Photo Credit: Houthi Military Spokesperson / Abu Ali Express
Houthi terrorists seize the United Arab Emirates vessel "Rawabi" on Jan. 3, 2022

The Houthis, Iran’s loyalists in Yemen, announced today that they have seized the cargo ship “Rawabi”, which belongs to the UAE. The Houthis took military equipment and weapons found on board, intended for forces belonging to the Saudi-led coalition (which are fighting against the Houthis in Yemen – Abu Ali).


The Houthi’s military spokesman published the attached photos from the ship. Following the incident, the Houthi information minister claimed that the UAE has been pursuing a new strategy against the Yemeni people ever since Israel’s prime minister visited there.

The Houthi Minister of Information added that the capture of the ship was only a prelude to what the Houthis are intending to do next.

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