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A 1941 peace protest. Nothing's changed.

We have seen a Women’s March lead by a woman who advocates for the worst treatment of women under radical Islamic regimes. We have seen “Peace” demonstrations that condemn Israel’s military reaction to radical Islamic terrorism while the demonstrators defend those who would burn them with the flag of the country they are demonstrating from.

The left wing fantasy world must be very nice, but truth and reality need to set in and stop people from smoking pixie dust that they believe will bring them to never-never land.


Those demonstrating (IMHO) are not demonstrating for peace and those calling on Israel not to react with a strong and decisive military reaction, know nothing of being humane, kind or moral.

If it was peace and humanity these people were concerned with, the streets would be packed with demonstrations as ISIS rapes slaughters and maims millions of men women and children across the Middle East. We would have seen hundreds of ‘women marches’ demanding that Saudi Arabia allow women to drive! TO DRIVE!

There would have been numerous marches demonstrating the public stoning of women in Islamic regimes as well as a demand to the stop honor killings.

There would have been a demand for Iran to stop beating women who choose NOT to wear a hijab, but instead, there was a woman who actually advocates for Shariah law who lead the march and thousands of women who would be stoned under their brave leader’s belief system following her. How and why does this happen?

This is not about women’s rights, peace, humanity or justice. It is about politics and how to convince people that pixie dust really works and that the good guys are the bad guys. The women’s march for example should have insulted all women and especially those who are actually suffering or dealing with inequality or abuse, but taking a selfie with a women who wears a Hijab and advocates Shariah is much more exciting.

BDS? What a joke! China has had a policy of killing little girls because they want more males and there was no boycott. Hamas throws people off rooftops and BDS stands with them. Israel’s enemies constantly use kids as PR pawns and women to shield their terrorists and BDS stands with them! Human rights? Who are they kidding! These kind of Leftists and BDS activists don’t give a rat’s tush about Arabs or Muslims and certainly not about peace, truth or justice. They are not social warriors but social media warriors where the shock aspect is more important than the victims they are faking to care about. They use the people they fake to care about for their political agendas and demonstration adrenaline rush.

Women in Africa for example have no voice and they are not terrorizing anyone, so there is no fame or glory in anyone getting up and screaming about it. No march for them!

Why would one put effort with silent women from Africa when you can defend the actions of a radical Muslim terrorist that breaks into a Jewish home in Itamar and slaughters the entire family. I mean it takes guts to understand the suffering of that poor bastard terrorist and then to defend his actions and call him a freedom fighter.

How cool is it that you can demonstrate on the side of the Hamas terrorist organization as they get away with ten years of rocket fire aimed at innocent Israelis and then blame Israel when we finally react. OOPS! What I meant to say is, how cool is it to defend Hamas freedom fighters as they struggle for freedom from the kids of Sderot.

You getting the picture yet?

See, I am a radical right wing settler because I believe no terrorist should survive their own attack and I have no problem with a soldier taking out a terrorist at the scene even 10 minutes after the terrorist attacked.

I am just not cool enough to fight for the rights of someone who does not believe in my right to live and actually tries to carry out their execution of me! I lost that coolness years ago when I buried my platoon mate, arrested the terrorist and watch them march out of Israeli jail to freedom.

I would get so many more LIKES if I wrote an article on how I can be a Zionist and still defend the fabricated national claim of Palestinians, even though that claim was created to justify their attempt at destroying Israel. I would just say ‘PEACE’ and all the facts would disintegrate.

If I would say things like, stop being stuck in the past and ignore historical truth for the sake of peace, I would be really popular! I would be even more popular if I accepted and try to get others to understand the justifications used by those who murder Jews and attack Israel. I would be even more popular if I said tings like ‘let’s just give into the demands of those who justify slaughtering Jews’ Don’t worry, I would call myself a peace activist and all the facts would disintegrate!

Well, I don’t want to be popular, I want to be truthful and I want to live and fight and destroy those who seek to destroy me.

See, some left wing ideology says there is no right and wrong and when they hashtag #NoWar, they mean it.

They do not believe in war because they don’t believe our enemies ideas are not wrong. They just will agree to disagree and all will be great. They believe in appeasing and giving in to the enemy with the absolute belief that it will bring serenity. War is never an option…UNLESS…

If you disagree with the left wing ideology or they lose an election… now that means war!

If you dare claim there is right and wrong, or if you really want to get crazy and claim there is male and female in the world, that my friends is a declaration of war.

Is there any limit to their naivety and moral bankruptcy?

Look at this video.

Can you imagine the articles being written and the names they would have called people like me who would have demanded an all out war until the entire Nazi regime is eradicated? Take a good look at the signs people.

They were peace activists!

There is only one lesson Hitler taught us, there is a time to stop talking and start dropping bombs!

There are some who still have not learned the lesson.

Peace is not about giving in to evil or a fabricated historical claim in order to save yourself, that is called giving in to blackmail.

Peace can only really come with the absence of evil.


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