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One of the great things about Israel is that when Christmas time comes around you don’t notice it at all. Sure, if you go to Bethlehem, you’ll see Christmas decorations and maybe a manger, but what Jew goes to Bethlehem anymore? The same is true with the Fourth of July.

True, I saw somebody driving around today with American flags waving from his car windows, but I didn’t think of the Fourth of the July. My wife, who is Israeli, asked, “Why would anyone want to drive with American flags flying out of his car?” Only when I noticed a post on the Internet did I realize that the Fourth of July was on its way. In Israel, we have more important things to deal with. Who cares about the Fourth of July?


The truth is that not many Americans really care about it either. It’s a day off from work, maybe a barbecue, a chance to do some discount shopping, and see some fireworks on TV. I am sure there are still a few patriotic Americans who get misty when they hear the Star Spangled Banner and see Old Betsy wave in the wind. But for a Jew to celebrate the Fourth of July? It is as absurd as an American Indian going to a baseball game to honor the day.

Therefore, to all you Jews in America, if you want to drink beer and eat hot dogs on the Fourth of July because America has been good to the Jews, then drink your Buds and eat your mustard buns. But after you finish your meal and thank G-d for the food and the land, don’t confuse matters and think that the land in the Birchat HaMazone blessing is referring to America. The Torah wants a Jew to praise G-d for having given him the Land of Israel, not for the old US of A. In formulating the blessing, our Sages wanted a Jew to remember Jerusalem, not Washington D.C. or New York. Go ahead and eat your hot dogs, if they are kosher. Drink your beer. But don’t think that the Fourth of July is your Independence Day. If you are a You’re your Independence Days are Pesach and Yom Haatzmaut. If you are a Jew, your nation is Israel, not America. You should be saluting the Star of David, not the Stars and Stripes. Remember that you are only there temporarily because of the curse of galut. Perhaps you were born there, but it isn’t your home. When a baseball sails into the bleachers for a game-winning grand slam, the American cheering next to you may give you a brotherly smile, but he really hates your guts.

So have a happy Fourth of July if you wish. But don’t pretend it is Independence Day for you. If you still identify with your Jewishness, the “land of the free and the home of the brave” is in Israel. Hope to see you here soon!



  1. America was here when my grandparents fled pogroms in Eastern Europe America was here to provide them jobs, language training and safety. By the grace of G-d I was born in America and had the freedom to advocate for a strong and safe Israel that was reborn in my parents time. I can support Israel all sorts of ways but let’s not kid ourselves that we are welcome there as citizens. We are not.

  2. "…the American cheering next to you may give you a brotherly smile, but he really hates your guts." Harsh. It is a shame you make such a blatant claim and project it on "Americans". You do the Jewish people a disservice by making such a biased claim in the name of Jewery.

  3. As good as America has been to Jews and continues to be so, we should celebrate its independence. Ive noticed that the last 2 generations of frum yeshiva students dont know the national anthem, the bill of rights, any national holidays or American history. But they can partake of any and all giveaway programs because they are “Americans'”

  4. Your hate and resentment toward America and Americans is a sickness you need to rid yourself of. Direct it instead toward your fellow Jews who have not taught their children to honor and respect their heritage. It is not the fault of Americans, and not all Americas hate Jews.If they did, Jews would not be able to thrive there. I support Israel and have never posted anything either here or on any blog I frequent that is negative about Israel or Jews. You are a disgrace.

  5. "If you are a Jew, your nation is Israel, not America. You should be saluting the Star of David, not the Stars and Stripes."

    Fine. Pack your bags and rescind your American citizenship. You ingrates won't be missed.

    And to think that we waste billions of American taxpayers' dollars on these ungrateful parasites.

  6. Dear Mr. Garber
    Who says you are not welcomed in Israel as a citizen? Of course you are, if you are a Jew. If you are not a Jew, since your grandparents fled ffrom pogroms, it means there's been assimilation – the affliction of wonderful America.

  7. We're really missing the point. Yes, America saved many Jews, though they also turned back refugees during the Holocaust and sent them to their deaths. okay, that's an exception; America was for the most part good for Jews. But that is only to last for such a time as G-d decides to call us back home, and He has been true to His word and is now calling us out of exile to the Land He restored to us. Torah makes it clear we are to be regathered to Israel before the Moshiach comes. To remain in exile rather than to come home for the Redemption means to lose out. No one knows how much time is left. Jews in America, come home now. You don't know what you're missing.

  8. I am a Jew and my family and I including succeeding generations are all Jews. I support Israel. But, America is my "promised land" and I'll never leave. Yes, I have relatives who have made aliyah to Israel. That's good for them. Perhaps my descendants will do so as well. That would be fine with me. But right now the United States is the key to everything that I hold sacred.

    How long would Israel last without US support? I don't know. Israel might find a way to survive without the United States but I wouldn't bet on it. US support has been crucial and still is. Israel is trying to diversify its support: India, Russia, various Africa nations, even some Arab nations to some extent. All good ideas. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. But the United States is still the key supporter and even those who publicly deny it probably know it.

    My advice to Netanyahu is the following. When Hillary Clinton becomes the US President, meet with her and get her support for a final status agreement before she leaves office. If Netanyahu and other important Israeli leaders were sufficiently motivated, it could be done.

    Though US support for Israel is strong, it is clearly eroding. You can see that in the young Bernie Sanders supporters. They give us a glimpse of a possible future in which the United States no longer supports Israel. Getting a firm US agreement to support some specific final boundaries is very important. Time is running out. If that is not done soon, I believe that the long term future of Israel is questionable. That's not the way I want it but I believe that is the way it is.

  9. You're right, in America 13 year old girls are stabbed in their beds just for being Jewish, there are plenty of place Jews can't go just because they are Jewish, there are dozens of places sacred to Jews where they are forbidden to go pray which are enforced by the police. Sure in America we talk of giving Jewish holy places to our enemies just because they want them…oh wait that isn't America at all. Galus is everywhere including Eretz Yisroel. Just because you have the Zionist fever (which I had for years living more than ten years in E
    You should do what all Jews do and pray for moshiach to deliver us and for HaShem to protect us wherever we are instead of projecting your crap on those of us in Chutz Learetz. I also wonder, have you been in Israel for more than two years? The only people I ever heard talk like you were there for less.

  10. Tzvi Fishman I didn't run away I fright. I moved there I. 2002 at the height of the second I regards and never for one second felt scared there. I moved back here so my parents could know their grandkids you ignorant dick.

  11. Very bad article!!!! Mr. Fishman, if you and your wife are unhappy with 4th of July celebrations, I suggest you keep your objections to yourself! For over 200 years Jews have fled to the Umited States for freedom and safety!( Incidentally, I and thousands of other Jews care about the 4th of July!)

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