The Pulse of Israel is hosting its first annual conference this Sunday, June 25th at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem. Registrants have the option to watch livestream and have signed up from all over the world. The theme of this year’s conference is “Unmasking Jew-Hatred Within the Palestinian National Movement.


Speakers include Former White House Special Envoy Elan Carr, author and journalist Melanie Phillips, Itamar Marcus, Founder and Director of Palestinian Media Watch, author and journalist Caroline Glick, Ido Daniel from the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, Adiel of Israel and more. Hosted by Avi Abelow, who is also the daily host of the Pulse of Israel podcast. The conference will also include the awarding of the “Brave Leader of Zion” Award to Sara Haetzni-Cohen, chairwoman of My Israel, one of the largest national-Zionist movement on the Internet, promoting Zionist activism in the age of the Internet and social media.

“It saddens me that Jew-hating antisemitism is growing around the world and the world is ignoring the fact that much of it is directly connected to the Jew-hatred behind the palestinian national movement. It is time the focus is placed on this issue in order for Jews worldwide to properly be empowered to defend themselves in the fight against this growing antisemitism,  explains Pulse of Israel host and 12Tribe Films Foundation CEO Avi Abelow,  “I hope that the participants in the conference will walk away feeling prouder than ever about their affiliation with Israel, braver about calling out the terror and intimidation in the name of “palestine” as the antisemitism that it is, and empowered to do more to join in spreading the truth.” Abelow continued expressing his hope “that the conference is merely the beginning of a burgeoning community of people prepared to fight this with me and expose the truth so much more. We need it.”

The Pulse of Israel, a project of the 12Tribe Films Foundation, aims to cut through the noise and influence public opinion by amplifying the truth vis-a-vis current events in the State of Israel and the world. It features high-quality short and long form videos with VIP personalities that entertain, inspire, and educate about Israel with a solid dedication to the truth that is not shackled by political correctness.

To register to attend the conference online or in person, visit


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