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Islamic culture is traditionally very hostile to man’s best friend. Dogophobia is a real problem.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the dog is still a particular object of Muslim hatred. In Tehran an Islamic judge sentenced a 70 year old man to four months in jail and thirty lashes for walking his dog. And the parliament is once again tackling a law to outlaw dogs for posing a “cultural problem”.

This particular “cultural problem” has been exported with Islamic immigration as cabbies deny rides to the blind because their seeing eye dogs will keep angels out of their cabs. Blind passengers have been thrown off public buses by Muslim bus drivers and disabled people in all walks of life have faced harassment due to Islamic ‘Dogophobia’ which translates easily into bigotry against disabled people.

The “cultural problem” doesn’t begin or end with dogs. One Hadith states; “When one of you prays without a sutrah, a dog, an ass, a pig, a Jew, a Magian, and a woman cut off his prayer.”

Now, an ugly strain of Dogophobia is rearing its ugly head in the Islamic-occupied parts of Israel.


20 shekels is about $5.

The video of the announcement can be seen on the Quds News Network, apparently associated with Hamas.

We don’t know how many dogs may have already been killed as a result of this decree, but it’s widely known that animal cruelty is a widespread problem among the Arab Muslim settlers occupying parts of Israel. And there’s nothing unusual about a call to kill dogs.

Stray dogs and cats subject to this treatment die in agony — those poisoned convulse in seizures, while those shot are often wounded and left to die slowly from their injuries. These tactics are so normalized that Palestinian municipalities post notices warning citizens not to be alarmed by impending gunfire, and post pictures of bloodied dogs on their Facebook pages, claiming to have made streets safer for people.

Then there’s the poisoned meat.

Palestinian and international activists along with concerned citizens have accused municipalities in Area A of the West Bank of using poisoned meat to kill hundreds of stray and feral dogs, causing them immense suffering in the process.

Occasionally municipal workers shoot the dogs instead to reduce their suffering, she explained. “Still, the poisoning method is painful and the dogs suffer for hours before they die. While some dogs are dangerous, most are not.”

The problem stems from how the community treats the dogs in general, according to Babish. “A lot of times I see teenagers torturing puppies and their mothers for no reason. And when people bully animals, they naturally become violent.

Our tax dollars don’t only subsidize the killing of Jews, but also the torturing and killing of dogs.


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