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In just about 2 weeks we will be standing in front of Hashem on one of the holiest days of the year, Rosh Hashanah. On this very special day many books will be opened.

The book of life, the book of salvation, the book of health and just about all the books that have to do with our existence here in this world.


I assume that every year when Rosh Hashanah comes around, people stop and think about many things in their lives and perhaps there are many that think of how to work on becoming better people in many areas in their lives.

I feel that this year more than ever many people, if not most, will certainly be thinking and praying, that this terrible plague called coronavirus disappears from the world.

There is a verse which all Jews recite during the prayers of Rosh Hashanah, which asks the Master of the world, to please prevent an epidemic from his nation. I’m sure that this year when we reach that verse in the services, we will all have great kavana – concentration more than ever.

This point of feeling something and really relating to it, once we are missing it, is something we want to think about and change.

Do we appreciate things while we have them? Or do we only appreciate them once they are taken away? Whether it’s our money or our health, our loved ones, or anything which is dear to us.

So last year while we were reciting by habit, the prayers of Rosh Hashanah, and thinking how many meals we still have to eat, not one person was concentrating on the verse, please prevent a plague from your nation.

Which just goes to show how little we know about anything. Our plans, our future, our families and friends, our jobs and almost anything we have. Nothing is for sure! In a blink of an eye it can disappear or end.

These thoughts are very important, especially now, as we are about to stand before G-d as He opens our books and decides what kind of year we will have.

I know that Hashem is only good. Everything and anything that the Almighty does is only good. Even things that may seem harsh or hurtful are brought about only to awaken us. Hashem wants us to become better people and become closer to Him.

Therefore the difficult events in our lives, the personal ones and the collective ones, are meant to help us, and direct us in the true path of Hashem.

This terrible virus that affected us all, brought out many good qualities within ourselves as individuals, and as communities. Qualities and good traits that we didn’t ever stop and take the time to even think about, let alone enhance them.

Now that our awareness has grown, and Rosh Hashanah is here knocking at our doors once again, I think that everyone’s books will look very different this year. Everyone will pray with more concentration, and think about what kind of year we really want. What are the values we really cherish and what is it that we really are asking from G-d?

When we say the prayer HaMelech – our King, I think that this year everyone will feel how Hashem is king of the whole world. Hashem can change everything in the blink of an eye, and Hashem can make everything better, as well, in the blink of an eye.

Why did all this trouble and pain come to the entire world?

The entire world was so busy that they had no time to think of who is in charge of this world. And we the Jewish Nation, who are the children of the King, must crown our Master and be a light onto the nations.

If we forgot who’s running the world, how can we expect the rest of the nations to crown and accept our Father our King.

Therefore G-d had to awaken the entire world, especially the Jews so that we may appoint Hashem once again as the leader of the entire world.

We know that all the goodness in the world comes from the Torah. And it’s in the merit of the Jewish people who learn this holy Torah that spreads goodness and light onto the entire world.

May the new books that will be opened in just a few weeks be filled with blessings for the entire world. May they be filled with blessings of the redemption, and may we all remember that Hashem who loves us so much, waits for our prayers, and awaits to be crowed once again.


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