to hear his description, he survived both.

  11. Our duty today: NEVER TO FORGET

  12. Lidia Aron says:

    No more!

  13. Donna Ttid Tuck says:

    I have no religion, I believe in no god. My profile picture is to commemorate, respect and remember. This can never be denied or forgotten. No matter what you believe, or what god you believe in, this is evil in the extreme. It cannot be allowed to happen again in any country, to any race, or any religion.

  14. Leo Erwin says:


  15. Cynthia Roeth says:

    So moving. So sad. So meaningful. To gloss over, misrepresent, or forget about these atrocities is a second affront to the millions who suffered and died. To progress as a civilization, we must embrace the full and horrific truth and learn from it. Learn and never ever repeat.

  16. Never forget! Never again!

  17. Jonny Speed says:

    Jessie Schechter Nearly everywhere the Jews have settled they have been persecuted and expelled. I have always wondered why over the thousands of years…

  18. Julie Weiner says:

    My heart is broken. Breaks more when a Jew today denies being a Jew

  19. Jason Hurley says:

    There are very few things I would personally force other human beings to do at gunpoint, but in this case, I would have done the same as the Allied soldiers. The civilians of any nation, which perpetrates such actions, should see the fruit of their government's policies.

  20. Jasen Kasten says:

    Never forget, never again.

  21. Sarah Ganson says:


    (remember Darfur that no one talks about anymore? Yeah, Israel took in refugees from Darfur to save lives)

    and specifically if you're talking about the Palestinian conflict… they don't have it as bad as the media let's you believe https://www.swuconnect.com/insys/npoflow.v.2/_assets/pdfs/fact_sheets/Gaza.pdf

    Maybe, as a Jew, you should educate yourself before you start bashing the only place that will take you in (god forbid) if another holocaust were to happen. Then how much would you be bashing Israel? Also, as a Jew you disgust me that you would make such a comment on a video that shows the exact reason why the jews needed a country in the first place. No country is perfect so stop putting all your focus on Israel's imperfections, because every single country has them- and Israel's isn't even the worst in the world.


  22. Emily Bass-Collins says:

    Heart Brreaking~We shall never forget.

  23. Holly Anderson Wilson says:

    I dont' have any words….

  24. Gi Orman says:

    I have no words to describe what I am feeling while I watch this….

    I am producing a new documentary now on the Holocaust but when you see real footage like this, just no words

  25. Thanks for keeping this in memory. How many of our loved ones went through this?

  26. this is just awful should of never happen in the first place

  27. Chana Boas says:

    why this music, so beloved of the Germans, as background for these appalling pictures of their barbarity?

  28. Mina Gold says:

    The Germans were crying ????? where were they during the war years when the Jewish nation were crying and suffering ??????? These people ?????? were just a mile away from the camps?????? lots of ?????? but no answers.

  29. Matt Jackson says:

    Consider this though: There's a reason that you consider this evil. And that is because there is a God who has set the standard for good.

  30. Galith Natalie says:


  31. Add a cI PROTEST THE TRIP TO AUSCHWITZ BY THE ISRAELI KENESSET AND OTHERS because a huge amount of money being spent. My father was in Auschwitz and my mother was in the work camp Skarzishko and Beuchenwald concentration camp during the Holocaust . Even though my wife and I visited Auschwitz and the other camps to verify that they existed, the Polish government still has not returned the land and homes owned by all my grandparents and relatives who were murdered by the Nazis. All children of these Holocaust survivors should protest and demand compensation. Would have been better to purchase food, medicine and pay the rent and obtain medical services for indigent holocaust survivors.
    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg omment…

  32. Avis Gouthro Holt says:

    We must NEVER forget what was done to HUMAN BEINGSmesmerize

  33. Angela Bradley says:

    Sarah Ganson – extremely hypocritical post. Yes, the Jews needed a country. They don't have to take more and more of someone else's through force though, do they. Edited to add:

  34. Angela Bradley says:

    Sarah Ganson – extremely hypocritical post. Yes, the Jews needed a country. They don't have to take more and more of someone else's through force though, do they. Edited to add:

  35. Avis Gouthro Holt says:

    We must NEVER forget what was done to these HUMAN BEINGS by other human beings led by ONE human being who could mesmerize millions.

  36. Jason Don says:

    What we also "tend to forget," is that it took quite some time before we reached the point where people were scared to criticize the NAZIs. The NAZIs advocated a racially motivated political agenda from day 1, so don't pretend like there were tons of Germans afraid to speak out from the beginning. Later on, when regular Germans didn't like where things were going, sure maybe then. But the NAZIs were only able to rise to power because the German people allowed it to happen.

    Also why the euphemism "The Moustache and his Boys"? I realize I'm quoting Harry Potter but "Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself." His name was Adolf Hitler and his "boys" were and should always be remembered as, NAZIs. Now maybe you might say that Hitler was someone to be feared, but fear is the reason why no one intervened each time Hitler annexed another couunty, and fear is the reason why people choose to euphemisms. Sorry for this long diatribe but let me just pose to you a final question.

    If you were wandering in the woods and you came across a rabid grizzly bear, completely devoid of reason, would you pretend that it was a teddy bear in the hopes that maybe the wild animal would act friendly? I realize that WWII and the Holocaust happened years ago, but the world will never be free of tyrants. If we want to prevent the past from happening again, then we need to start calling a spade a spade.

  37. Vida Velasco says:

    Angela Bradley – I agree that the Jewish people need a country; one thing the Holocaust taught us is that without the ability to self-determination, genocide is one of the most dire consequences. The same thing holds true for the Palestinians (which is whom I am supposing you are referring to as the "someone else"); they are governed by those whom they elected. Interesting side note: Mamoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian authority, just celebrated the 9th year of his 4 year term as president. He was supposed to serve until 2009 but hasn't given up power yet.

    I don't see how the Jewish people took something that wasn't for them; Israel is the only place where they ever had sovereignty and after the Jewish people were dispersed by the Romans, that region was governed by outside powers, the last of whom were the Ottomans. As you may recall, one of the things that the Allies had to decide after WWI was what to do with the former Ottoman Empire, hence the creation of the Mandates in the Middle East. The Palestine Mandate, which was to be the Jewish national home, was drawn up the same time as Syria, Lebanon, Arabia, and most of the modern day Middle East. It was signed as part of an internationally binding treaty, signed at the San Remo conventions.

    I would urge you to be informed on the facts and then form your opinion. There are plenty of resources out there. I hope that someday, Israeli and Palestinian children alike will have peace in the future.

  38. Vida Velasco says:

    I completely agree. It renews my already strong commitment to making sure it never happens again.

  39. Caroline Nephew-haas says:

    I,m soo sorry for what was done to all of god's people. By a sick man…

  40. Matt Jackson That is the most ridiculous comment I have ever read or heard. I don't need a God to tell me what is good and what is bad to form my own opinion and decide that this is pure evil. Read the bible and you'll discover how "good" is your god; the god of genocide and racial cleansing. There have been more people killed in the name of god that for any other reason… and I mean INNOCENT people. Your god is the god of ignorance and the perfect excuse for those that don't have arguments for anything.

  41. Paulo Kanner says:

    Never to be forgotten…E dá pra acreditar que ainda existam pessoas que duvidam destas imagens? Notem que os soldados americanos trouxeram a população alemã para ver a insanidade praticada pelo seu governo…e na minha opinião, não parecem tão chocados…

  42. Ted Painter says:

    Everyone says never again, but there are people in the United States and virtually every country in the world who would be only too happy to have it happen again. We must be ever watchful to make sure they never get the opportunity.

  43. Eric Peloquin says:

    Alberto Perez You are parroting the twaddle of atheists like Richard Dawkins. People who say things like you say illustrate the fact that they are, in fact, completely ignorant of what the bible teaches. Anyone who has killed or committed any atrocity in the name of Christianity has done to in direct contravention of the teachings of Christ.
    As to your comments on good and evil. It is impossible to determine what is evil without a standard by which to judge. You say a person can form his own opinion of what is good. Well, according to the laws and mores of Germany under the Nazi regime, what they did to these Jews (and Gypsies, mentally ill etc.) was very good for the "national revival"
    Hitler was a devoted disciple of Nietzsche and gave copies of his writings to Stalin and Mussolini. Hitler's entire philosophy of the Arian race being the Übermensch (Super-man) came from Nietzsche's book "Thus Spoke Zarathustra". And Nietzsche is the father of modern atheism. Be careful before you cast stones. In fact, far more people have been killed in the advancement of atheistic ideals than any religion. From Hitler to Stalin to Pol Pot this has proven to be true.

  44. Angela Bradley says:

    Vida Velasco – apologies, I was nearing the end of my (lengthy) reply to you re a certain 'clause' the Mandate, when the page suddenly refreshed of it's own accord and my reply had gone! It's nigh on 2am here, I am too tired to re-do, but will do so tomorrow. Understand I am not anti-Israel, nor would I come onto a Jewish website simply to 'provoke'. 'Till tomorrow.

  45. Eric Peloquin Why are you assuming that I am an atheist? Why do you assume that Stalin or Pol Pot did what they did because they were atheists? I could name probably far more power hungry dictators and tyrants that went to church every single Sunday and invoked god in their speeches, than you could name atheists, starting with the Latin American dictators that in the last fifty years have killed many thousands of their own people. Those that proclaim themselves followers of a certain doctrine or ideology, don't necessarily follow their principles and guidelines; they might say so, but they don't really do so… they preach but they don't practice, like most Christians. When I was referring to the bible and the god of vengeance I was talking about the old testament, and you should have known that. There are many examples of stonings and killings in the name of god there.

  46. I've never seen this footage before. Goodness how my heart is pounding.

  47. Vida Velasco says:

    Angela Bradley – Thanks for clarifying. I can only take people at face value and you may want to consider how you phrase your ideas in the future. As a stranger who doesn't know you, I did conclude that you must not be informed and thus have the notions about the Jewish people taking what isn't theirs based on a lack of factual basis. I do see a difference between being a smart supporter of Israel and a blind supporter. No country is perfect and there are plenty of things that Israel has done that I don't agree with. That doesn't mean that I don't support Israel's right to exist, however. Have a good evening.

  48. Valarie Ann Sutton-Kingston says:

    Remember them…………….. and never forget them………….. we must not allow this to happen ever again.

  49. David Rosen says:

    Too bad the world is more focused today on the Grammys and Super Bowl- We Must Never Forget!

  50. Yael Nishry says:

    Haunting and disturbing footage. This must be remembered forever. We must all remember and pray for those who died in the camps and for those who survived the camps. We should also remember and pray for the soldiers and aid workers who liberated the camps and did the relief work.

  51. Beth Dougherty Blair says:

    Oh my gosh! My grandfather was there at Dachou and helped liberate the surviving Jews!!! He used to tell me stories about it through tears before he passed! What he remembered the most was how gaunt they were and how they would scrounge for scraps of food in trash cans around the camp, and there it was in this footage of Dachou!! We must NEVER forget!!! I know my grandfather did not! Being there and helping to liberate HaShem's people made quite an impact on him that he never forgot! We must keep the memory of this atrocity alive and pass it on lest we forget and this horror replays itself through another evil mind!

  52. Lidia Berman-Prilick says:

    Just very sad that my grand parents lost all their families. Thank you for this video.

  53. Diane Hicks says:

    hope history doesn't repeat itself

  54. I have never read Harry Potter.

  55. Alberto Perez Hola Alberto… No te equivoques… Dios es amor… No le echemos la culpa de cosas que el predijo que si el hombre no las cambiaba iban a traer grandes desgracias. Hay que hacerse cargo de nuestras pobrezas

  56. Unfortunately we have not understood the message. If we did not exist refugee camps in the Congo, Syria, finance companies would not have racial killings explotart speed change to third world countries, etc …

Comments are closed.

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