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The City of David Foundation recently delivered a major blow to the effort to erase Judaism's 3,000-year ties to Jerusalem. On September 9, the foundation's leading archaeologist announced the discovery of a 2,600-year-old royal seal, found near the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, which bears the name (in Hebrew) of Adenyahu, a son of King David mentioned in the biblical Book of Kings.

It’s time to shed light on a politically incorrect truth that has been swept under the rug for far too long: Jews are indigenous to the Land of Israel and are, in fact, the ONLY people indigenous to the land.

The world has been fed a false narrative that we “arrived” here, and that Palestinian arabs are indigenous to the area. It is true that they have been here since the British came and took over rule from the Ottoman Turks, but they came from somewhere else. It is also true that the number of Arabs living in the area prior to 1948 was a pittance compared to today; the local population has only significantly grown and thrived since the establishment of Israel!


The future of the Jewish people in our ancestral homeland of Israel hinges on our willingness to embrace our identity unapologetically and confront our enemies with unwavering resolve. In a world rife with misinformation and propaganda, it’s time to speak truth to power and reclaim our narrative as the indigenous people of this land.

First and foremost, we must recognize that our enemies have constructed a narrative designed to delegitimize our existence and undermine our sovereignty. The so-called Palestinian identity is a modern invention concocted to incite Jew-hatred and eradicate the Jewish state of Israel..

The Jewish people, the people of Israel, are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the rightful heirs to the land of Israel, and no amount of propaganda can erase our ancient connection to this sacred soil.

Indeed, archaeological artifacts abound across Israel, providing irrefutable evidence of our presence here thousands of years before Islam even existed. From the ancient city of Jerusalem to the hills of Judea and Samaria, our history is etched into the very bedrock of this land, a testament to our enduring legacy as the indigenous people of Israel.

Furthermore, we must reject the dangerous notion that appeasing our enemies will bring peace. Giving away our land to those who seek our destruction is not only a recipe for disaster but a betrayal of the sacrifices made by generations of Jews who fought and died to reclaim this land as our own. Jewish civilian presence in all geographical areas of our ancestral homeland sends a powerful message to the world: we are home, and we will not be uprooted from our land again.

Moreover, we must embrace our identity as a people without apology or embarrassment. We are not occupiers or interlopers; we are the descendants of prophets and kings, the bearers of a divine mission to be a light unto the nations. Only by embracing this truth can we truly fulfill our purpose as a people and reclaim our rightful place in history.

We are hosting a conference next week with leaders from around the world in Jerusalem and online discussing “What’s Next?” for Israel. While it is clear that the current war is not winding down despite world pressure, we need to discuss vision and policy for where we are heading.

The time has come for the Jewish people to insist on a forward-looking roadmap eyes of optimism and hearts of courage. Let us reclaim our narrative from those who seek to erase our identity and rewrite our history. While we need to focus on solving problems, we also need to be educating our own – and then the world – that the Jews are the rightful indigenous people of this land and are the people who will lead the region into a better next chapter. The time has come.


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