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Devastating, it’s the only way to describe what has happened in this country over the past few days.


There’s not much to say about the facts of the horrific goings on during the past few days because most of the facts are still not out.  However, to this observer sitting safely in his office, the news about Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Philando Castile in St Paul, and five dead Cops in Dallas is nothing short of sickening and I feel for all of their families.

Allow me to make a few possibly random observations while doing my best not to draw conclusions about the facts of the case.

  • Too many people are taking sides; mourning the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile should not stop people from mourning the deaths of five Cops (or vice versa), they are not mutually exclusive. It is okay to strongly support law enforcement officers, while admitting the possibility that there are a few bad cops who may have unjustly killed African Americans. What the Black Lives Matter movement gets wrong is that ALL lives matter, what many of the rest of us forget is–that goes both ways. The situation behind the deaths of their loved ones may be very different, but praying for the families of the cops, as well as praying for the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile is a moral obligation. They all feel the pain of losing a loved one.

The Bible (Genesis 25:11) records that God himself visited Isaac when his father died : “And it came to pass after the death of Abraham, that God blessed Isaac, his son.”The sages infer from this verse that God Himself, as it were, was comforting the bereaved Isaac. In Isaiah 40:1 following the destruction of Jerusalem, the first temple, and the decimation of the Jewish people, Isaiah proclaimed God’s message “Console, console My people,” says your God.” That is meant that comforting the bereaved is not merely a recommendation, but a specific order obliging Isaiah to console the mourning Jews.  Also notice that that God didn’t tell Isaiah to pick and choose based on who the individual Jews were mourning. It is our obligation as human beings to comfort the bereaved and today seven families; five cop families, and two families of people who were killed by cops (justified or not). If God can comfort the bereaved, certainly we can feel for all seven families who lost a loved one.

  • The videos of the Sterling and Castile shootings certainly make these incidents seem like the police involved abused their power, but all the facts are not out in the end we may find out that the shootings were justified (we may also find out the shootings were “bad).” And even if we learn that the shootings weren’t justified they may not have been motivated by racism, they may have been mistakes by some of the very few cops who are incompetent.
  • There is no excuse for the cowardly and disgusting attacks by snipers against police, 99.99% of cops are good people who do their jobs correctly. Cops are there to help all of us, every day they put their lives on the line to protect our families.  This attack wasn’t “black on blue,” it was a terrorist attack on all Americans. It may have been Dallas police officers caught an ambush, but by attacking the officers who protect us, the scum who shot the cops were really ambushing all Americans. Those cops were protecting all Americans regardless of their skin pigment, gender, religion etc. Whatever happened in St. Paul, and Baton Rouge this week we need to back up our law enforcement officers. This does not mean cover up the actions of the very few cops who may be incompetent or evil, but the vast majority, who put their lives on the line each and every day and do the right thing, protect and serve their communities.
  • Too many of my conservative colleagues put down the people who protest cop/black shootings.   Whether backed up by facts or not (and we won’t know until we learn what really happened) the anger and frustration displayed by many African-Americans is justified. Sorry if this sounds like a liberal, but white people (including me) can never understand the Black experience in America (the same way I tell my Christian friends that they could never understand the Jewish experience of the past 2,000 years).
  • Almost as bad as the scum who shot five cops, is the reaction to the shootings by some who exploited the deaths as an excuse to score political points. The governor of Minnesota who proclaimed the shooting of Philando Castile was racially motivated before knowing what really happened is nothing short of an idiot, but so areJesse Jackson who blamed it all on Donald Trump, President Obama blamed it on guns--and at least one chapter of the Students For Justice in Palestine blamed it all on the IDF.

Right now it is not time to politicize the deaths,  we should understand the need of some to express their emotions (peacefully), and that goes for the people who are angry and frustrated by the deaths of Mr.Castile and Mr.Sterling as well as those who are angry and frustrated by the five dead and seven injured police officers. But our most important task is to comfort the bereaved–all of the bereaved.

May God comfort all the families, friends and loved ones of those who died, and may the souls of the dead rest in peace


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Jeff Dunetz is editor and publisher of the The Lid, and a weekly political columnist for the Jewish Star and TruthRevolt. He has also contributed to, HotAir, and PJ Media’s Tattler.


  1. Yes, it is sickening. I am so tired of all the murdering in this world. Of course, Israel has had their share of violence. I wish it would all end. I cannot bare to hear the news anymore. It is serious stuff out there, and as much as I want to shut it off, I need to stay aware of what is going on. Still there isn’t much hope out there for our law enforcement. They have their hands tied by the law enforcement people who have abused their citizens. It is discouraging for them and they rightfully feel very angry.

  2. But even if they were thugs with long cirminal records, law enforcement must still follow their "use of force" guidelines. The taking of a life is such a monumental event that their must be both moral and legal justification; thug or not.

  3. But even if they were thugs with long cirminal records, law enforcement must still follow their "use of force" guidelines. The taking of a life is such a monumental event that their must be both moral and legal justification; thug or not.

  4. It may be sickening, but it has been a long time coming. It’s far beyond saying it is just ‘a few bad cops,’ it’s scores of them and it seems it is time for cops to be scared.

    Sorry, but the police departments across America have done it to themselves. In many Western countries, including Australia by the way, the police are something NOT to respect, but to fear even when you are law abiding.

    I’ve been pulled over while driving quietly within the speed limit late at night, by a cop who wanted to know why I was out late at night, where I had been and where I was going, and gave a vague anser that ‘a car similar to mine’ had been seen somewhere earlier in the evening. I drove a small hatchback which was a very common model BUT when I repeated back to the officer that he had no legal reason to flag me down, by his own admission I was not breaking any of the road rules, that he had no legal right to grill me about my whereabouts a and his sole reason for pulling me over was I happened to be driving within the speed limit at 2:30am in the morning and he didn’t even have the excuse of a Random Breath Test because the ONE thing he hadn’t asked me was if I had been drinking that night, though I hadn’t. WHEN I asked him what was his justification for halting a law abiding citizen given all of that…he told me to ‘ off’ and walked away.

    Of course, had I been Aboriginal I would have been arrested to make their quota, but I was white.

    I just happened to know more about my rights than the police officer knew about his role.

    And like many others, I have never seen a police vehicle obeying the road rules, NOT ONCE. And they cannot all be racing to a crime scene because they do not use lights when just breaking the law because there is no one to report them to. And here you NEVER admit to being gay, because you can see on YouTube Australian cops beating the out of gay men just because they stepped out of a gay-mixed venue and hailed a cab. And so was taken to the alley opening beside the building to be beaten by three officers…and then we heard on the news that the passersby who taped and uploaded the film, like those who taped a disabled man being beaten in a McDonald’s, were hounded and threatened by police UNTIL THEY LEFT THE STATE.

    Until we can have police forces which are NOT just revenue raisers which terrorise people, we don’t owe them any respect and NO, I am not saddened by what is happening in the US right now.

    I think as a profession, it has been a long time coming.

  5. It's not the policemen, not the blacks, not the white in America that are at fault for this violence but we have pushed out God from our country. We no longer want him, we don't need his help anymore, so he left and this is what we get, HATE from the one who really loves America, the devil, he's taking alot to hell with him. Nothing will change for America, we are going down because 50 percent of people believe in NO GOD now. We have a coming president, Hillary, that will finish off this country. But I'm still praying for the Jewish people and Israel that God will fulfill his promise of peace for you.

  6. The racial hate speech coming from the Black Lives Matter crowd, often the same creeps who belong to the BDS movement, is responsible for what happened in Dallas. Their end goal is to start a race war, they are coming close to succeding.

  7. Since Obama, become President, there is a lack of respect for authority from the black community. It is not only police, but everything in American society. Their attitude is, I can do what I want, and Barack will support me. Food stamps, welfare, free cell phones, free clunkers, free school meals, free loans, free college. Let "whitey" pay for my ancestors slavery, one hundred fifty years ago. And the white people, say "mea culpa", or I will be called a rascist.

  8. You're misinformed as are most Americans. Statistics Matter. Whites are disproportionately shot by cops more than Blacks. Remember, Blacks, mostly men, 6% of the US population, commit 40-80% of all violent crime.
    And, this cop shooting stuff is being ginned up by the racist murdering Black Lives Matter movement.

  9. this is idiotic. there is no evidence that the cops "abused their power". how far from earth is the planet upon which these acts occurred. if you want to die just have a gun in your hand when dealing in close quarters with the police. suicide by cop is a well known phenomenon. suicide by stupidity is what is killing america. we will be a failed state if we become any more moronic or any lower on the IQ scale and the illiteracy and ignorance bar. the media of course feeds this sewage to the waiting gulpers. the protests are bizarre in light of the fact that we are not only not a racist country but that nowhere in the world do people of every color other than whites benefit from support of every kind.

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