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Evidently, it wasn’t enough that many Jewish activists and organizations, largely run by religious Jews, falsely create a shared identify with the many primitive peoples of the world (past and present) who have nothing in common with Jews. And yet, in the interest of pandering to liberal multicultural hasbara types, they’ve created nonsensical associations with people whose ideas are actively contrary to our most sacred beliefs. My views on this were expressed in previous articles.

The logical extension of this illogical thought process led to other problems. After exposing this disturbing trend of indigenous fixation, I was compelled to revisit the issue to expose the “new peace movements” which many of these same people are creating, based upon the foolish notion that our supposed shared indigenous status with Arabs (as they would have it) can bring about peace. I addressed this problem in yet another article, reflecting on the sentiments of one particular “rightist” activist who saw fit to express a theoretical empathy with the Arab’s “Nakba.”


And yet it continues, because unrestrained foolishness and the absence of wisdom begets wickedness. If there weren’t enough reasons to oppose indigenous rights activists for Israel who eschew or deemphasize our Divine claim to Eretz Yisroel, in lieu of baseless, pseudo-scientific, irrelevant claims of purported indigeneity, we now have one more. In yet another example of clichéd foolishness running amuck, the Jewish indigenous rights organization LAVI is now calling for Jews to support the racist “Black Lives Matter” movement.

All sane jaws should drop. This would naturally preclude those liberal jaws who are more bothered by an “All Lives Matter” hashtag than a growing black supremacist organization whose acceptability among blacks and liberals is far more mainstream that the KKK ever was. A violent organization with the blood of countless innocent police officers (black and white) and ordinary citizens, staining their hands. An organization headed by racist thugs who would spill blood throughout America on the altar of their race war.

LAVI exposed themselves with this latest “Black Lives Matter” gimmick to pander to young Jewish liberals. With any luck, sensible Jews who may have supported them previously will perhaps give pause and reconsider. Any organization that supports such a group or calls for Jews to understand them is beyond the pale. The BLM movement is the mirror image of the Ku Klux Klan, and the lives of the thugs who join such a movement are as worthless as those who would join any group which terrorizes another based upon color. The following post is from LAVI’s Facebook page. My commentary follows each paragraph or two in order to address every dangerous sentiment.

LAVI: The Jewish establishment’s reaction to The Movement for Black Lives platform is embarrassing but not surprising. It focuses on what the platform says about Israel rather than addressing the policy ideas developed by a broad coalition of Black leaders to attain justice for their people within the United States. The reactions coming out of the Jewish establishment also come across as completely ignorant and insensitive to the fact that there actually does exist a discriminatory system in the US that disenfranchises people of color through formal institutions and informal group practices (Jews have been both the victims of and beneficiaries of white privilege).

My commentary: What Jewish establishment are they referring to? The mainstream liberal Jewish establishment(s) which reflects the views of too many American Jews is largely sympathetic in theory at least to the actions of these thugs and other groups such as the New Black Panther Movement. In this case, the people from LAVI are surely referring to another Jewish Establishment. That is, any group that retains what many such activists deem a white, colonized “ashkenazic” identity which rejects their multicultural worldview. And this exposes what is the most perverse notion of LAVI’s doctrine. Their oft repeated hostility towards anything deemed ashkenazic, which they see as a rejection of Jewish identity. (Needless to belabor the point, since they say as much in the following paragraphs.)

As far as discriminatory systems in America, what are they talking about? What year is this, 1947, or even 1967? There is no legal discrimination in the United States. If anything, the liberal system and continued chaos of Obama’s America created a system of discrimination which supports and encourages the violence of racist groups like Black Lives Matter, of brutal cop-killers and those who would kill whites on the altar of black supremacy.

LAVI: Jewish groups on the left also appear to miss an important opportunity to find the appropriate place for our people within the struggles of other oppressed groups. They prefer to participate as privileged white Americans of the Mosaic persuasion rather than as another minority group struggling to overcome injustices actually caused by the same system currently oppressing Blacks (Jewish Voices for Peace going so far as to refer to its own Ashkenazi leadership as “white supremacy inside of JVP”).

Most Jews in the US fail to appreciate the fact that Jewish white-passing largely exists at the expense of the Jewish ethnic/cultural distinctions that not so long ago identified us as “non-white” (even in America). As a result of past traumas, the betrayal of our own culture and the colonization of Jewish identity (the relationship between the three should be obvious), Jews can often pass for white but we must remain conscious of the price our people have paid and continue to pay for this “privilege” (and another group not even having the option of paying this price does not negate the damage that this price has caused our people.

My commentary: More race-baiting from LAVI. What proof do they have to generalize about the driving efforts of liberal Jews? The words of an extreme left-wing self-hating Jewish organization who perversely refer to their own misguided leadership as exhibiting white supremacy?

LAVI: The illusion of Jewish “whiteness” can only exist when one contextualizes Jewish identity in the US according to the paradigm of another people’s experiences and challenges (Jews can be considered “white” within the context of the injustices many people of color experience due to being “not white” but this has little to do with our own understanding of our people’s unique identity/history/challenges/collective experience). And the fact that Jews have had to change our names, shrink our noses, straighten our hair and betray our own culture and values in order to achieve a “white privilege” defined by what others are denied is telling enough. We should also be cautious not to define our people’s situation in America according to a temporary – and potentially fleeting – reality. In many Diasporas over the centuries, periods where Jews enjoyed the illusions of privilege and belonging were often followed up by harsh – and in some cases catastrophic – wake-up calls.

My commentary: LAVI sounds like a bad cliché of from the late 60’s. Their infantile generalizations are laden with expressions parroting standard liberal notions of guilt. The fact that many Jews may have tried to alter or conceal heritage, religion, or identity, does not mean that we should create a new false identity to cater to liberal multiculturalists. They will never support Jewish interests, and the attempt to redefine Judaism to obtain their support is reprehensible.

LAVI: Our own unique experiences, hardships and traumas should not desensitize us to the pain or struggles of others. We should obviously demonstrate solidarity with and seek justice for those facing very real injustices today. But we should do so not as representatives of white America but as another minority group with different challenges and struggles unique to our own experience.
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My commentary: We Jews should do what all self-respecting people do, and what the great Rabbi Meir Kahane noted early on in his activist career. We need to attend to our own house first. And to the extent that there is room to support other just causes, it must always be within the framework of supporting those causes the Torah would deem just.

As such, all decent Jews should unequivocally condemn and oppose the ideology, actions, and the existence of racist groups such as “Black Lives Matter”, as they would towards any group such as the KKK. The ranks of Black Lives Matter all hate Jews (even liberal ones!) and Israel just as their forebears did.  This was recently illustrated when members of the BLM movement came to Israel to support the Arabs and show their Jew-hatred.

BLM’s cause is patently unjust, and it is fueled by the poisonous motives of black race baiters and racist liberals to perpetuate hatred and discontent. As Jews, we should support the police who are ambushed and preyed upon by these racist terrorists in the streets of America, and who remain the lone defense against a race war perpetuated against the rest of America.

I hold no sympathy with bigots of any color, and I am aware of American history. America is not the racist country Obama would have it. Of course racism exists in the hearts of too many diseased people, both black and white. But long before the creation of BLM, statistics proved that black on white violence was far greater than that of white on black, as it has been for some time in America. And let us not venture into the issue of the epidemic of black on black violence, which remains the real threat to blacks.

Black lives matter not at all to the thugs who form the rank and file of Black Lives Matter. These racist thugs care nothing at all for the fractured black family, and the rampant violence within their community that eats up black society. If they did, they would support such righteous people as Colonel Allen West, Sherriff Clarke, Ben Carson, and the noted intellectual Thomas Sowell who exemplify the best of mankind and are best equipped to help blacks in America with their leadership and knowledge. But they don’t. They choose the Sharpton’s, the Jackson’s, the Farrakhan’s and the Obama’s. And they overwhelmingly support black hate groups such as BLM. And the fact that LAVI would align with such a vile organization which cares nothing for people, be they black or white, is terrifying and tragic. And it shrieks of ignorance.

LAVI has nothing of importance to say to Jews or gentiles, not on matters of Judaism and not on matter of race. LAVI merely perpetuates another form of racism. Liberal multicultural racism which celebrates everything ethnic and demonizes anything with a “white hue” or appears to them as indicative of white colonialism. LAVI often expresses sentiments which would earn them the term racism if the term, black, Sephardic, Asian, etc. was replaced with white. Smart Jews would do well to stay away from such organizations. From a Torah perspective, any man is equal to another provided he retains his Divine image and uses his reason. Evidently, the leadership of LAVI see more kinship with those BLM bigots who ambush and gun down cops in the streets.

It is a chillul Hashem to allow such grotesque views masquerading as “Jewish” to go unopposed. America is in the middle of a domestic war with Islam run amuck and black racist groups terrorizing the populace. A proper Jewish perspective should be heard. The BLM movement should be destroyed along with the thugs of the New Black Panther Movement, the same for any group that terrorizes people based upon color, ethnicity, or religion.

I am sick of LAVI’s polarizing message trying to drive a wedge between Jews. The Torah has no interest in race. Man is judged by his actions. I am sick of LAVI’s obsession with color. Color is as relevant as one’s shoe size or their choice in movies. Black, white, who gives a damn? Certainly not the rational, thinking Jew.






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