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A Russian missile hit and damaged a synagogue in the Ukraine on Tuesday, according to the United Jewish Community of Ukraine. This is not the first time the Russians have damaged the Huliaipole synagogue. During Russian shelling in May 2022, the building’s windows were blown out and a wall was broken.


The current Huliaipole Synagogue was built more than 100 years ago, in 1909, and sits on the previous wooden synagogue that was first built in 1872.

MK Ze’ev Elkin’s family hails from Huliaipole, and he condemned the attack on the synagogue that his family used to pray at. He posted on Twitter, “A Russian missile hit an ancient synagogue in Ukraine in the place where my late grandfather was born and grew up and was murdered during the civil war, my great-grandfather, who I am named after. How sad and disgusting. Damage to the holy places and houses of worship, even when it comes to fighting, is an event that should be clearly condemned and demanded not to happen again!”

Rabbi Moshe Azman, chief rabbi of Ukraine, condemned the attack.

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