Actually, Trump listed problems that most American already know. Podhoretz missed the subtle message. Trump made it very clear that he is aware of our problems and how serious they are, unlike our current president, who thinks the biggest problem facing us is climate change.

ISIS is one of the greatest global threat today. And should ISIS acquire nuclear weapons, which is certainly a possibility, it would likely become the greatest global threat.


Some people question whether Trump, having been in bankruptcy several times, is the right person to improve our economy.

Our country is for all intents and purposes bankrupt, with a debt close to $20 trillion. Who better to reverse this than someone who’s been in bankruptcy and came out a billionaire despite it?

Josh Greenberger
Brooklyn, NY

What A Choice!

John Podhoretz and Dennis Prager in their July 29 op-ed articles exposed the lamentable dilemma facing the voting public this year.

They accurately and cogently highlighted the character flaws of both nominees, whose unfavorable ratings far surpass their favorability numbers – something unheard of in the history of America’s presidential elections.

Fay Dicker
Lakewood, NJ


We’re All Jews

When religion is not about community, love, respect, and “oneness” of the people it can become an obstacle that prevents us from getting closer to God.

I have always thought the single most important phrase in the Torah is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is what Judaism is all about.

No matter whom you vote for, no matter the color or size of your kippah – or if you wear one at all – the Torah tells us that Judaism means nothing if we do not follow its precepts together as one nation.

The labels Orthodox, chassidish, yeshivish, Modern Orthodox, Conservative, Reform – what do they mean? All they do is give us more reasons to dislike each other and look away from our fellow Jews.

It troubles me greatly when I hear Orthodox Jews talk about non-Orthodox Jews in a demeaning manner, even questioning their very Jewishness. It also bothers me when I hear non-Orthodox Jews talk about Orthodox Jews as crazy, insecure lunatics.

We are Jews because according to tradition we all stood together and accepted ourselves as Jews. It is time to remind ourselves that whatever our preferences and practices, we are all Jews and must love one another.

Batya Goldberg
(Via E-Mail)