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During the Oslo protest years, there were very serious rumors that the clicking on our phones wasn’t a Bezeq technical problem, but the police listening in on our conversations. Most people believed it. It was probably true.

The Calcalist report that everyone is talking about today (by the way, journalist Yoav Yitzchak broke the story first) is how the police have been illegally using their phone spyware to spy on practically everyone for years: political activists, businessmen, politicians, settler leaders, family members of the prime minister, people who annoyed the police, even Ethiopian-Jewish mothers who protested police brutality.


Basically, if the police weren’t illegally spying on you, you know you’re nobody.

If you thought that the expose on the recording that exposed senior investigators were involved in spying on witness Shlomo Filber’s phone in the Netanyahu case was an earthquake, well this is a meteor strike.

Except I have trouble imagining anything will happen next.

Sure, a few honest politicians will scream out loud, but those few are probably the only politicians who aren’t afraid of what the police might have on them after hacking their phones.

What politician, judge, or investigative committee is going to honestly try and fight the police knowing that their deepest secrets will get exposed?

As for the Netanyahu trial, it certainly looks all tainted.

What happens now that we know the police are actually Cheka, actively spying on the citizens and leaders, like in the worst Bolshevik regime?

What happened to our democracy? What happens to our democracy?

I don’t know.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?



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