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There are wider range ramifications to Netanyahu and the Likud’s victory than who gets to sit in the coalition.

To begin with, we’ve learned the Israeli public is healthy and balanced.


If nothing else, we discovered that the Israeli public no longer believes the leftwing “peace” pipe dreams and lies, and we recognize them as the fiction and danger they are.

And this could mean we can now search for more practical containment solutions to our regional problems, trying out new ideas, breaking away from the failed and murderous “Two-State solution” paradigm.

Simultaneously, we learned that economic issues are extremely important to the Israeli electorate, but we want them done responsibly, through the free market, and not through government enforced redistribution of wealth. And that’s the way to lower prices and increase the standard of living.

Once again we see that the Settlers and the Religious-Zionists are self-sacrificing for the greater good of the nation. By shifting between 4 to 7 seats from Bayit Yehudi over to the Likud, after the media (and Netanyahu) made it clear that a right-wing coalition was in danger, we showed we could look beyond sectoral politics and vote for the greater good, even if it didn’t seem to be in our personal best interest. We hope Netanyahu recognizes that sacrifice.

Now just as importantly is the message we send overseas.

The world looks to Israel. The world looks to the Jews. And especially at Netanyahu who has been clear about the dangers the world faces from radical Islam.

The American people, as well as the Congress and Senate see a strong Netanyahu, with a clear message, firmly backed by the Jewish people.

That strengthens the resolve of the American people as well as the Congress and Senate.

Israel is going to face an even more antagonistic and undermining White House than ever before.

But the American people, knowing that the Jewish nation stands behind Netanyahu, will feel they have the moral high ground to push back.

God bless Israel and God bless the United States of America.


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  1. Defense Medias Israel a partagé la vidéo de Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו.26 min · A tous les partisans du Meretz et du camp sioniste. A tous les anciens officiers qui ont attendu la fin de la campagne pour faire connaître, dans une mise en scène dramatique, l’ “estime” qu’ils avaient pour Netanyaou en faisant un méli mélo de récriminations dans le but “non politique” de le faire chuter. A tous les anciens ambassadeurs d’Israël en France qui se sont découverts, après leur mandat, des tendances gauchisantes et ont tenté d’utiliser des moyens non démocratiques et des pays étrangers pour forcer la main d’Israel. A tous les journalistes du Haaretz et ceux de la presse et des médias français qui par leur “objectivité” quotidienne et permanente tentent de salir Israël et son armée. A tous les diplomates Européens et plus particulièrement aux français. A Barak Obama et John Kerry . A tant d’autres, si nombreux que la place manquerait de tous les citer. Je tiens à adresser en tant que membre du camp national, mes plus sincères condoléances. Permettez moi, à mon tour, de me réjouir de la victoire écrasante du camp national. Merci BIBI et bonne chance avec Kahlon. que D. Vous guide et vous aide et qu’il protège Israel.

  2. decency rules after quislings run amok with the dc occupier leading the antiwestern civilization dogs and hopefully the iranian people set the mangy ruling mullahs on fire with massive revolts hopefully potus will join jimmy carter in the pan of history for brokering on behalf of fanatical murderous islamos and decent muslims speak out against these rat bastards and learn from the jews rather than behead, rape, and enslave innocents
    thank you bibi the modern day moses

  3. Obama's has Muslim route in his blood would not understand the strength of pray. Netanyahu is supported by the God. This is a great defeat of Obama administration. Israel can not be defeated by anyone as the God has poured blessings upon Israel and on its people. Not even Iran's nuclear bomb can destroy Israel because Jesus is with the people of Israel not with Iran and his wicked Khoemeni.
    From Gujarat, India.

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