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As soon as Israeli security announced that they had found Morad Bader Abdullah Adais, the teenage murderer of Dafna Meir, the terrorist’s father Abu Adham saidMorad was the attacker, and I am proud of him.


A few hours later, after he was told that Israel might demolish his home, he said to Channel 2 that had he known about his son’s actions, he very possibly might have turned him in. He also asked, “Why should I be punished for what the kid did?

Now he is changing his story again, claiming that Morad didn’t do anything.

Abu Adham now says that his son was playing in a school near his home during the murder, 3 kilometers away from Otniel. “I do not believe the lies of the Israeli occupation that my son did the killing in the settlement. My son played with his brother in the playground near the school and returned to the house, and slept Sunday night with his grandmother, and when I went in the next day, Monday, to visit my mother in law, Morad returned with me and slept in the house.”

And his brother Qais said: “We were playing football in the school playground and we heard the siren in the settlement, and we came back home.”

A family of liars raised a murderer.

Notice how the prospect of having his home demolished has changed the father from a proud advocate of murdering Jews to an innocent victim of his son’s actions and then to his son becoming innocent himself.

Which is a pretty good indication that the prospect of home demolitions can potentially save lives.


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  1. demolishing their fancy house won't work– crowdfunding, donations from Qatar, etc., will rebuild the "martyr's" house.

    vengeful, collective punishment WORKS when dealing with the tribal arab mentality- expel the whole family and clan and destroy the neighborhood.

    but justice must be SWIFT, otherwise leftists, Haaretz, the EU, Obimbo, etc., will hamstring any coercive reaction.

    all this requires first of all a declaration of "martial law"– and this where Netanyahu and his gov. must unify and step up to the plate. only thus will the israeli attorney general and the supreme court be neutralized and prevented from interfering with any swift justice.

  2. I like what Mr. Baram said to expell the family and bull doze the neighborhood. Excellent suggestion. I would like to add that the boy should be shot dead as well. The aravim only understand hash punishment. Nothing else will ever work.

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