The Arc Of The Moral Universe

This is a doctrine fundamental to Judaism and its understanding of evil and suffering in the world: G-d is just.

Leaving It Up To The Almighty

It follows therefore that if vengeance is wrong, it could not have been commanded by G-d – not to Christians, and not to Jews. If it was commanded, we must be able to make some moral sense of it, whether we are Jews or Christians.

How To Renew A Nation

Note the inclusivity of the event. It would be anachronistic to say that the Torah was egalitarian in the contemporary sense.

Be Silent And Listen

For me, one of the gifts of this strange, difficult time has been the ability to slow down the prayers so that I am able to listen to them speaking to me. Praying is as much about listening as speaking. And faith itself is the ability to hear the music beneath the noise.

Does Love Conquer All?

Says the Torah: When love is likely to be the cause of conflict, it must take second place to justice.

A Sage Is Greater Than A Prophet

What for the prophets was a dazzling vision of a distant future of peace was, for the Sages, a practical program of good community relations.

The Morality Of “We, The people.”

The test of a society is not military, political, economic or demographic. It is moral and spiritual.

More Than We Deserve

Chessed has no if-then quality. It is given out of the goodness of the giver, regardless of the worth of the recipient.

The Infiniti Game

Finite games are played to win. Infinite games are played for their own sake. Finite games are usually performed in front of an audience of some kind. Infinite games are participative.

Rabbi Sacks’ Message for Tisha B’Av During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Here is a short message as we head towards Tisha B'Av and will be marked in strange and difficult circumstances because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

First Follow, Then You Can Lead

When ten of the men came back with a demoralizing report and the people panicked, at least part of the blame lay with Moshe.

The Religious Significance of Israel

Only in Israel can the Jewish people construct a political system, an economy, and an environment on the template of Jewish values.

Lessons From Pinchas For The Coronavirus

We have moral duties as individuals, and we make political decisions as nations. The two are different.

Kohelet, Tolstoy, And The Parah Adumah

Science deals in causes and effects, not purpose and meaning. In the end, he concluded that only religious faith rescues life from meaninglessness.

Korach: Cancel Culture’s Precursor

Their aim was to discredit Moshe, damage his credibility, raise doubts among the people as to whether he really was receiving his instructions from G-d.

Spying On The Land – Or Touring?

They were about to enter a land they had not seen. They had no idea what they were fighting for.

Loneliness And Faith

: I was not alone in feeling alone. Other people had been here before me.

Loneliness and Faith

I believe that isolation contains, within it, spiritual possibilities.

The Blessing Of Love

Why does this command and no other require love?

The Torah And Free Knowledge

The Jewish people had universal compulsory education 18 centuries before England did.

The Power Of A Curse

The whole idea contained in the 13 Attributes of Compassion is that G-d’s love and forgiveness are stronger than His justice and punishment.

Covenant & Conversation: Radical Uncertainty: Emor

There is something very strange about the festival of Succot, of which our parsha is the primary source. On the one hand, it is...

Covenant & Conversation:The Ethic of Holiness

Kedoshim contains the two great love commands of the Torah. What are they?

Covenant & Conversation: Tazria-Metzora: Words That Heal

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood shows how good speech can heal where evil speech harms.

G-d Wants You To Love Others

Fasting is of no use if at the same time you do not act justly and compassionately to your fellow human beings.

The Prophetic View Of Sacrifices

They were not criticizing the institution of sacrifices. They were criticizing something as real now as it was in their time. What distressed them to the core of their being was the idea that you could serve G-d and at the same time act disdainfully, cruelly, unjustly, insensitively or callously toward other people.

Building Community

What united them was not the dynamic of the crowd in which we are caught up in a collective frenzy but rather a sense of common purpose, of helping to bring something into being that was greater than anyone could achieve alone. Communities build; they do not destroy. They bring out the best in us, not the worst.

Moses Annuls A Vow

According to the Sages the original act of Divine forgiveness on which Yom Kippur is based came about through the annulment of a vow, when Moses annulled the vow of G-d.

Dressing To Impress

Tetzaveh is also the first time we encounter the phrase “for glory and for splendor,” describing the effect and point of the garments. Until now kavod, “glory,” has been spoken of in relation to G-d alone. Now human beings are to share some of the same glory.

The Gift Of Giving

Why did God command Israel to make a sanctuary for Him? Shouldn't it be unnecessary?


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