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  1. These young ignorant s should enjoy the freedom to protest they have on their campus now – because if Hamas and the rest of the Jihadist extremists win – and they will if Israel should ever fall – then at some point in the future, any attempt they make to speak out against anything they dislike will be met by Islamic Sharia law – which means they will have no right to speak at all. This is a failure of the American university system and the American ideal of religious and cultural tolerance. Just a bunch of fools who, in spite of their “higher education”, develop a political stance and a moral position based on evil propaganda and political sound bites. If this continues much longer, there really may not be any hope left in a decade or two.

  2. Princeton showed their ignorance. Hamas terrorists would have beaten and crucified the gay guy. As to the female, she doesn’t know what oppression is. Women in Muslim countries are raped, beaten and treated like chattel. I think all of the protesters should be sent to Gaza.

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