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True PEACE cannot be achieved until one side is defeated and surrenders. We could have made PEACE in June, 1967, by annexing all of the Land we liberated in the Six Days War, declared Jewish Israeli sovereignty and opened it all up for Jewish settlement. That was the time, since we had defeated Syria, Jordan and Egypt.

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But for some very fokokt reason, the Israeli Labor Party, which ruled -even though they had formed a “national unity government” with Herut- had delusions that our sworn enemies would agree to peace if we returned the Land. Because of that stupid and dangerous ideology/theory we suffer from Arab terrorism to this very day, forty-nine years after the war.


Not only do we suffer from Arab terrorists here in Israel, but they are an inspiration and training ground for terrorism all over the world, such as the recent terror attack in Nice. That’s because the terror attacks here are tolerated and rationalized by people all over the world, including Israel.

Giving the Arabs “autonomy” and establishing the Palestinian Authority were terrible mistakes and have only encouraged and strengthened and legitimized terrorists.

All this must stop for there to be peace. Peace cannot be negotiated!



  1. By David Keyes
    Palestinian President Abbas’ party recently posted on Facebook that its number one accomplishment is having murdered 11,000 Israelis. What kind of peace seeking, moderate organization boasts of mass murder? Why does President Abbas erect statues of arch terrorists like Abu Sukar who killed 15 civilians with a refrigerator bomb on a crowded Israeli street? Why doesn’t President Abbas fire his advisor Sultan Abu Al Einein who recently called on Palestinians to slit the throat of every Israeli? President Abbas is encouraging Palestinian children to grow up and yearn for death over life. Imagine how much closer we might be to peace if Palestinian leaders bragged about how much they had done to bring Israelis and Palestinians together. Imagine if they named streets after champions of coexistence. Words matter. Those who praise mass murder, encourage mass murder. Spread this message if you want to see more boasting about peace and less about murder.

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