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Andrew McCarthy asked why Biden’s DOJ is launching a civil rights investigation in the Memphis case where black officers have been accused of second-degree murder over the death of a black man.

The story elaborates that the Biden Justice Department, at the agitation of “activists,” is opening a civil-rights investigation into the matter. Prosecutors are apparently scrutinizing it under Section 242 of the federal penal code. That civil-rights provision makes it a crime for people acting willfully and under color of law (e.g., on-duty police officers) to deprive others of their federal rights or subject them to discriminatory treatment by reason of their “color, or race.” Hence the Times’ emphasis on the fact that Nichols was a “Black man.” Section 242 further instructs that if death results, as it did in Nichols’s case, the offending police officers “may be sentenced to death” or to life imprisonment.
What is the basis for believing that the police beat Nichols to his death because he was a black man?

This is where the failure of so many conservatives to understand and anticipate the radical imagination is such a problem.


Conservatives believe that leftists actually care about racism. They don’t. False or real claims of racism are a tool for taking over America. The race of the officers is completely irrelevant. They’re out to dismantle policing as an institution to reinvent in their own image and under their total control.

Here’s Squad member Rep. Cori Bush saying it in her press release.

“Charging the officers who brutalized Tyre is not enough. Our country will continue to sanction the taking of black lives with impunity until it embraces an affirmative vision of public safety and dismantles its racist policing system rooted in enslavement and government control. And let’s be clear: merely diversifying police forces will never address the violent, racist architecture that underpins our entire criminal legal system. The mere presence of black officers does not stop policing from being a tool of white supremacy.”

And here’s Van Jones in a CNN editorial…

“From the King beating to the murder nearly three years ago of George Floyd, American society has often focused on the race of the officers — so often white — as a factor in their deplorable acts of violence.

“But the narrative “white cop kills unarmed black man” should never have been the sole lens through which we attempted to understand police abuse and misconduct. It’s time to move to a more nuanced discussion of the way police violence endangers black lives.”

The Left has actually been saying that racism is not about race, it’s about power, for a while.

Conservatives have trouble grasping the implications of this. The Biden administration is moving to a civil rights investigation because the radical activists at the wheel at the DOJ, especially Kirsten Clarke, are going to create a precedent for just that.

Some conservatives look at 5 black cops charged in a police brutality case and think that they’ve disproven BLM. Nah. The game plan for the hijacking of the civil rights movement was about centralizing control of local institutions under a massive federal government in the name of fighting racism. The whole push for labeling America as being “systemically racist” is ultimately about depicting all institutions and every area of life as violating civil rights and taking control of them.

How better to make the case that policing is inherently racist than by launching a civil rights investigation of black cops? When you go beyond individual race to race as a systemic element, then everyone can be racist as long as there’s disproportionate impact. The rising number of minorities in policing and in life in general means that a systemic racism shift is inevitable if the Left is going to retain its civil rights powers.

And even grow them.

Too many conservatives chase complicated conspiracy theories and miss what’s right in front of them even when the Left is actually announcing what it’s doing.

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