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Wow. I just read Obama’s speech and watched the video for good measure.

I was wondering how Obama was going to sidestep his promise to attack Syria if they used chemical weapons, and here he managed to do so by simply saying he wants to spread the “accountability” onto the backs of the American people’s representatives – when they come back from their extended vacation, and the issue is no longer on everyone’s mind, and not so important anymore, because by then a few thousand more Syrians (on both sides) will have been killed, but only by mere conventional weapons this time. Besides, the decision isn’t really time sensitive anyway.


Obama started his speech saying that Syria is making a mockery of the global prohibition against chemical weapons, but instead, his entire speech made a mockery of himself, proving he can’t keep his word and can’t be trusted to not try to find a way to weasel out of his obligations, no matter how short-sided he was to obligate himself to them in the first place.

He may even doublespeak the world again in a few weeks time, saying Assad learned his lesson about American resolve, and therefore there is no reason to actually have to go through with an actual attack.

There’s only one lesson here, and that’s for Mr. Netanyahu.

Bibi, if you still think for one second that Obama will help Israel against Iran, or forget Israel, that Obama will protect his other Middle East allies, much less the rest of the world, including the U.S., from a nuclear Iran, you are completely mistaken.

Iran now knows it can go full steam ahead with no consequences.

(Though I do admit, Obama will go tougher on Israel than on Syria or Iran, if we disrupt his grand plans of creating a Palestinian state for Hamas to take over).

Obama was dumb to promise to attack in the first place if chemical weapons were used, and is now even dumber to not follow through with it – even with a symbolic strike across the proverbial bow.

(He may still have to take some action in a month or two because of congressional pressure, but he will do so saying, “Wasn’t me, they made me do it”.)

If you’re negotiating with the Arabs in Ramallah, because you are relying on some empty promise by Obama regarding Iran – please stop now.

Yes, Obama says he is prepared to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. He’s prepared to give the order. He believes he has the authority to do so.

But the truth is, he will want to have a debate on it first. For the good of the country.

Sometime after the holidays.



  1. It looks like the 72% of America's Jewish voting public are going to be crying this Rosh Hashana due to their Messiah screwing up once again. What's a mother to do? What a loser Obama is, and to think that the Jews are the smartest People on earth. I guess I was wrong.

  2. the american president is an empty bag of wind. there are hundreds of examples of his pathology and serious lying to con his audience and support his moslem brudders. he is not to be relied upon regardless that wishing would make it so. ask the american people about this inept dumb thing in the wh.

  3. Obama you cannot trust. Once upon a time he talked to an audience, and suddenly he thinks to himself: I can talk! An honest daywork – this fund raiser and “Chicago Organizer” – has never slipped through his hands. But he can talk – but always hot steam. The Social Democrats of Europe love him; these s wouldn’t join George W. Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan because war is ugly, now war is o.k. Because Obama is launching it. – Funny people.

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