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Letters to the EditorGuardianDear Editor,Workers for the Palestinian victimhood narrative are experts at projecting their own people’s crimes on to Israel. A prime example is Lana Tatour’s accusation that Israel is ethnically cleansing East Jerusalem of its Arab population. Here is what ethnic cleansing looks like. In 1948, Jordan along with five other Arab countries invaded the new state of Israel. In 1949 when a cease fire was declared, Jordan remained in control of East Jerusalem. The first thig it did was to expel all the Jews . Then it gave Jewish homes and synagogues to the Arab people. The Arabs proceeded to desecrate the synagogues by turning them into stables. The final act of Jewish vilification was Jordan taking Jewish gravestones from the local cometary and placing them on the floor of latrines where Arab men could piss on the Jews. Those who support Palestinian claims to East Jerusalem are really legitimizing Jordan’s illegal invasion of a city that for the preceding 3000 years had never been divided.Sincerely yours,Larry Shapiro,

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