“When most kids my age are spending their time thinking about homework, exams and their social life, I was facing death.”

The doctors said she’d die, but after 6 months in remission, 15 year old Batel is trying to look to the future. She shares with us her experience and what roles fear, loss and hope have played along the way.


“Even though I had hope for my own survival, there was death all around me. Many of my friends today have passed on, are still sick, or like me are in remission and rehabilitation. After everything I’ve been through I don’t take anything for granted. I don’t complain, I don’t waste my time in fear.”

There is a lot that Batel doesn’t remember as the cancer, which affected memory. Her mother, Ayelet stands by her side, helping Batel convey her thoughts with an astounding amount of grace and calm.

Even though she’s in remission, Batel’s challenges are not over. “It sounds simple but it’s not. Being in rehab is hard work, but I try to remember that all that I’m going through is so that I can keep getting stronger. I’m grateful for that chance, and for the things that help me feel good about myself.”

Batel learned that small things could make a big difference to her outlook on life.

During her treatment, she was helped by ICSN (the Israel Cancer Support Network) which offers practical and emotional support to cancer patients and their families.

The financial support from ICSN enabled Ayelet to be by Batel’s side throughout the process. “She’s been a rock for me through all of this,” Batel explains. “The support network made sure she would be by my side every day. They were there for us since day one helping to make a terrible situation more bearable – and still do.”

Now she can finally share lighter experiences with her mother. “My mom takes me for a manicure once a month, it makes me feel pampered, and it’s such a normal thing for a mom and daughter to do.”

To learn more about how the Israel Cancer Support Network is helping families survive the worst see click here

Israel Cancer Support Network provides cancer patients and their families with the warmth they need to thrive emotionally and the backing they need to meet the physical challenges of cancer treatment. From personal transport to treatments, to a morning cup of coffee or the latest medications, ICSN is easing the burden of cancer. ICSN uses a network of volunteers to create a community of cancer support throughout Israel.

ICSN functions entirely through donations with no external support. Your donation allows the lifesaving work of ICSN to continue. This Chanukah as you light the menorah, remember the light that ICSN is bringing into the lives of families with cancer sufferers.

Please give generously and bring light into the darkness of cancer.


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