Terror is now an everyday occurrence – in Israel and all around the world. An unprecedented wave of murderous and barbaric terrorist violence in Israeli cities has commenced. Social media is being used to escalate that terror on a frightening scale. Global attacks against Israel are escalating. At the same time the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has moved into high gear, threatening to delegitimize the Jewish State.  Jewish communities worldwide report daily attacks menacing their security.    In response to these dangerous challenges, the Tel-Aviv based civil rights non-profit, Shurat HaDin-Israel Law Center, is organizing attorneys and other supporters of Israel around the world to fight back. The group’s second annual “Activist Lawyer’s Training Seminar”, is to be held March 6 to March 13 in Jerusalem and offers attorneys at least 15 continuing legal education (“CLE”) credits. The Lawyer’s Seminar will be an intensive week-long training course designed to give attorneys the opportunity to learn skills and strategies to combat Israel’s enemies on the new emerging battlefields being utilized by terrorists and the hate groups. It will mix dynamic lectures and legal workshops with cutting edge field trips to the frontline of Israel’s conflict with neighboring enemies. The kosher Lawyer’s Seminar program will provide five star Israeli hotel accommodations and local cuisine.     

According to Shurat HaDin director Nissan Darshan-Leitner, “We decided to initiate the Activist Lawyer’s Training Seminar to teach attorneys how they can use their legal skills to help defend the Jewish State. The Israeli government alone can no longer fend off all the vicious threats to our existence and the private sector, especially lawyers, need to get involved and join the battle. We are bringing in some of the best attorneys, professors and officials involved in confronting Israel’s enemies globally to teach the participants the skills they need to play a vital role.”  


Last year’s Lawyer’s Seminar participants have already joined Shurat HaDin in the trenches. They have organized rallies and speakers. They participate in a group chat that actively discusses problems facing Israel and the Jewish people and proposes action. They have drafted and published articles and papers on such topics as BDS under US law and a legal summary of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And, one Lawyer’s Seminar participant drafted and filed with Shurat HaDin a National Labor Relations Board complaint accusing the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE) of violating the US National Labor Relations Act when it endorsed a BDS resolution in mid-August.

Shurat HaDin is uniquely qualified to host the summer’s training course for lawyers. For the past twelve years, the law center has become known for its use of innovative legal strategies utilized to combat global terror financing and to seek justice for terror victims in courtrooms around the world. Shurat HaDin has made a reputation using creative legal tactics to staunchly defend the State of Israel and the world Jewish communities against the growing tide of anti-Israel activism and anti-Semitism through calls for boycotts by the BDS movement.  The group has taken the lead in by going on the offensive to defend IDF officers and Israeli officials against accusations of war crimes in different international tribunals. The Lawyer’s Seminar was specially crafted to meet the needs of lawyers from around an international array of countries who have expressed an interest in learning about Shurat HaDin’s work and methods and getting involved as legal activists on behalf of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Over the years, Shurat HaDin has developed expertise in developing quality and fun educational programs through its highly successful “Ultimate Missions to Israel,” which the group has been running since 2003, and its summer and winter internship program for law students. 

Now Shurat HaDin also directs its educational programming to practicing lawyers. The Lawyer’s Seminar offers an incredible program filled with lectures and intensive workshops by renowned attorneys and Israeli officials, including Canadian MP Irwin Cotler an Israeli Supreme Court Justice and field trips to Israeli agencies and institutions that are inaccessible rarely by the general public, including the military courts, Israeli security agencies, IDF bases and border crossings. In addition to the opportunity to travel in and enjoy Israel, participants will receive practical training in advocacy on Israel’s behalf on issues such as terror victim litigation, Israel in international law, the anti-Israel BDS movement and lawfare.

Darshan-Leitner stated: “This is a wonderful opportunity for concerned lawyers to learn about the up to the minute human rights and legal challenges facing Israel while networking with other likeminded professionals and earning CLE credits in their jurisdictions – all at the same time. It will help harness all this passionate concern and commitment so many attorneys have expressed to us about wanting to fight on Israel’s behalf. We envision that the ALTS will be an important new resource and legal network to combat Israel’s enemies.”   

The Seminar will be held on March 7 to March 13 in Jerusalem and Northern Israel. Registration has already begun. 

More information about Shurat HaDin and The Activist Lawyers Training Seminar is available here.



  1. Lawyers should read a book, now out of print, that was published in 1947 and reprinted by Hadassah, NY, in 1977. It contains the legal opinion of six very distinguished lawyers who have concluded as I have that
    “ . . .the historical purpose of the Balfour Declaration was clearly to give Jews the right to immigrate into Palestine, create a majority there, and ultimately reconstitute their ancient commonwealth. The administrative framework of the Mandate was designed for the achievement of that purpose.” The Basic Equities of the Palestine Problem p29-30. It consists of a legal opinion written by Simon H. Rifkind, Chairman, Judge of the United States District Court, New York; Jerome N. Frank, Judge of the United States Circuit Court of Appeals, Second Circuit; Stanley GH. Fuld, Judge of the Court of Appeals of the State of New York; Abraham Tulin, member of the New York Bar, Milton Handler, Professor of Law, Columbia University; Murray I. Gurfein, member of the New York Bar; Abe Fortas, former Undersecretary of the Interior of the United States (and later Justice of the US Supreme Court) Lawrence R. Eno, member of the New York Bar. It reached the same conclusion I did from the facts and law this distinguished group found relevant. That book a short book, a slim volume of only 107 pages, is the answer to the question being raised on the legitimacy of the Jewish People’s state. I recommend it highly. Their legal opinion parallels my own, SSRN.com/abstract=2679399 , however their names clothe their work with much greater authority. I just received a copy of this book in the mail yesterday or I would have referred to it in my articles previously.

    I think that the single best act of public diplomacy that Israel could carry out today would be to reprint this volume and make it available at an affordable price. It completely refutes the legal opinion the UN has published and distributed widely. In my view the UN disseminated legal opinion has greatly influenced world opinion. That is an opinion by WT Mallison, a good friend of Henry Cattan who wrote the foreword on Cattan’s book on the application of international law to the Palestine Question and then published a book similar in content. Henry Cattan was an Egyptian lawyer who had been a member of the Arab Higher Committee headed by Haj Amin al-Husseini and also represented the Arab People at the hearings of the UN Special Committee on Palestine. Mallison concluded that Jewish occupation and settlements were illegal under international law.

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