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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Tzippi Livni and Mahmoud Abbas.

IMHO Ruthie Blum, in Israel Hayom, hit on the nail when she wrote:

“Personally, I would have called it treason. But that’s just me.”

Blum was referring to Tsippi Livni’s “private initiative” aka unapproved trip to London to meet up with Abbas.

As soon as it became apparent that Abbas was no longer willing to continue being courted by Israel and the United States, Kerry threw his arms up in despair, blamed Israel for the impasse and took a time-out from his incessant shuttle diplomacy.That left Livni all dressed up with nowhere to go.Rather than directing her outrage at Abbas for this turn of events, she made a secret pilgrimage to see him in London last week. It was a move that spurred an angry Netanyahu and other coalition members to announce that this had been Livni’s private initiative, devoid of any official backing.


No doubt Livni is just emulating Shimon Peres. Davka, Sarah Honig devoted her Friday article about the underhanded illegal, unapproved negotiations by Peres and other extreme Leftists.

The hubris to flout the authority of any government – no matter who heads it – exclusively emboldens leftwing players. They range from relatively unknown individuals (though they’re always well-connected to the real clout-bearers) all the way to top-ranking ministers who, fired up by their own chutzpah, set out to hijack history-making prerogatives.
Soon-to-retire President Shimon Peres still does it in his ostensibly ceremonial role of president. But he already behaved badly as foreign minister to both prime ministers Yitzhak Shamir and Yitzhak Rabin.
The latest to dabble in unauthorized diplomacy is Justice Minister Tzipi Livni. She recently conferred with Ramallah figurehead Mahmoud Abbas in London, despite the government’s decision (which she supported) to freeze contact with him for his kiss-and-make-up with Jihadist Hamas.

This is very dangerous for the State of Israel. Policy is supposed to be made by the Prime Minister, and nobody without specific authority may negotiate for the Government of the State of Israel. Bibi has some cabinet-cleaning to do.


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  1. Pollard was doing his job in following the USA treaty with Israel while disobeying his anti-Semitic superiors who illegally want the information withheld so Pollard is called a traitor.

    Livini met with enemy as a government employee, contrary to the policy of the Israel, why isn't she arrested and tried for treason? WHO bought her airline ticket and paid her hotel expenses? Seems that Zippi is still paid by the philistines as their mistress.

  2. Don't you see the divine providence in this? Bibi put Livni in the government and gave her the judicial prize. He knows her the best. Now, it exploded politically. The divine justice is sweet. Bye Bye Bibi, who will be the next PM? Say tehillim (psalm 121), know that the G-d of Israel rules, not the government.

  3. She is a Representative of your Country! She is trying to make your world a better place! She wants dialogue in this hot bed of hot heads! She wants what’s best for your Country! She has to deal with Abu Abu Abass and may just be trying to help him understand that Hamass is not his “Aladdin” and help him get back on course! She turns around and what does she see and hear? A PM and a President acting like a pair of testosterone driven teenagers arguing with each other with those raging teenaged hormones gone wild. Plus a bunch of Knesset Reps and other Leaders blaming and also seemingly jealous of her showing that she had the “pair” and used them taking action to get things done! Who’s got the cleaning to be done here??

  4. Israel is ruled by week leaders who can not get out of SHTATEL mentality Israel is strong the world need us
    the world love a strong country and Israel is looking to be the under dog
    look at history Entebe 6 day war now we are ruled by weaklings who care about the job and personal profit
    the press is a disgrace to any country and have to be stopped for promoting capitulation to a NON EXISTENT enemy

  5. Bibi is a coward! The dome of the rock should have been torn down ages ago. Just like the spies in the time of Moses he is lacking in faith that G_d will defend us against those who attack. The dome still stands and not The Temple because he is afraid of a war. If G_d is for us who can stand against us? Tzipi has more courage than he could ever have. His brother, a great hero, is probably ashamed. Not to mention the treasonous acts his wife committed during his last term.

  6. Is anyone shocked Livni voted against a bill to not release Palestinian mass murderer prisoners of Israeli civilians.
    Is Livni's party main platform to support Arab murderers.
    'Do They Oppose Releasing Terrorists or Not?'
    MK Shaked puzzles over opposition to terrorist release prevention bill by left-wing ministers who claimed to oppose such moves.
    Nir Har Zahav
    May 11, 2014

    Justice Minister Tzipi Livni already announced her opposition to the bill Friday, a move Economics Minister and Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett sharply criticized.

    "Justice Minister Tzipi Livni announced that she will oppose the law because it will hurt the ability of future governments to maneuver," he stated. "Tzipi – That is the goal of this bill. To disconnect the release of terrorists from diplomatic issues, there is no connection between them."

    Bennett later welcomed the news Sunday, noting that the law marks a new page in the history of Israel.
    "Today, the State of Israel is sending a new message on the war on terror and her moral obligation to the bereaved families," he stated. "Special thanks to MK Ayelet Shaked who sponsored the bill. Killers should die in prison and not celebrate at home."

  7. Livni personifies the ghetto mentality, always so eager to bow to the wishes of her European masters. Every time Europe issues an edict, Livni is first in line to push for obedience. Livni's mindset is, we must do what our Europeans masters say, like divide Jerusalem and give away the Jewish Golan or there will be a pogrom or economic sanctions – literally or figurative.

  8. Ultimately, it all comes back to the man in charge. Netanyahu is responsible for who he appoints on his cabinet including Peres and Livni. Of course, it's wrong for members of a cabinet to make unilateral decisions on their own. But, it's the Prime Minister who sets the tone on what is acceptable and what isn't. The tone was set off on the wrong foot in many of the prior appeasement talks as well and the end result was equally predictable and negative for Israel. It's clear to see, Netanyahu is concerned about his status as Prime Minister. That's why he was vying to have the elections delayed. The Israeli public should use this to their advantage and make it loud and clear that people like Livni, Peres, and Netanyahu's own weak minded decisions will not be tolerated and that if he plans to stay in office, they will need to see a much stronger Prime Minister in the future, not just to get reelected but permanently going forward..

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