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An article appeared this week in the newspaper, Israel HaYom, describing how a pro-Palestinian BDS group targeted Jewish students on a college campus in America, by posting signs in their dormitories telling Jews to vacate the premises, saying that was how the Israeli army treated the Palestinians. These signs have been taped to the door of dormitory rooms of Jewish students, giving the occupants three days to vacate, and warning that their belongings will be thrown into the street if they don’t abide by the order. This is the work of a BDS group called SJP – “Students for Palestinian Justice”. The signs appeared on many campuses across the United States, including the University of Florida and Berkley College.

Outrageous? Terrible? Scandalous? Not at all. I for one am glad. At least someone in the United States is telling young Jews that they don’t belong in America. Their rabbis don’t tell them. Their parents don’t tell them. The Hillel organization doesn’t tell them. The leaders of Jewish Federations and MAJOR JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS don’t tell them. At least the Jew haters are letting them know. Kol Hakod!


I’m glad. Though I am not convinced the Jews will get the message. A Jewish student from Berkley had this to say: “The connection which the SJP makes between our being Jews and their protest over the Palestinian plight in Israel smacks of anti-Semetism. A distinction must be made between their criticism of the situation in Israel and my being Jewish. I have nothing to do with what goes on in Israel. There is no justice in targeting me on my college campus just because I am Jewish.”

Notice what he says: “I have nothing to do with what goes on in Israel.” Notice how he cuts himself off from Israel. In his eyes, he is an American, not an Israeli. This in itself is the crisis of American Jewry and the reason for the ever-increasing assimilation. In truth, he is the true refugee from “Palestine” whom the Romans expelled from the one and only Jewish Homeland – Israel.

Because of our long exile and wanderings in foreign lands, this Jewish college student in America has forgotten his true identity. His parents, and rabbis, and teachers, and Jewish leaders, don’t tell him this truth because they too have forgotten. Rabbi Kook decries this tragedy of Jewish education in the Diaspora which fails to teach that the Land of Israel is an indivisible part of being Jewish, stating, “This orientation toward Eretz Yisrael is not worthy of bearing fruit. The concept of Judaism in the Diaspora will only find real strength through the depth of its connection to Eretz Yisrael.”

So if none of the Jewish educators and leaders are teaching young Jews the truth, it is a good thing that the boys from BDS are letting them know. More power to them!



  1. It is the author of the article who feels the Jews don't belong in America…. not the Jews who live here. That is the crux of the problem. Many Jewish Americans , the younger ones, feel no connection to Israel and consider themselves as nothing but Americans. You have no beef with anyone but the author of this article unless you are anti-Semitic.

  2. If these young Jews don't belong in America, they don't deserve the benefits of American education or anything else our country has to offer. There is nothing wrong with being an American Jew. The problem is the young man's inability to appreciate his Jewish heritage. That is NOT America's fault.The other problem is the current administration's love of everything Muslim which encourages such vile actions that have become common place on our campuses.

  3. Anti semitism and hatred of Jews has NOTHING to do with geography. The author should be embarrassed to publicly agree with any group or action that is spreading hate. Even if his intent is to encourage aliya.

  4. A question for Tzvi – while I don't necessarily disagree with you (we DO belong in Israel), are you also willing to take the stance that the Muslims. Christians and other non-Jews don't belong in Israel? For that would be the next or concurrent step in our return home.

  5. I am Jewish and pro-Israel, but I am an AMERICAN and America is my home where I have every right to be. My grandparents worked hard to escape to this land and become loyal citizens and I am grateful for all this country has given me. How dare you applaud efforts to evict me!!!

  6. Same butt ugly jerks who tell American Indian Folks to go back to where they come from, apparently not being sufficiently well educated (how did they ever get to UNI in the first place?) to comprehend that AmerNDNs are Indigenous to the Americas. Universities are so hugely tolerant of this crap.

  7. You are as American as loyal Germans were Germans, and loyal Spanish Jews were Spaniards, and loyal Russian Jews were Russian, until the goyim told them in no uncertain terms that they didn't belong in those countries, and America is no different – the time is coming quicker than you think!

  8. Folks, read the message carefully.
    He is not condoning BDS, nor is is saying that Jews must all leave the US at once.
    He is simply using dramatic effect to make the sad point that Jews in the US are distancing themselves from Israel, when Israel itself is at the core of our religion. It is impossible to be Jewish without supporting the land of Israel as a Jewish State, regardless of what one thinks of the current Israeli leadership.

  9. 1) You and God completely disagree.
    2) You're hiding behind & abusing Rov Kook's words.|
    3) Before reproving you have to not hate your brother in your heart, which is the order in the Torah. Clearly you do hate, for you accuse all Jews not living in the demented secular state of Israel as being misleaders, at best. This is hatred not only for Jewish people, but for God for several reasons, whether you see it in yourself or not.
    4) There's a difference between being an Israeli citizen & a Jew living outside of Israel. Israel belongs to all Jews, but they do NOT have to live in Israel during The Diaspora (Golus) according to plenty of commentaries, your smug, condescension aside.
    5) Adolescent or childish support for anti-Jews as a way of awakening Jews to drop everything, not for Moishiach & the True & Complete Redemption prayed for dozens of times daily, ALSO IN ISRAEL, but because they should prefer a secular state that has no Constitution, no Bill of Rights, jails people for a half year without charging them, has a High Court that elects its own elitist extreme Left-wingnut members, periodically frees thousands of murdering Jihad Terrorists, has no regional constituency elections, has a democratically elected dictatorship, has a great percentage living in poverty, experiences car, knife, bomb, stone, & shooting attacks regularly.
    A country that illegally & immorally forced out at least 8,500 innocent people from Azza, perpetrated by an evil man who'd just won an election where 80% of the people voted for Parties OPPOSED to that very thing!
    Your support for anti-Jews, in this case the terrorist group SJP, is like me saying Jews should leave the demented state of Israel where homosexuals parade in Jerusalem because regularly people are run over, shot, stabbed, etc. No, you big dope, you get rid of the evil filth not the civilized people.

  10. The efforts to annihilate all of you in Israel have yielded the death, serious injury, injury, displacement, ancillary harm, dispossession, psychological harm to millions of innocent people. And, the Jihadis haven't even got started with nukes. Israelis have lost hundreds of billions in national treasure while hundreds of thousands live in dire poverty.
    Time to pack it in, Fishman.

  11. The guy's jumping the shark completely. His idea is one that is only relevant once Moishiach is revealed, the Messiah, & all of the prophecies simultaneously happen and are begun, including His gathering all of the Jewish people worldwide and rebuilding (the door(s)) of the Holy Temple, which will mostly be created by God.

  12. The Jewish Press doesn't have to continue to publish the hate-filled anti-Jewish nonsense of the confused ignorant author of this filth. I've been reading The Press since 1978 and haven't ever seen such ignorant evil ridiculous garbarge.

  13. On the contrary – I love the Jewish People and am pained at the holocaust of assimilation which is slowly destroying the Jews in Diaspora. The mitzvah of living in Israel is the foundation of Am Yisrael and Torah. Your ugly criticism of Israel is fitting for this week's Torah reading about the Spies who rejected the Land. In the time of Avraham and Joshua, the Land of Israel was filled with idols worshippers but they didn't run away. Our job is to fix things, not to complain. It is obvious by your ranting that you have build a fortress of excuses to justify your beliefs. As they say, "If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem," my friend.

  14. Stephen Morgan – the problem is that, based on the Koran, Sunna and Hadith, integration by a Muslim into ANY non-Islamic society is impossible. And THAT is why in every western country they reside there is a clash. I learned that recently. Moderate Muslims are considered apostates, so that there approaches to peaceful co-existence are meaningless to observant and knowledgeable Muslims.

  15. I didn't say a word about The Holy Land of Israel.
    It is not a fundamental mitzvah to live in Israel during galus.
    You'd abandon millions of Jews living outside of Israel and abandon God who put them there to be enlightened with Torah & Mitzvos, to elevate the part of the world in which they live, to prepare for God's revelation, which can only happen once enough Torah & mitzvos are done by enough people in enough generations in enough places.
    You base your observations on only a fragment of Torah.
    A little knowledge is dangerous as can be seen in your rejoicing in the suffering of Jews.
    Your my way or the highway, besides being innacurate, is also arrogant, which is void of God.

  16. The truth hurts. I said nothing about the Holy Land, only about its current political system, it's democratically elected dicatatorships that caused unspeakable harm & continue to do so.
    Along with its ridiculously biased academia & media.
    Somewhere it states that Moishiach will dismantle the government found in Israel at some point after his revelation.

  17. Jews who distance themselves from Israel do so because the only information, or overwhelming predominance, they've received about Israel is from anti-Israel sources.
    You & Fishman are both as incorrect about Israel as are they. It is not at the core of Judaism to live in Israel during galus, the diaspora, or to support its evil secular governments carte blanche.
    Sure, one can support a Bibi over a Barak (a traitor). One can generally agree with & support much of what Netanyahu says & does. But, one does not have to forgive him for favoring Israel's genocidal enemies over his own country.
    By allowing millions of overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians to live on the tiny strip of land west of the Jordan, he's allowed the death, injury, & other serious harm to come to many innocent people.
    You're excusing the disgusting writing of Fishman.

  18. Tzvi Fishman The first thing I do is recognize that as some Jews were participating with the eruv rov in creating & celebrating a Golden Calf, God continues teaching Moishe Rabbeinu Torah.
    I don't stop teaching Jews in my city & beyond regardless of which of the infinite levels they are currently.
    I don't know of any observant Jews living outside or inside of Israel who are clinging to the diaspora. All of us pray dozens of times for the True & Complete Geula.
    I wish you'd pull your head out of wherever it is so you can think before you write.

  19. Ridding the land of those who wouldn't leave peacefully was a one time commandment almost 3,300 years ago.
    Then, the laws of what to do from then on took over. How can you skip all of that and consider yourself in any way knowledgeable to write on the subject?
    God put the Jewish people in Galus, the diaspora, but promises many times to redeem us.
    The Torah is The TaNaCh. There are references to Moishiach, The Messiah. And, there is information passed down orally, which was written down later.
    Moishiach is codified in Judaism as per the 13 Articles of Faith mentioned by RaMbaM.
    Israel has an international legal & moral right & obligation (to the innocent millions) to repatriate the overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians.

  20. These Jewish American students are born in America, their ancestors are American. The Palestinians students are newcomers, they are the first to leave go back from were they came. The students Palestinian have no orders to give to Jew.

  21. Tzvi Fishman but the Jews DO belong in this country just as much as you do—unless you are an Indian. It was the Jews that had a BIG part in this country winning the revolution. read your Amer. history. look at all the inventions that the Jews made that this country enjoys.

  22. Moishe Sachs It is a fundamental mitzvah to live in Israel, in all times, in all generations, as established by the Ramban and Pitchei Tshuva in the Shulchan Aruch. Hashem put the Jews in Galut as a punishment. The fact that Jews prefer foreign lands is a big dishonor to Hashem, as clearly stated by the prophet Ezekiel. The opposite, the sanctification of Hashem comes with the return of Hashem's children to Israel.

  23. Mitzi Bruskin We do understand and, yes, it is your problem. Things will only get worse for you there. If you don't take your head out of the sand, it will become too late for you. Wake up and come HOME. Otherwise, we here will be mourning for you eventually.

  24. Moishe Sachs I see nothing hateful in any of Mr Fishman's posts. Yours, however, are sprinkled with ad hominem attacks and name-calling. To start at the top, here is just one:
    "The Jewish Press doesn't have to continue to publish the hate-filled anti-Jewish nonsense of the confused ignorant author of this filth. I've been reading The Press since 1978 and haven't ever seen such ignorant evil ridiculous garbarge."
    In THAT rant, you make generalized accusations with no supporting evidence (re: "hate-filled," "anti-Jewish," "ignorant," "evil," etc., etc.)
    Your yetzer hara is talking and you protest WAY too much because, deep-down, you know Mr Fishman is right. So the best defense is an offense. Please wake up and come HOME before it is too late.
    BTW, notice that Mr Fishman never takes the bait and stoops to personal attacks …

  25. Mr Dadz Laz, there is nothing hateful in what Mr Fishman says. (If you disagree, cite examples.) He clearly doesn't "agree" with these antsemitic groups and to suggest otherwise is an indication you either haven't read his article carefully or didn't understand it. I cannot speak for him but, to me, it's clear he's saying these groups are "doing Gd's work" by creating pressure on Jews to COME HOME, where they belong. Such pressure will only increase. If you don't see or feel the worldwide increase in antisemitism, you must have your eyes and mind closed. If you're Jewish, the window of opportunity for you to come home is closing. In the end, it will be your choice and the choice of every Jew outside Israel [of those able to make the choice] of whether or not to come home. We learn that 80% of the Jews didn't leave Egypt when they had the choice, and 80% didn't return to Israel in the Second Temple period. Jews of the world: don't make the same mistake again! (I hope Mr Sachs is listening, too!)

  26. What are the govt of these campuses doing about this Islamic matter? Are they waiting for these Palestinian terrorists parading as students to pick up guns as usual and massacre innocent Jewish students? Why not round up the jihadists on campus and bundle them to ELIS ISLAND where they will rut till they die. Islam is a TRAITOR that must be flushed off the face of the earth.

  27. Moishe Sachs You are holding up Moshiach. We are the ones who do the mitzvot. Hashem is doing a pretty good job with the ingathering of the exiles and the rebuilding of Jerusalem without the Moshiach. Hashem has decided the time has cometo return home. Even a blind man can see His hand in the rebirth of the State of Israel, even if Moishe Sachs disagrees with the way He is bring it about. Your criticism of Hashem is pathetic. Stop whining and be a man!

  28. Tzvi Fishman writes the truth, a truth many of those who love their diaspora life can't handle. But when things change, and get really bad, they will have only themselves to blame, because people like Fishman, and others, have sounded the alarm, and they didn't listen.

  29. You completely misunderstand. Such things are wake-up calls from Hashem. Those who hear them and learn from them come home out of understanding. It has nothing to do with cowardice. In fact, the opposite is precisely the case. (Aside: although I agree it would have been much better for the Jews to have been armed and able to fight back, are you seriously arguing they could have stopped the Nazis?!?)

  30. It is decidely NOT just on campuses. The infection of antisemitism may have bases at colleges but, it is rising everywhere. Look at what has become acceptable to say in the media. Look at how the Democrat platform continues to become more and more antagonistic to Israel. (And don't tell me that doesn't represent the views of Democrats – it represents the views of many and you don't see any of them jumping ship.) Look at Northern Michigan and both Northern and Southern California. And, BTW, it's irrelevant if it's Leftists, Communists, Anarchists or Fascists. All over America, antisemitic acts are increasing.

  31. I think you misunderstand the author's intention. We Jews have a homeland here in Holy Israel. All of us are supposed to be here – eventually. I believe he is simply hoping American Jews will be awoken by the ongoing increase in antisemitism and return to their natural home sooner rather than later. As far as America goes, I believe she would certainly be better off without Muslims.

  32. Tzvi Fishman All the while this fellow makes it a point to accuse you, who only loves Am Israel and Eretz Israel, of hating, he is filling this site with [groundless] ad hominem attacks and name-calling while offering no substantive arguments. Someone once said to me, regarding using filthy language, "just remember that's the same mouth you pray with." Kol haKavod to you. Keep up your good work. If 100 people read one of your articles and ONE is affected and even begins to wake up, it's worth it.

  33. David Jacobs, You're so freaking lazy that you'd rather commit the egregious sin of malicious slander, motzi sheim rah, than read the substantive material I wrote in response to this stupid, ignorant, evil piece of crap.
    In addition, you falsely accuse me of having used filthy language, which makes you filthy, you putz.
    Not one person is going to be in any way positively effected by this stupid evil nonsense.

  34. So many mere human men from all religions, major and minor attempting to interpret the words of the lord-and all believing that their interpretation is THE correct and only one. In the case of Judaism, all the wisdom of all the sages throughout millennium haven't helped decrease Jewish suffering an iota. A massive failure. What has decreased Jewish suffering profoundly is IDF, and guess which men of Jewish faith refuse to serve in its ranks?

  35. Moishe Sachs: “Moishiach will dismantle the government found in Israel at some point after his revelation.”
    The wise Rabbis say that if you don’t know a person, see what kind of people he/she associates with (FBFs) and this is one of my first tasks in responding to anyone. After you used the xian word “revelation” and seeing that you used the lower level font size to refer to HIM and also seeing that your FBF is “redeemed” by her idol and that you have other idol worshipers as FBFs, I can say that everything you stated against the righteous bal Chuvah, Tzvi Fishman, will come on your own head.

  36. Moishe Sachs “By allowing millions of overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians to live on the tiny strip of land west of the Jordan, he's allowed the death, injury, & other serious harm to come to many innocent people.”
    You’ve proven that you don’t accept HaShem’s statement in the Torah (Gen 16:12) that Ishmael will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers. This is what HaShem made not what your delusions bring before your eyes as “innocent people.” It’s like a matter of physics which only HaShem can change not man no matter what laws man has enacted. If you know that fire is going to burn, you can’t say that it won’t burn you. The one who superseded the physics of fire was Avraham aveinu; however, you nor any of your idol worshiping FBFs are going to supersede the physics (evil) of Ishmael for they are not innocent as you claimed.

  37. Moishe Sachs
    Wel aren’t yo’ th’ cat’s tail, ah reckon. Hey fella, eff’n yo’ c’d spend as much time an’ effo’t in larnin’ whut Tzvi Fishman has writ as yo’ haf in igno’antly puttin’ him down wifout enny smarts of whar he is a-comin’ fum, yo’d be a present day Rabbi Akiva.

  38. David Jacobs Democrats are now communists, communists have always had an antisemetic bent, California is definately leftist as is most of the media, and Michigan is the overflow zone for Canadian islamonazis. People will always hate, but to blanket all "Americams" is wrong. We are an increasingly divived nation, and not all the same.

  39. Tzvi Fishman: so Mr Fishman, you must be one great sage to know that I don't listen to the words of the great sages. That is incredible that you have the power to know what others do and don't do. I salute your superior psyche, and urge others to recognize your sage abilities.

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