Photo Credit: Ofer Zidon / Flash 90
An Israeli F-16 jet takes off from the Ovda airbase in southern Israel

A prominent channel affiliated with the various Syrian rebel factions published data on the IDF’s activity in Syrian territory in the past year (2022). Here is the data:

1. Israel carried out a total of 28 attacks on Syrian territory in 2022 (airstrikes and ground-to-ground missiles).


2. A total of 235 targets were attacked (68 of which were military bases), according to the following geographical distribution:

130 targets in the capital of Damascus
45 targets in Hama
19 targets in Homs
12 targets in Quneitra
11 targets in Aleppo
7 targets in Daraa
6 targets in Tartus
4 goals in al-Suwayda
1 target in Latakia

3. The types of sites targeted, in percentages:

32% – Military bases belonging to the Syrian army
28% – Hezbollah posts
40% – Sites belonging to Iran and Iranian-backed militias (except Hezbollah).

4. The most prominent targets of the Israeli attacks:

A drone manufacturing plant, a chemical weapons factory, a scientific research center, logistics warehouses, missile development centers, weapons factories, Damascus International Airport, and targets in its surrounding area.

5. About 90 people were killed in Israeli attacks in Syria in 2022, including Syrian soldiers and Iranian militiamen, and about 125 were injured. This is a significant increase compared to 2021, when, according to these sources, only 32 people were killed in Israel’s attacks.

The following is the infographic, produced by the same Syrian channel, with a recap on Israeli military activity in the country in the past year.

Infographic: IDF military activity in Syria, 2022.

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