Photo Credit: The Land of Israel
Jeremy Gimpel

If you don’t know who you are fighting, you can’t win the war.



  1. This was an awesome video. I am in total agreement with this Rabbi. Our American people have a soft heart and want to help the refugees. What they don't know is that this soft spot in their hearts is going to be their undoing. Some think I hate the Muslims. I do NOT hate them. I love their souls. It is their doctrine from the Quran that I am totally against.

    Radical Islam is what is our enemy. They are coming after anything that belongs to the God of the Hebrews. We are no longer safe in America. These radical Islam believers think that they are doing god's speed. Well, I guess that they are, but it is not the God I serve. My God says to love my enemies. Their god tells them to kill the Jews and Christians.

  2. Awesome…. Excellent Truth about Obama… Thank you Rabbi for standing up and calling Obama what he is, good for nothing … not only is he ignorant but he is Stupid as well…. Stupid is as Stupid does…. ya just can't fix Stupid. November cannot come soon enough. The USA should declare a national holiday the day that Arrogance Doing Nothing in that White Houe leaves office. Sorry but I have had enough of his bull crap too. Shalom

  3. I have also been saying that you can't fight an enemy that you can't (or won't) identify. I am SO glad that I'm not a lone voice in the wilderness.
    Israel needs to recognize that its purported allies, by failing to identify the enemy, cannot help Israel in ITS fight, since they won't understand that Israel HAS identified the enemy.
    Keep fighting, Israel. There ARE those in galut who stand with you (for what it's worth), but who cannot yet be THERE with you.

  4. Rabbi, they aren't radical Muslims, they're Orthodox. The radicals, those who deviate from Islam dramatically, are the minority Heterodox.
    Obeyme didn't encourage the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow the government. He supported the Jihadist, Morsi, after Morsi was elected. Contrast that with his lack of support for the moderates who had to take away power from the murderer Jihadist, Morsi.
    You've been saying for a year the Muslims are coming to America? People have been warning of this threat for 30 years.
    Your response to Obeyme's claiming his strategy hasn't been effected is a repetition. Rather, it has, as you say, been effected, big time. US Security is hamstrung by Obeyme's rules against ever considering anything having to do with Islam when choosing whom & where to scrutinize.
    Those you refer to in the East are actually all over the world. They're Orthodox Muslims.
    What you ascribe Judaism is Israel, which is a huge mistake. It's Judaism that teaches this, not the modern Western state of Israel with its majority not as yet observant and part of The Western Culture.
    Obomber won't be gone in November but around Jan. 20, 2017.
    The only way all of the Jews will be in Israel by then is if Moishiach reveals himself already, God-willing, NOW.

  5. I see. Now only you have the ultimate truth rabbi. Well, now you can join the club of true believers, defining the world as caught between the boundary-less and the other paranoids.
    Your rapid-fire assertions of your truth make me nauseous. The world is more complex than you make it to be and if you had a man as evolved as Obama helming Israel, the world would be in a far better position.

  6. Bruce Saltzman Let 'em go ahead and burn their own neighborhoods. If that's what they want, let 'em do it. If they want to have their adolescent temper tantrums, let 'em. And when they realize that nobody even cares, they might just accept reality, rebuild their homes and their lives, and live like decent Americans, which their grandparents and great-grandparents were. This American is getting pretty tired of having her hard-earned tax dollars supporting the infantilization of a segment of her country's people in order to buy votes for the plutocrats in Washington.

  7. I love hearing Jeremy Gimpel's Boldness and willing to speak out. I listened to him for many years on Israel Arutz 7 – Israel National Radio. He is always Bold with the Truth. Jeremy Gimpel Thank you so much for stating these facts and speaking the truth! I could not have said it any better. I would like to apologize for Obama to ALL of my friends in Israel.

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